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Islamabad to Peshawar

Islamabad is the capital and administrative centre of Pakistan. It is also the ninth-largest city in the country with a moderate population. Peshawar is a larger city in comparison and has a much more historical significance.

Peshawar has its history dating back several centuries. The city also has several ancient and historical monuments to prove its importance. They are also some of the important tourist spots in this area. The journey from Islamabad to Peshawar is 187 km and is easily reachable. It is a popular tourist route and daily commuting one as well. Here is some key information regarding the Islamabad to Peshawar flights.

Islamabad to Peshawar Flights

If you are interested in travelling to Peshawar to see its historical monuments, it would be good to know that there are various modes of transportation available such as car, bus, train, and flights. Travelling on flights is luxurious and the tickets are available online.

The Islamabad to Peshawar flights is usually indirect with a stopover at other cities. There are six daily flights that are available from 1.10 am till 8.10 pm. You can find various airlines operating on this route but only one offers multiple flights per day. The flights operate from Islamabad International Airport (ISB) to Peshawar International Airport (PEW). is one of the most reliable online platforms that help you search the flights and find the best deals on the tickets on this Islamabad to Peshawar route.

Islamabad to Peshawar Flight ticket price

Understanding the price range for the flight tickets will help you plan your trip properly. Booking the advance tickets ensures that you get the best deal as the prices are lower at the earlier stage and higher when it is close to the departure time. The online availability of the tickets allows you to surf the options and find the airline that offers the best price.

The Islamabad to Peshawar flight ticket price ranges from PKR 30000 to PKR 35000. The price mentioned here is for the economy class and the ticket rates will be higher for the business class. You can check the Islamabad to Peshawar flight ticket rates at for free and without any additional charges. Here, you can find all possible airlines operating on the route and the facilities offered by each of them on various dates.

Islamabad to Peshawar cheap flights

Travelling by flight is no longer a luxury but a necessity for comfort. At the same time, people often search for the lowest possible rates before finalising their tickets. You can rely on to find you the best deals and you don't have to pay any commission charges either. Search here to find Islamabad to Peshawar cheap flights that have all the facilities for a comfortable journey.

The cheapest ticket rates for Islamabad to Peshawar flights are on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The average price of the flight ticket is PKR 30438 and the cheapest ticket will be available at PKR 20000. The reason for this price range is that it is the international flights that are operating. The earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper the rate will be. The ticket rates will vary from direct to indirect flights and they will be higher for the direct routes. Similarly, booking a roundtrip will be cheaper than picking one-way tickets.

Islamabad to Peshawar flight schedule

According to the Islamabad to Peshawar flights schedule, the first flight is available at 1.10 am and the last one departs at 8.10 pm. The flights usually have at least one stop which is most likely Karachi. The travel duration may vary from 1 hr 25 min to as long as 35 hours or so. Check out to know more about the flight schedule on this route for each day of the week. You can find the same for a few months in advance as well.

There are around 8 daily departures for this route. The arrival day may vary with the travelling route and it can be one to two days. Waiting to book the tickets at the last moment can be expensive and you may not get the desired seat on the flight. If you are flexible with your travel plans then check the specific day that you will find the best deal.

Flights from Islamabad to Peshawar

The flights from Islamabad to Peshawar are mainly operated by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). All the eight flights of the day are operated by them. The connection flights are also from the same airline. teams up with this airline to get you the best price for your travel.

  • PIA Flights from Islamabad to Peshawar
  • The earliest flight starts at 1.10 am. The cheapest flight charges PKR 30030 per person which starts at 7 pm and takes 26 hours with one stop to reach the destination.

Travel Restrictions

As per the latest travel advisory, all domestic passengers of age 15 and above must have two doses of the Covid vaccination. They must also carry the necessary certification to present at the time of check-in. People who are below 15 in age are exempted from this. Those who are unable to take the vaccination due to medical reasons are also exempted but they must present the necessary documentation stating the same. All foreign travellers above 18 years of age must be fully vaccinated to be eligible to arrive in Pakistan.


How far is Islamabad from Peshawar?

Islamabad is 187 km away from Peshawar. It usually takes 2-3 hours to travel this distance. You can choose a car or bus as the usual mode of transportation. There also are several trains and flights operating on this route.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Peshawar?

The cheapest flight tickets to Peshawar are available in August. There will be less crowd and demand are also lower during this month. Mid-week is the cheapest time to find the best deals. November to January is the popular season to travel here and the ticket rates will be much higher at this time.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Peshawar from Islamabad?

A direct non-stop flight can reach Peshawar in just over 2 hrs. Since most of the flights operating on this route have an indirect route the travel duration sees a much wider range of up to 35 hrs. It usually takes one to two days to complete the journey, especially on international flights.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Peshawar?

Pakistan International Airlines or PIA is the cheapest airline for travelling from Islamabad to Peshawar. The domestic flight prices are the lowest with this airline. They offer the lowest price of PKR 30030 for an indirect flight.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Peshawar from Islamabad today?

If you search for Islamabad to Peshawar flights today it shows that the price is PKR 137462 per person. The ticket pieces will be the highest when it is close to the departure time. This is why it is important to book the tickets in advance. At, you can find the tickets for an advance date up to a few months ahead.