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Serene Air is a growing Pakistani airline that has many satisfied customers. Serene Air started providing flight services in Pakistan in 2017. It started providing flight services in 2017 but was incorporated in May 2016. Since 2017 January, Serene Air never looked back and is now giving tough competition to many experienced airlines in Pakistan. It has also launched international flight services for passengers on the 16th of March 2021. Serene Air made headlines in 2020 when it bagged the ‘Brand of the Year 2020’ award.

Serene Air is a privately owned airline and, its current CEO is Mr. Muhammad Safdar Khan. The on-time flight percentage of Serene Air is 97.1%. Serene Air has maintained 95.2% regularity while providing flight services in recent years. It has many satisfied passengers in Pakistan due to its on-time flight services. It owns around 7 flights and serves around 9 destinations around the world. Serene Air provides flight services to/from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In UAE, Serene Air provides flight services to/from Sharjah and Dubai. It serves to/from the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia. In Pakistan, it serves 6 destinations with Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Quetta as focus cities. You can book Serene Air flight tickets on the e-ticketing platform. will let you browse Serene Air flight routes and availability without any charge. Read on to know more about Serene Air domestic and international flight services.

CPaT Global, known for its services of providing distance learning for airline and aviation industry, have announced that they have joined hands with Serene Air. CPat Global will be providing extensive training in aircraft systems for Boeing 737NG and Airbus 330 along with interactive diagrams and general subject catalog. CPaT global and Serene Air will be working together to provide a vigorous offering to the pilot training curriculum.

Serene Air Latest Updates

Serene Air is now operating direct flights to and from KSA and Pakistan from 2nd December, 2021. Moreover, a travel advisory has been issued for the passengers which they need to abide by as these steps are mandatory for their wellbeing. Serene also offers a 5 day quarantine package which includes hotel accommodation inclusive of 3 meals per day and transfers to and from airport and hotel & 2 PCR tests. Below are the updates which are effective immediately:

  • Passengers who are double vaccinated within KSA are not required to follow institutional quarantine. However, people who have got their single single dose inside KSa must quarantine for 3 days effective from 4th December, 2021.
  • People wish to travel to KSA must present a negative PCR report and test should be taken 72 hours prior to their arrival
  • Passengers who are 18-Years or above must be vaccinated
  • PCR test is made mandatory if guest is 8-Years or above
  • Passengers who have received their vaccination outside KSa will carry a NADRA generated certificate and must register themselves on the Ministry of Health KSA portal before their scheduled departure. Guests must register themselves through muqeem portal
  • Guests receiving vaccination inside of KSA must update their certificates on Sehhaty and must register themselves through muqeem portal

TCS (Pvt.) Limited on Wednesday announced that they have plans to sign a Cargo General Sales Agent (CGSA) with Serene Air to expand the operations. The agreement is effective from December 1st, 2021, which plans to up the game of movement of goods within the country. The agreement will allow both the companies to improve the customers’ journey and experience.

The partnership with Serene Air would allow TCS to continuously enhance their end-to-end supply chain solutions for small and large businesses and build a strong network. The agreement would promote movement of goods and commerce across the nation. Both the businesses joining hands would mean a faster, safer and cheaper movement of cargo, push the large and small traders and businesses to reach greater masses and improve trade conditions.

Serene Air provides the facility of special baggage allowance for their valued clients who choose Serene Air for their travels. This offer is applicable to those passengers travelling in the economy class or Serene plus cabin. This opportunity allows passengers to carry 50kg of check-in luggage on economy class with a maximum of two pieces and each piece of luggage should not go beyond 32kgs. Furthermore, the airline offers its passengers the opportunity to carry a maximum of four pieces of check-in baggage containing 80kgs and one piece of luggage should not exceed 32kgs.

Serene Air sends out a positive message to accept everyone and be in cordial relationship with the same players of the industry. Serene Air makes a friendly move by congratulating Air Sial on completing its first anniversary which was launched in 2020. This gesture sends out a positive message of acceptance, friendship and it also shows that everyone will rise together in the aviation industry. Such an optimistic attitude portrays that one must be kind and generous towards others and be acceptable.

Serene Air Ticket Price

Serene Air is known to provide affordable flight ticket rates to Pakistani citizens. does not add any type of middleman charges on Serene Air flight tickets. You can browse the ticket prices of various Serene Air flights on to book economical flight tickets. The Serene Air flight prices can be affected by various factors like route distance, seat availability, travel day, etc. On weekends, the Serene Air flight ticket rate can be higher than that on weekdays. Serene Air international flight ticket prices also have higher rates than domestic flight services. also offers special deals and discounts to its users that can lower the total ticketing cost of Serene Air flight tickets. One can check the real-time Serene Air flight prices on without any charge.

Serene Air Route

Availability Days

Starting Price

Karachi to Islamabad


Rs. 15,230*

Karachi to Lahore


Rs. 17,680*

Karachi to Quetta


Rs. 9,038*

*Disclaimer: All prices are subject to price change as per airline policies. These changes apply to all prices mentioned on the page.

Serene Air Flight Schedule

The general schedule of Serene Air for domestic and international is available on The schedule of Serene Air is subject to change due to flight availability and weather conditions. On, you can search for Serene Air flights on any route and can check the real-time schedule.


First Flight

Last Flight

Travel Duration

Karachi to Islamabad

7:00 AM

8:30 PM

2 hours

Karachi to Lahore

8:00 AM

7:15 PM

1 hour & 45 minutes

Karachi to Peshawar

12:45 PM

2:45 PM

2 hours

Quetta to Lahore

1:55 PM

3:20 PM

1 hour & 20 minutes

  • From 1st Nov 2021: Serene Air Flights will operate from terminal -1 in Dubai ( Both inbound and outbound flights). Three routes which are operational between Dubai and Pakistan are as below
    • Islamabad to Dubai flights
    • Peshawar to Dubai flights
    • Lahore to Dubai flights
  • Starting November 2nd, 2021, there will be three weekly flights (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) from Peshawar to Dubai, making commuting between the two cities more easier.
  • One more addition to SereneAir schedule is they will be operating two weekly flights (Thursday and Sunday) between KARACHI and SHARJAH from 4th November 2021. The Airline is also offering more weight allowance with a special baggage allowance of 60Kg for this route. 
  • Yet another Milestone achieved by Serene Air is that they have launched a Special charted flight “ER1725” from Lahore to RAS AL KHAIMAH in UAE.

Serene Air is reaching new heights as it expands its operations. The Pakistani domestic carrier has announced to operate two flights per week between Lahore to Saudi Arabia to enhance customer travel experience and convenience. The flights will be operated from 5th december onwards and is scheduled to fly from Lahore to Jeddah . This step will facilitate the customers and airline both. Serene Air plans to continuously serve the customers in a better way by opening its doors to multiple destinations.

Serene Air Flight Status

Serene Air is known to provide on-time flights for passenger convenience. However, if any changes in the flight schedule occur, Serene Air allows users to check its status. The steps for checking the status of Serene Air flights are as follows:

  • Visit the Serene Air website and click on the ‘Status’ icon on the homepage.
  • You can also use this direct link to the Serene official website to check the status of Serene Air flights.
  • Enter the departure date, source, destination, and flight number in the required sections.
  • Once all the details are entered, click on ‘Search’ to view Serene Air flight status.

Serene Air Web Check-in

Web check-in lets you speed up the boarding process for a flight. With web check-in, passenger can download their boarding pass remotely and can print it. All necessary documents can be produced in advance via web check-in to speed the boarding process. Currently, Serene Air does not provide the facility to print your boarding pass remotely. Since there is no web check-in, make sure to reach the airport on time to catch your Serene Air flight. Serene Air asks its users to report at least 45 minutes before the flight departure time.

Serene Air PNR Status/Ticket status

PNR (Passenger Name Record) status lets you check the status of your booked ticket. You can get to know whether your Serene Air flight tickets are confirmed or still on the waiting list. The steps for checking the Serene Air flight status on are as follows:

  • Login to and click on the ‘Manage Booking’ option on the homepage.
  • Provide the relevant details asked on and access your ticket details.
  • Check the PNR status right away.

Serene Air Cancellation Policies

It may happen that you had to shift your travel plans and cancel Serene Air flight tickets. Serene Air allows its passengers to cancel their flight tickets and apply for a refund. A fixed refund fee will be deducted on Serene Air ticket cancellation. You can apply for ticket cancellation by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the Serene Air official site
  • Login with your credentials and click on the ‘Refund’ button.
  • Provide your Serene Air ticket details and apply for a refund.

The refund policy of Serene Air for UAE flights is as follows:

Cancellation Window

Cancellation Fee

Before flight departure

Rs. 3,500

After flight departure

Rs. 6,000

The refund policy of Serene Air for Saudi Arabia flights is as follows:

Cancellation Window

Cancellation Fee

Before flight departure

Rs. 3,000

After flight departure

Rs. 6,000

The refund policy of Serene Air for domestic flights is as follows:

Cancellation Window

Cancellation Fee

Before 48 hours

Rs. 1,500

Within 48 to 6 hours

Rs. 2,500

Serene Air Baggage Allowance

Serene Air allows its passengers to come on board with their respective baggage. On, you will be informed about the allowed baggage weight while Serene Air flight booking. The sum of dimensions of your baggage should not be more than 54. The sum of dimensions means the sum of length, breadth, and height of your baggage brought on board on a Serene Air flight. For hand luggage, the sum of dimensions should not be more than 45 as per Serene Air baggage allowance. The cost for allowed baggage weight is included in the Serene Air ticket price. For bringing extra luggage, you may have to pay extra along with your Serene Air ticket price.

Flight Type

Hand Luggage

Check-in Baggage


7 Kg

40 Kg (2 bags)


7 Kg

40 Kg (2 bags)

Serene Air Customer Care/Contact Number

Serene Air provides excellent customer care services to its users. The head office address of Serene Air in Pakistan is as follows:

Serene Air Private Ltd.,

13k, Moiz Centre, F 7 Markaz,


The contact number of Serene Air are:

  • +92 51 8491001
  • +92 51 8491000

You can also WhatsApp your queries on +92 3111 737 363.

You can also drop a mail to Serene Air at their support centre

Serene Air Reschedule

If your travel dates are tentative and you have pre-booked Serene Air flight tickets, there is no need to worry. Serene Air allows its passengers to reschedule their flight based on availability and timings. However, you will have to pay extra charges for changing your flight timings or seat. For domestic flight services by Serene Air, the ticket modification charges can range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1,500. Only Serene Plus domestic flights offer free ticket modification before 48 hours from the flight departure. For flight ticket modification on Serene Air:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Visit the ticket modification section and enter your flight details.
  • Enter your ticket update details and pay the difference/modification charge.

Serene Air Amenities

Serene Air flights are equipped with all the necessary amenities to facilitate your flight journey. The amenities offered by Serene Air flights can change for international and domestic flights. The amenities offered also depend on the ticket type i.e., business class, economy class, executive class, etc. All Serene Air flights are spacious and, offer ample leg space to passengers so that they don’t feel cramped.Some of the amenities offered by Serene Air flights are as follows:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Reading light
  • Meals
  • Overhead storage

Serene Air Offers and Discounts

Serene Air offers affordable tickets for budget travelling in Pakistan and other countries. Serene Air offers economy class tickets for passengers that prefer budget travel. It also offers luxury flight services in Pakistan at higher rates. On, you can grab exclusive deals that can lower your Serene Air ticketing cost. Since there are no commission charges on, you can book affordable Serene Air flight tickets. The discount schemes provided by Serene Air on flight tickets are as follows:

  • Serene Air offers a 50% discount to physically disabled passengers on flight booking. One person attending the disabled passengers will also get a 25% discount on Serene Air flight bookings.
  • 12% discount on flight bookings to senior citizens that are 70+ years in age.
  • Serene Air provides a discount on UAE flights for families of 3 members or more.

You can know more about Serene Air offers by visiting their official website offers section

Serene Air Travel Insurance is partnered with a reliable insurance company that is Habib Insurance. offers their travel insurance policies directly via their site. provides air travel insurance at a nominal price for passenger convenience. You can choose travel insurance while booking flight tickets or after booking tickets on

Why Should I Book Serene Air Airlines?

The regularity and on-time flight percentage of Serene Air are alone enough to highlight their quality services. Their company vision is to enhance passenger satisfaction and become the first choice of Pakistani citizens. The luxurious onboard amenities and hospitable staff members will make your Serene Air flight journey comfortable. The flight rates of Serene Air are also reasonable and accompanied by various discount offers.

FAQs About Serene Air

When will Serene Air start their international operations?

Serene Air is expected to start its international operations by October this year. The airline will first cover Dubai and Sharjah and soon expand its operations to Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

Is it safe to travel during COVID-19? Is Serene Air safe to travel?

As Pakistan’s economy slowly opens up you can travel as per WHO and Government of Pakistan guidelines. Serene Air ensures strict adherence to SOPs outlined by the government to keep its valued customers safe. Do refer to Serene Air policies when planning to book your Serene airline ticket.

What is the travel policy of Serene Air on Covid-19?

All Serene Air flight operations have now resumed subject to SOPs provided by the government of Pakistan. When you are doing Serene Air agent login, do check up on relevant policies as well. Always check the serene air schedule regularly as flight timings are subject to change in these pandemic stricken times.

I want to cancel my Serene Air flight, what is the process?

In-case you want to cancel your Serene Air domestic or international ticket, then cancellation charges will apply as per the date of issuance of ticket. You can re-book at a later date after paying for the difference in ticket price or can apply for a refund after the cancellation charges are deducted from original price of the ticket.

What is the process of applying for a refund and how long will it take to reflect in my account?

To apply for a refund, email us at [email protected] and our Customer Support will revert with the refund details.
Time taken for refund depends on the mode of payment that was used to purchase the ticket. In case of credit or debit card 45 working days are required to process the refund, if you paid via bank transfer or cash then you can expect to receive the refund within 2 weeks.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Serene Air airlines?

For international flights, passengers are advised to arrive at the Serene Air check-in counter at least 4 hours before the departure time. For international Serene Air flights, the check-in is closed 1.5 hours before the departure time. For domestic Serene Air flights, passengers are asked to check-in at least 2.5 hours before the departure time. No check-in is allowed 45 minutes before the domestic Serene Air flight departure time.

How to recover lost baggage on Serene Air flights?

For lost baggage on a Serene Air flight, you can fill the ‘Baggage Claim Form’ and can raise a claim. Aside from valuable items, Serene Air will pay you compensation for lost baggage as per their carriage conditions. If you are eligible for compensation, Serene Air will provide it within 14 days. The Serene Air staff traces your lost baggage and tries to find it too. For more info about lost baggage, you can mail at:

How do I select my seat preference in Serene Air airlines?

Serene Air offers a ‘Pre-reserved Seat’ option for reserving a seat on a flight. The seat layout will be displayed to you and, you can reserve a seat on a Serene Air flight.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

You cannot carry firearms, explosives, oxidising materials, corrosives, poisonous substances, and radioactive materials on Serene Air flights. It is advised to not carry electronic devices that use lithium batteries on Serene Air flights for safety reasons.

What are all the meal options in Serene Air?

Serene Air offers sumptuous meals to its passengers on board. The menu for meals onboard by Serene Air is changed every day.

What is Serene Air policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled/delayed, Serene Air will make possible arrangements. It will try to search for an alternate flight for the same route. You can refer to its official website for more info on delayed/cancelled flights.

Who is the owner of Serene Air?

Muhammad Safdar Malik is the CEO of Serene Air.

What is PNR number serene air?

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) provides information about the real-time status of the booking. It is mentioned on your Serene Air ticket.

What is Serene free baggage?

Free baggage allowance includes 20 kg = 1 Pcs for checked-in baggage, 7 kg for Hand Carry.

Does Serene Air serve food?

As per SOPs Serene Air serves food to its valued passengers.

What is Serene Plus?

Serene Plus allows passengers up to 80kg of baggage allowance that is 50kg more than the standard travel baggage allowance.

Is Serene Air International?

The government has allowed Serene Air to operate international flights. Serene Air plans to start operations to the UK, China, the UAE, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

How do I contact serene air?

Contact Serene Air on its UAN 111-737-363 for all travel related queries.

Does Serene Air have business class?

Serene Air doesn’t have a Business Class cabin. Nevertheless, its travel category, Serene Plus ,allows passengers up to 80kg of baggage allowance that is 50kg more than the standard travel baggage allowance.

What is Serene Air’s WhatsApp?

Serene Air can be contacted on WhatsApp at +92 3111 737 363

What are Serene Air refund charges?

For domestic flights, if the booking is cancelled 48 hours before departure then PKR 1500 charges will be applied. If the booking is cancelled 48 hours to 06 hours of departure then refund charges of 2500 will be levied. Refunds need to be applied within the ticket validity period.

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