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SriLankan Airlines- Flag Carrier Airline of SriLanka

SriLankan Airlines is the national flag-carrier of Sri Lanka. Its hub is based at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. Sri Lankan airways operates flights to multiple international destinations all across the world. Sri Lankan airways offers Economy and Business Class services to its customers.

Srilankan Airlines started out in 1979 after Air Ceylon closed down its services. From its hub at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, Srilankan Airlines flies out to 109 destinations in 48 countries. Sri Lankan Airline has 26 Airbus A330-300 planes for long haul flights and Airbus 320/A321s for medium haul flights.

Services to Expect

SriLankan Airlines keeps its passengers entertained by providing a wide selection of TV shows, movies, and music albums. You can also opt for duty-free shopping in the cloud. The airline serves refreshments after every 45 minutes to keep its passengers hydrated in the aircraft cabin.

With the availability of baby food and bassinets during flight, you can have a more comfortable journey with your infant. Also, you can enjoy internet connectivity for a nominal fee onboard!

Srilankan Airlines operates in Pakistan as well. Srilankan airlines flight schedule from major Pakistani cities like Karachi and Lahore can be checked online at wheresrilankan airlines reservation can be done easily.

As a mark of its top notch service quality, Srilankan Airlines has received First Star in the ‘Airline-International’ Category at the Golden City Gate Awards by ITB Berlin in 2020.

Popular Worldwide Routes for SriLankan Airlines

  • SriLankan Airlines Karachi to Colombo
  • SriLankan Airlines Karachi to Beijing
  • SriLankan Airlines Karachi to London
  • SriLankan Airline Lahore to Shanghai
  • SriLankan Airline Lahore to Dubai
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore to Jeddah

The Srilankan airlines flight schedule can be checked on as well as on its official site. The airline offers weekly as well as daily flight schedules which is a blessing for those who are planning their trips. Other South Asian airlines can also learn from this.

Srilankan airlines ticket price is affordable for many travelers who have their budgets cut short. The airline’s Pakistan to China ticket price is especially attractive which is why the SriLankan Airline Lahore to Shanghai route is popular among Pakistani travelers these days. Apart from that, SriLankan airlines ticket price to japan is also inexpensive. Srilankan airlines fares for 110 destinations in 48 countries around the globe can be checked online and tickets booked easily.

SriLankan Airlines – Special Offers

The award-winning airline makes sure that its customers get the best Srilankan airlines air fares and in-flight luxuries. Pakistani passengers of Srilankan Airlines can enjoy these special offers and deals:

Free 1st Date Change

If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, Srilankan Airlines will charge you no cancellation fee.

Reserve Your Seat in Advance

You can reserve your seat in advance before check-in opens by paying a small fee.

Upgrade to Business Class

If you have done Srilankan airlines booking for Economy class, you can now bid for an upgrade to Business Class.

Get Extra Legroom

Travelling in comfort is important, especially on long haul international flights. Keeping the traveler’s comfort in mind Srilankan Airline offers pre-booking of extra legroom seats in Economy Class for a small fee. Do note that this service is not available on partner or code share flights.

Discounted Additional Baggage Allowance Booking

Srilankan Airline passengers can pre-purchase additional baggage allowance at marked down prices.

Celebrate Special Moments on board

Whether it is your wedding anniversary or partner’s birthday, Srilankan Airlines allows you to pre-order cakes according to the occasion. For more information, contact Srilankan airline Karachi office or visit their website.

Student Discount

If you are a student going abroad for studies and do Srilankan airlines booking between 01st May 2020 – 30th April 2021 then you might be eligible to get 5% discount on first air ticket and extra 10KG baggage allowance.

SriLankan Airlines – Latest COVID-19 travel Updates

SriLankan airlines frequently updates its COVID-19 page for the convenience of passengers. To ensure the safety of travelers the airline has taken several measures including mandatory mask wearing at all times, requesting travelers to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure as well as disabling self-check in kiosks at the airport so that all passengers have to check-in at the counter. The airline has also introduced a Travel Waiver policy as well for convenient flight and booking changes. More information can be found at this link. You should check it regularly in case of SriLankan airlines flight delays that might occur due to travel restrictions.

SriLankan Airlines Baggage Policy & Web Check in Policy

Srilankan Airline Web Check-in:

SriLankan Airlines provides a convenient method to save your valuable time, i.e., check-in online. Passengers don’t have to stand in long check-in queues at the airport if they do web check-in. The national carrier of SriLanka allows website check-in from 48 hours to 2 hours before flight departure. You can check-in online by entering the e-ticket number or booking reference.

Srilankan Airline Baggage Allowance:

For Checked Free Baggage:

Business Class: Maximum weight allowed is 40 Kg with 2 pieces of baggage permitted. Maximum weight per piece must be 32 kgs.  Baggage size shouldn’t exceed 158 cm in the total dimensions including length, width and height.

Economy Class: Maximum weight allowed is 40 Kg with 2 pieces of baggage permitted. Maximum weight per piece must be 23 kgs each.

Infant All Classes: Infants in both travel classes are allowed10 kg of checked baggage with total dimensions not exceeding 115 cm.

For carry-on baggage, the limit is a minimum 2 pieces of up to 7 kg combined weight for Business class and one piece of 7 kg weight for Economy class.

FAQs About SriLankan Airlines

What is the online booking facility at SriLankan Airlines and how do I use it?

You can easily purchase SriLankan airlines e tickets via its online booking facility. Simply choose your destination, select your travel dates, select a suitable flight, confirm your traveler details and pay online. also provides a hassle free and fast online booking facility for Srilankan airlines as well.

How do I get my ticket when I book my flight online?

After booking online, you will receive your e-ticket via email.

Can I make a booking online with my card if I am not travelling myself?

Yes, you can. if your credit is 3D secure and verified by Visa and Mastercard then you can simply enter card details and make the payment. If the card is not 3D secure then you will have to visit the nearest Srilankan Airline office and make the payment there. An easier way is to book your Srilankan Airlines ticket via and make your payment via multiple payment methods.

How can I make changes to my booking online?

Login to Srilankan Airlines website and go to “Manage My Booking”. Then enter your booking reference number and check if your booking is eligible for changes. If it qualifies for changes then a link to “Modify flight” will be displayed on the page. In case you are having issues, contact SriLankan airline Karachi office.

How can I know my ticket is eligible for a refund?

Customers can check the refund eligibility of their ticket by looking through the “purchase conditions” which are visible when then they go to ‘Manage My Booking’ page on the Srilankan website and enter their PNR and surname. Tickets issued for promotions are usually not eligible for refunds.

Which airline flies direct to Sri Lanka?

Srilankan Airlines flies directly to Sri Lanka. The SriLankan airlines flight schedule can be checked on

Are Srilankan Airlines good?

Yes, it is. Srilankan Airlines has received numerous awards in the aviation industry because of its outstanding services. It received First Star in the ‘Airline-International’ Category at the Golden City Gate Awards by ITB Berlin in 2020.

How many bags are allowed in Srilankan Airlines?

Up to 2 bags can be checked in Srilankan Airlines.

How much does a trip to Sri Lanka cost?

SriLankan airlines fares are very affordable. The cost of the flight depends on your destination. A good way to check Srilankan Airlines ticket price is visiting

Is food expensive in Sri Lanka?

Not at all! Food is very cheap in Sri Lanka. The average cost of food in SriLanka is LKR1,407 per day which translates to just 1,214 Pakistani rupees.