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Hotels in Abbottabad

A beautiful town in the north eastern side of Pakistan, Abbottabad is a tourist favorite as well as a main point for other nearby tourist spots in the region. Surrounded by picturesque hills, the city is named by Major James Abbott in the British era. Its good climate, beautiful mountains and breath-taking views are what makes Abbottabad a must visit place on your trip to the northern areas.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Abbottabad

There are a plenty of accommodation options for tourists looking for accommodation in Abbottabad. From motels, guest houses to hotels, one can find any type of accommodation to suit their needs. Whether it is a high end luxury hotel or a budget friendly motel, all you have to do is visit Sastaticket.pk and we’ll take care of the rest.

Visiting Abbottabad on a budget?

Abbottabad is a small town so there are not very many options for one to choose from in terms of shopping and other activities. However, there is a wide variety of budget friendly restaurants and shops that one can visit and buy from in order to save money. It is a place that will not cost you an arm and a leg to stay at, mainly because tourism is a major part of their economy and they wish to attract more and more tourists.

Transportation in Abbottabad

Abbottabad has a sufficient public transportation system that is convenient for all. One can easily catch a bus from Islamabad that will take you all the way to Abbottabad. You can also use other modes of transportation such as Buses, Taxis and mini vans.

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