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Hotels in Bhurban

Bhurban is located within a 9 km distance from the ever famous tourist spot of Murree. This small town is a hill station that has stunning scenery and forestry around it. The weather here is extremely refreshing during the summers and frosty in winters. Families, newlyweds, and vacationer visit Bhurban by the thousands all year round to enjoy the beautiful naturalistic elements.

Hotels and Guesthouses in Bhurban

Just like Murree, Bhurban is also a very popular tourist destination. It attracts domestic and international tourists all year round and has facilities to adequately cater to them all. In terms of attractions, guests can enjoy the view at Kashmir Point, ride on the Chairlift at Patriata, shop at Mall road, or hike on the Dunga Ali Pine Line Track. Guests can choose to stay in 5-star hotels or in guesthouses when in Bhurban; PC Bhurban being a popular choice. Others, who are traveling on a budget, can choose to book the more affordable guesthouses or 3-star hotels for their stay.

Visiting Bhurban on a Budget?

Book your hotel in Bhurban through Sastaticket.pk for the cheapest rates and plan your trip during offseason to avail discounted prices on both accommodation and airfares.

Convenience and Accommodation

Bhurban is a touristic destination with many accommodation options. Prospective travelers can choose to book their stay in a fine hotel, resort, or guest house, depending on their budget and preference - View and compare the many options listed on our portal.

Transportation in Bhurban

Bhurban has a well-developed road network where commoners choose to travel by bus, taxis, and cars. However, since Bhurban is located in a hilly area the roads are often steep and driving may prove to be difficult; especially during winters. The best option for tourists would be to rent a car to avoid hassle and inconvenience.

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