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Hotels in Gilgit

Gilgit is one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan. It is surrounded by some of the most enthralling sights in the region. Paraded with mountains, hills and scenery Gilgit looks like a Calendar portrait or a place from a Disney movie. Serving as an immensely popular tourist destination for locals and international travelers alike. Over the years Gilgit has developed into a proper tourist destination.

Hotels and Guesthouses

The locals of the region very well understand that Gilgit is a popular choice for not only the more wealthy international travelers but also the seasonal domestic visitors. Hence, it has facilities and services to accommodate them all.

There are many hotels, guesthouses, and resorts in Gilgit. Those looking for luxury can book their stay at the Serena Hotel or Shangrila Resort. Others who seek more modest options can book a comfortable 3-star hotel or guesthouse - There are plenty of options available on the Sastaticket.pk portal - Search and compare for yourself!

Visiting Gilgit on a Budget?

The trick to saving money on a holiday is to be investing your money wisely. Observe when and where you can potentially save up and seize the opportunity. There are plenty of good 3-star hotels that offer all the services and amenities one would require for a comfortable stay. So why not book that option over a much more expensive one? In the end, it all depends on what exactly you are looking for and how far you’re willing to compromise.

Convenience and Accommodation

Accommodation facilities are easily available in Gilgit. There are many restaurants and resorts to explore and the road networks are also well-developed.

Transportation in Gilgit

Commoners prefer to commute by road in Gilgit but those who are planning more lengthy trips should hire rental cars or travel by bus.

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