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Hunza is a mountain valley formed by the Hunza River in northern Pakistan. Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region it offers spectacular scenery. The Hunza Valley provides isolation from the rest of the world, it is an idyllic place that more and more travellers want to visit. This region has its own rhythm and culture which makes the atmosphere of the place very relaxing.

Apart from the beautiful mountains that surround the valley, one thing that attracts interest in this region is the people. It seems that the inhabitants of Hunza possess the secret of eternal youth. Many studies have been done to determine the cause of the longevity and good health of the people of this region. Some attribute it to diet, others to the pace of life or perhaps a combination of both. What is certain is that people here live happily and for a long time. If you want to discover the secret, you will find many hotels in Hunza where you can stay to explore and enjoy this magical city.

Where should I stay in Hunza?In Hunza, you will find a wide variety of hotels available to suit every traveller’s needs. Depending on the experience you are looking for you will find everything from hotels with luxurious amenities to guesthouses for the budget traveller. Overall, in Hunza, you will find hotels with excellent services at an excellent price so this may be the perfect opportunity to stay in a 5-star hotel. Thanks to the variety of hotels available you can choose the location that best suits your travel plans.

5-Star Hotels in Hunza

For a stay with maximum comfort, you can opt for a 5-star hotel in Hunza. A luxurious stay in the city will allow you to relax to the fullest and enjoy the natural wonders that surround it. In addition to rooms with amazing views, 5-star hotels in Hunza offer services such as in-room jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, room service and more. 

In Hunza you can book a 5-star hotel from 18000 PKR, prices vary depending on the season. The Luxus Hunza resort is a favourite among those who wish to travel in luxury and comfort. The rooms of this resort offer panoramic views and direct access to Attabad Lake. If you are looking for a place where you can find luxury and nature a 5-star hotel is the best choice.

Budget Hotels in Hunza

In Hunza, you will find many options if you are travelling on a budget. You can find accommodation for as little as 2500 PKR. And although the price is very low, the hotels in Hunza offer incredible amenities. There are different types of rooms available which will allow you to choose the amenities you want. Prices may vary depending on the facilities and services of the hotel but always within the range of your budget.

Some of the most popular budget hotels available in Hunza are:

  • Serena Hotel
  • Darbar Hunza
  • FairyLand Hotel 
  • Eagle Nest
  • Hilltop Hunza
  • Passu Tourist Lodges
  • Hunza Marcopolo Inn

There are some hotels in Hunza that stand out for their service and facilities. They are also preferred by travellers for their location and the services available. In Hunza, breathtaking views are one of the main attractions and a good hotel that offers that can guarantee an unforgettable experience. You can choose the type of hotel that suits you at where you will also get the best deals. You can book all types of hotels and you can also benefit from exclusive offers.

Popular HotelsStarting price per night
Luxus HunzaPKR 23,500
Darbar HunzaPKR 10,500
Serena HotelPKR 12,000
Eagle NestPKR 9,500
Fairy Land HotelPKR 15,000

Hotels near City Centre

Karimabad is the capital of this region and is the best starting point to see all the natural attractions of the valley. You can find hotels that are concentrated in the city centre or look for hotels with easy access to the places you want to visit. The Hunza Valley offers a wide variety of accommodations in different locations so you can make the right choice. Some of the hotels available in the city centre include:

  • Serena Hotel
  • Hunza Darbar Hotel
  • Hilltop Hotel
  • Mulberry hotel

You can check the hotels and their location at You will also find the most important landmarks and the services offered by each one.

FAQs About Hunza Hotels

Which is the best hotel for a family trip?

The main objective of a family trip is the coexistence of all the members of the family, which is why it is necessary to have the appropriate services and facilities. The best thing to do in Hunza is to find a hotel that allows you and your family to relax but also to enjoy different family activities. Some of the most recommended hotels for family holidays include:
Luxus Hunza
Eagle Nest
Passu Tourist Lodges
Hunza Marcopolo Inn
A hotel close to the different attractions of the Hunza Valley will allow you to explore and enjoy the region. You can find hotels near Attabad Lake or hotels surrounded by breathtaking mountains that will make your trip unforgettable.

Which hotels are best prepared to receive groups of friends?

If you are travelling with friends in Hunza you will find all kinds of hotels. However, there are some that are more attractive for people travelling in groups: you can find exclusive discounts depending on the size of your group and enjoy facilities such as a rooftop barbecue. You can also concentrate on hotels that offer sports and outdoor activities. Some of the hotels best suited to receive groups of travellers are:
Hunza Marcopolo Inn
Hilltop Hotel
Darbar Hunza
Serena Hotel
Do not hesitate to search on for the option that best suits you. On the platform, you can find out where the hotels are located to ensure you find the most suitable hotel for you and your friends. If you already have an activity plan ready, don’t hesitate to choose a hotel close to the attractions you want to visit.

What type of hotel should I choose if I am travelling alone?

Hunza is a region that attracts many solo travellers, seeking to reconnect with nature. The beautiful views and the scenic natural wonders make it an enjoyable place for travellers. It is best for solo travellers to find hotels that offer activities to suit their desires. Above all, it is important to consider hotels that offer the most hospitable services. Some of the hotels that best meet these criteria are:
Luxus Hunza
Fairy Land Hotel
Hilltop Hotel
Hunza Marcopolo Inn
You will find that even for solo travellers there is a varied price range whether you are travelling on a budget or are interested in a more luxurious experience. Travelling alone will also give you the opportunity to get to know more of the locals who are known for their friendliness and you may be closer to discovering the secret of eternal youth.

Which hotel should I choose if I am travelling on business to Hunza?

If you are visiting Hunza on business, it is recommended that you book a hotel in Karimabad, the capital of the region, so that you have easy access to the various sites. There are several hotels that are concentrated in this area:

Serena Hotel
Hunza Darbar Hotel
Hilltop Hotel
Mulberry hotel
In addition, these hotels will also offer you the opportunity to enjoy amazing views so you can relax after a day’s work. You will find facilities such as seating and working spaces inside and outside your room, wi-fi, restaurant and even conference rooms if you need them.