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Hotels in Hyderabad

The second largest city in the province of Sindh, Hyderabad is located by the Indus River and is one of the oldest cities to come to existence in Sindh. Founded in the year 1768 by Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the city was the provincial capital for some time. Hyderabad is known for a lot of things such as its fish, handicrafts, and silk. Being a city with considerable history and a growing population, Hyderabad receives a score of business travelers and tourists alike.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a tourist destination at the least and also has a growing population and rich agriculture which means that there are various great business prospects that attract people to the city. The city, being as hospitable as can be, has a considerable number of hotels and guesthouses to cater to needs to all types of travelers. From budget-friendly to luxurious, all types of hotels and guest houses are easily available in Hyderabad.

Visiting Hyderabad on a budget?

Being a main city and a town that leads to several other cities in Sindh, Hyderabad is one place that is very light on the pocket and budget friendly. One can easily get by in Hyderabad on as little as Rs 500 a day. People from all walks of life can afford to stay in Hyderabad and have a good time since everything is inexpensive and within budget.

Transportation in Hyderabad

Being the second largest city in Sindh, Hyderabad has a modern transportation network that comprises of various modes of public transportation such as buses, taxis, rickshaws. Uber and Careem are also available in the city. Hyderabad also has a railways station and people can come into the city through Daewoo and other bus services as well.