Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey as well as its financial and cultural hub. Situated on both sides of the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a city of great importance since it is the bridge between Asia and Europe, both culturally and physically. Housing a population of approximately 12 million people, Istanbul is possible one of the largest cities in all of Europe as well as the world. The sixth most popular tourist destination in the world, Istanbul attracts a large number of tourists from around the world due to its historical sites and resorts by the sea.

Hotels and Guest Houses in Istanbul

With approximately 25 million annual visitors in the year 2016 alone, Istanbul is a city that lives and thrives on tourism. With such a huge number of tourists flocking the city throughout the year, the city is well prepped with a significant number of hotels and guest houses to accommodate them all. From high-end luxury hotels to moderate and affordable guest houses, travelers can easily pick and choose a neat place to stay in Istanbul on their next trip. Go easy on yourself and simply go to and find a wide variety of hotels in Istanbul at the cheapest prices.

Visiting Istanbul on a budget?

Since Istanbul is a city mostly famous for its historical sites and the beach, most of the places that are worth visiting are free of cost or are quite inexpensive. With thousands of hotels to choose from, affordable eateries and street foods, a visit to Istanbul can be quite inexpensive. And if you want to save even more, check out for discounts on airfare and hotels in Istanbul.

Transportation in Istanbul

The city has several different modes of public and private transportation. Cars are the primary form of transportation with hundreds and thousands of cars on the road in Istanbul till date. Most of the tourists make use of the public transportation such as the local buses and taxis to get around town. The airline of the country is Turkish Airlines which is an international airline and operates around the world out of Turkey.

FAQs About Istanbul Hotels