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Jeddah is situated on the famous Red sea and is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is popular for museums and historical monuments. If you love beaches then Silver Sands Beach is the perfect place to soak in the sun or take a swim in the sea. Jeddah is also famous for King Fahd’s fountain which is the tallest fountain in the world which looks even more magnificent at night. For the foodies, Al Baik is a haven. Al Baik is famous for its crispy fries, sauces, fried chicken and seafood. Jeddah is filled with modern installations and boasts of a variety of tourist spots. You will never be bored in Jeddah. When it comes to hotels, there are plenty of good hotels in Jeddah that suit every budget and need. But it can get very difficult trying to book a hotel room in an unknown city. is your one-stop for all travel needs. You can easily book a hotel room in Jeddah with offers a range of hotels and resorts to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel to unwind and relax or a budget hotel with basic amenities, covers everything. 

Where Should I Stay in Jeddah?

If you’re travelling with your family you could go for a hotel that is family-friendly and has great options for kids as well as is located near tourist attractions. If you’re travelling on business, you should choose a hotel that has great internet connectivity and amenities like conference and meeting rooms. If you have an early flight to catch and want to skip the traffic you can choose a hotel near the Jeddah airport.

5-Star Hotels in Jeddah

Jeddah has many luxurious 5-Star hotels that provide top-notch amenities like spas, temperature-controlled swimming pools, gardens, air-conditioned rooms and much more. If you have an opulent taste and wish to live in a grand hotel, Jeddah has some of the best hotels. The staff is courteous and leaves no stone unturned in serving their guests. These hotels charge anywhere between PKR 52,000 to PKR 1, 80,000 per night Some of the most popular 5-Star hotels are: 

  • Waldorf Astoria Jeddah 
  • Rosewood Jeddah 
  • Le Meridien 
  • The Hotel Galleria by Elaf 
  • Staybridge Suites Jeddah Alandalus Mall

Budget Hotels in Jeddah

f you’re a tourist who is not looking at spending a huge amount on hotel accommodation, then there are many other options available in Jeddah. You can go for a 4-Star or 3-Star hotel that provides a comfortable experience. Many hotels also offer complimentary breakfast and are equipped with basic amenities like swimming pools, comfortable beds, restaurants and much more. The prices vary based on the size of the room as well as the facilities provided. The basic fares start from PKR 15,000 per night. 

Some of the budget hotels in Jeddah include: 

  • Holiday Inn 
  • Movenpick Spa and Resort 
  • Red Sea Palace Hotel 
  • Landmark International Hotel 
  • Crown Town Hotel

New and popular hotels have emerged around tourist attractions in recent years. You can find budget-friendly hotels with great amenities. 

Popular hotels Starting fares per night 
Red Sea Palace HotelPKR 12,971
Radisson Blu Plaza HotelPKR 18,258
Intercontinental JeddahPKR 35,915
Novotel Jeddah TahliaPKR 21,395

Hotels near Jeddah Airport

If you’re a business traveller who is in the city for just a day or if you are looking for a hotel room for just one night due to an extended layover, then a hotel near the airport is the most convenient option. Many reputed hotels have mushroomed around the King Abdulaziz International Airport. It helps save travel time and most of these hotels also provide free airport transfers. You can unwind and relax while making use of amenities like the pool and spa.

Some of the best hotels near the Airport are 

  • Holiday Inn Jeddah Hotel 
  • Areen Jeddah Suites
  • Crowne Plaza Jeddah 
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Jeddah Corniche 

Some Hotels that offer Airport transfers: 

  • Areen Jeddah Suites 
  • Crowne Plaza Jeddah 

Choosing a hotel in the heart of the city gives access to transportation, local restaurants, shopping markets and tourist destinations. Surrounding yourself with locals helps you understand their culture better. Some hotels that are situated in the centre of the city offer great views of the city and its nightlife. Some of the popular hotels in the city centre are: 

  • Red Sea Palace Hotel 
  • Mira Waterfront Hotel 
  • Movenpick Hotel Jeddah 
  • InterContinental Jeddah 
  • Le Meridien Jeddah 

Staying in the centre of the city saves commuting time and also helps you get acquainted with the locals. You can discover more about the culture of a place by staying closer to it. You can visit the shopping malls and enjoy local cuisine at popular restaurants. helps you find the right hotel to suit your needs.

Faqs About Jeddah

Which are some of the hotels that are more comfortable for families?

When travelling with children it is necessary to keep them occupied and entertained always. You can choose a hotel that provides engaging activities for children like a play area, indoor games, a children’s pool and more. You can have a memorable family vacation by indulging in many activities together. There are many hotels in Jeddah that are family-friendly and provide the best amenities for children and adults alike. Some of the best hotels for families are: 

Makarem Annakheel Hotel and Resort 
Hyatt House Jeddah Sari Street 
Casablanca Grand Hotel 
Grand Park Hotel

What are the best picks if travelling with friends or in small groups?

If you’re travelling with a group of friends or family, you should go for budget hotels and book adjacent rooms or suites. Look for hotels that have entertainment zones and games to help you bond with your group. Some of the popular hotels for groups are: 

Spectrums Residence Jeddah 
Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway  
Citadines Al Salamah Jeddah 
Crowne Plaza Jeddah 
Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah

Which are the most ideal hotels for solo travellers?

If you’re a backpacker or a solo traveller on a budget, there are plenty of options for you in Jeddah. You can book a hotel room in the centre of the city and keep yourself surrounded by other tourists. You can meet like-minded people and make new friends. You can relax, take a swim, sweat it out in the gym or have a pamper session in the spa. Some of the best hotels for solo travellers are: 

Waldorf Astoria Jeddah 
Adagio Aparthotel Jeddah Malik Road 
Narcissus Resort and Spa
Jeddah Hilton 

What must I choose if travelling on a business trip?

If you are in Jeddah on business, you must book a hotel that offers you facilities like conference rooms, meeting halls and great network connectivity. When not working, you could also indulge in some relaxing activities like swimming or working out. You should also choose a hotel that is closer to offices or places important concerning business. There are many business hotels in Jeddah. Some of the best business hotels are: 

Centro Salama Jeddah 
Novotel Jeddah Tahlia  
Ibis Jeddah Malik Road 
Rosewood Jeddah 

There are hotels for every budget and need. offers you a range of options that you can choose from.