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Hotels in Madina

Madina, the second holiest city in Saudi Arabia is also the resting place of Prophet Mohammad. The city is also known as The Enlightened City. It was named Madina in honour of the Prophet, thus the name The City of The Messenger of God. Madina is home to the three oldest mosques, with plenty of people visiting here. As it is just an hour away by flight from Jeddah and Riyadh, Madina often sees a crowd of tourists. October to March is the best time to visit Madina as the temperature will be pleasant during the winter season here. 

As part of the Saudi Kingdoms effort to make this country the best tourist destination, they have eased their tourist visa norms to attract more tourists. The country already has some top-class hotels for their accommodation. Hotels in Madina range from luxury to cheap or budget-friendly. These hotels are suitable for travellers of all kinds and are available within the proximity of the airport as well. Each hotel welcomes guests with a plethora of amenities.

Where should I stay in Madina?

The hotels in Madina are of different kinds from luxurious to economical. They have different amenities and facilities, depending upon the tariff as well as the grade. Several hotels are close to the airport so there is no time lost on the road. Some hotels offer airport shuttles for their guests. Hotels usually have convenient parking, in case you are travelling in your own vehicle. It is important to check the suitability of the hotels if you are travelling with your family, or as a group to ensure everyone gets comfortable accommodation. You can check the availability of the hotels and their amenities at

5-Star Hotels in Madina

Madina is a popular city in Saudi Arabia that is always busy with visitors and pilgrims. There are plenty of options for a 5-star hotel here. Each of these hotels has different types of rooms in varying capacities. The rent at these hotels starts from PKR 12,506 and goes up to 46,240 per night for one adult. This tariff may differ with the season, weekends, and demand. A few of the 5-star hotels in Madina are also available within a mile of the airport.  

The facilities inside these hotels include free internet access, bathtubs, limo services, a faster checkout process, childcare, free valet parking, conference rooms, dry cleaning services, etc. At, all the facilities of each hotel are provided in detail. The most popular 5-star hotels in Madina are, 

  • Millennium Madinah Airport
  • Dar Al Taqwa
  • The Oberoi, Madina
  • Intercontinental Madinah – Dar Al Iman
  • Madinah Hilton

Budget Hotels in Madina

When travelling to another country, it is important to find affordable accommodation and Madina has plenty of options for you. You will find cheap hotels with all basic facilities to higher star hotels with more facilities that are suitable to your budget. Travelling on a budget need not be cheaper and luckily hotels in Madina have comfortable facilities that are available at affordable prices. gives you a portal where you can sort the hotel options according to the price or star. 

The budget hotels in Madina have amenities such as breakfast, complimentary toiletries, childcare, complimentary shuttle service to the nearby attractions, business centre, parking space, and much more. These hotels also have different room types with a starting price of PKR 13,292 for one night. At, you will see that many of the hotels also have refundable bookings so there is no loss on your side, in case you have to cancel the booking. 

The top three budget-friendly hotels in Madina are, 

  • Madinah Movenpick Hotel
  • InterContinental Dar Al Hijra Madinah
  • Pullman Zamzam Madina

There are several factors that make a hotel popular among the guests who have tried their services. The hotel services in Madina are available at various rental rates and facilities. There are several hotels here that are both affordable and have luxurious facilities to offer their guests. These hotels usually have banquet halls, free valet parking, a minibar in the room, suites, etc, that are suitable for families, singles, couples, etc. Many of these hotels have luxurious and deluxe suites that are within the reasonable range. The starting price of these hotels is PKR 12,000. offers the best deals on all types of hotels and rooms so that you get maximum benefits with your booking. A few of the popular hotels in Madina are mentioned here. 

Popular HotelsStarting price per night
Crowne Plaza MadinahPKR 12,056*
Madinah Movenpick HotelPKR 13,292*
Millennium Taiba Hotel MadinahPKR 14,303*
Frontel Al Harithia (Formerly Majlis Grand)PKR 17,989*
Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick HotelPKR 22,185*

*The prices are subject to change. 

Hotels Near Madina Airport

For business trips, it is crucial to find a hotel close to the airport so that there are no unnecessary delays for the meetings. In Madina, you can see that several hotels are close to Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport. Many of these hotels provide pickup and drop facilities for the guests so you never have to worry about transportation. At, you can easily find a suitable hotel and get great discounts on the booking. The starting rate of the hotels that are close to the airport is PKR 14,116 per night. 

Some of the best hotels near the airport are:

  • Millennium Madinah Airport
  • Pullman Zamzam Madina
  • Madinah Hilton

Some hotels will have an airport roundtrip facility that may or may not be charged. Hotels that offer airport transfers are: 

  • Pullman Zamzam Madina- Paid
  • Millennium Madinah Airport- Complimentary

Hotels Near City Centre

It will be convenient for the guests who are first-time visitors in Madina to find a hotel that is close to the main attractions in the city. The major places of interest in Madina include The Prophet’s Mosque, Al Masjid an Nabawi, Masjed Quba, Dar Al Madina Museum, Al Noor Mall, etc. At, the nearby place of interest and how far the hotel is from each of them is given with the hotel details.

FAQs About Madina Hotels

Which is the best option for a family-friendly hotel?

The Millennium Taiba Hotel Madinah and the Madinah Movenpick Hotel are both suitable for families. Both these hotels have different room types to choose from. The rooms here are at affordable rates and are also close to the places of interest. The Madinah Movenpick Hotel provides childcare or babysitting facilities as well.

What are the best picks if travelling with friends or in small groups?

Frontel Al Harithia (Formerly Majlis Grand) has various suite rooms that can accommodate up to 3 adults per room. The rooms are available at reasonable rates. The room bookings may be refundable or non-refundable. You may need to check the same before confirming the booking. displays the same as a green-coloured tab against each hotel option.

Which are the most ideal hotels for solo travellers?

Crowne Plaza Madinah has a standard room suitable for solo travellers that has a starting price of PKR 11, 705 per night. They also offer top-class amenities including limo service, housekeeping, safeboxes, bathtubs, etc. for their guests. Solo travellers can also choose the other luxurious rooms which are also within a reasonable range.

What must I choose if travelling on a business trip?

Madinah Movenpick Hotel is a great option for business travellers as the hotel provides a 24×7 business centre, suites with free WiFi connectivity, and comfortable rooms to conduct meetings. The rooms will have complementary desks and safes that are compatible with laptops, for you to work or keep the valuables safe when you are venturing out. Newspapers are also delivered for the guests.