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Muzaffarabad is a city located near the confluence of the rivers Jhelum and Neelum. With beautiful waterfalls and valleys, Muzaffarabad is a top tourist spot. It is also a cultural and commercial hub that attracts tourists as well as people on business. The Neelum River flows through the city before joining the river Jhelum, and the historical Red Fort is located on the bank of the river. You can plan a vacation to Muzaffarabad and enjoy the beautiful sights along the rivers and sample local cuisines at shops around the city.

If you are planning to visit Muzaffarabad, you will find that there are many hotels available. There are various kinds of hotels in Muzaffarabad that provide both luxuries as well as basic amenities. You can choose whichever kind of hotel you wish and enjoy your stay. The hotels have rooms available throughout the year, as you can visit Muzaffarabad at any time.

Where should I stay in Muzaffarabad?

Muzaffarabad is a bustling city that has numerous hotels. These hotels offer a number of different services and you can easily choose one that fits your budget. For solo travellers, there are safe and convenient guest houses and hotels that offer comfortable rooms at affordable rates. If you are one of those who are looking for a luxurious vacation, look no further. Muzaffarabad has 5 star and 4-star hotels that offer the best of experiences. You can also find hotels that arrange sightseeing tours and provide shuttle services so that you can travel around the city easily.

5 Star Hotels in Muzaffarabad

When you are in Muzaffarabad for a long vacation, you can choose to stay at a luxurious 5-star hotel. Muzaffarabad, being a hotspot for cultural and commercial activities has several properties from top hoteliers that offer the best in hospitality services. 5-star hotels in Muzaffarabad offer amenities like free high-speed WiFi, concierge, dry cleaning and laundry, 24 hours front desk services and restaurants that provide amazing local and continental delicacies.

The Pearl Continental Hotel in Muzaffarabad is one of the best 5-star hotels in the city. You can book a suite in this hotel or other 5-star hotels on The approximate cost of standard rooms at 5-star hotels is between 17,500 PKR and 18,000 PKR. But if you book from, you can avail yourself discounts and offers on the total amount. The Pearl Continental offers amenities like free parking, a car for hire, a breakfast buffet, banquet and conference rooms, butler service, and even a fitness centre.

Budget/Cheap hotels in Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad has several hotels for those with a tight budget. These hotels are cheap but they offer great service. Budget hotels in Muzaffarabad usually have amenities like free WiFi, concierge service, laundry and room service facilities. Certain budget hotels also provide one complimentary meal (usually breakfast). Most of these affordable hotels have rooms with air conditioning. You can look through all the available amenities on and choose a hotel that fits your budget. The cost of standard rooms at these budget hotels start at 3,000 PKR and can increase depending upon the amenities available and the time of booking.

Some of the best hotels that are available at a reasonable price are:

  • Muzaffarabad View Motel
  • NeelumView Hotel
  • West End Guest House
  • Hotel Kashmir Lodge

While there are many hotels in Muzaffarabad, some are more popular than others. The main reason for this is that these hotels cater to every kind of tourist and have rooms available for almost all budgets. These hotels provide amenities like free parking, room service, baggage storage space, free breakfast, air conditioning, lounge, daily housekeeping and transportation services. You can book any of these popular hotels from and get rooms at affordable rates. If you are looking for specific amenities, browse through the options available on and find a hotel that fits your requirements. Check all discounts available, to find a suitable room rent and book that room.

Popular HotelsStarting Price Per Night
Pearl Continental16,300 PKR*
West End Guest House3,450 PKR*
La Orilla Hotel4,700 PKR*
Muzaffarabad View Motel3,200 PKR*
Neelum View Hotel7,740 PKR*
Hotel Kashmir Lodge4,500 PKR*
Mir Continental Hotel4,200 PKR*

*Prices are of standard rooms and are subject to change depending upon the room selected and date of booking.

Hotels near Muzaffarabad Airport

Most tourists take a flight to Muzaffarabad and therefore, there are many hotels near the airport. If you are flying in then having a hotel nearby will save you a lot of time. Several hotels near the Muzaffarabad Domestic Airport often offer services like bus shuttle and airport transfer services for tourists. If you are in Muzaffarabad on urgent business, then these shuttle services will be very convenient. When you are booking on check the details of each hotel to see where they are located. Choose a hotel that will offer clean and comfortable rooms for you to recover from the jetlag once you reach Muzaffarabad. 

Some hotels that are near the Muzaffarabad Airport are:

  • Hotel Kashmir Lodge
  • Mir Continental Hotel
  • West End Guest House

Hotels in Muzaffarabad that offer airport shuttle services are:

  • Muzaffarabad View Motel
  • Mir Continental Hotel
  • West End Guest House
  • Hotel Kashmir Lodge

These hotels might charge extra to provide airport shuttle service or transportation. You can check if such services are included or if the additional fee is discounted while booking on will show you all hotels near the airport and provide details about what amenities are available for a specific price. You can choose the hotel that suits you best. 

If you are looking for a luxurious stay, then Pearl Continental Hotel will be your best choice, especially if you are flying in from an international city. While the hotel is not very near the airport, you can hire their car service. Another reason for booking this 5-star hotel is that it offers currency exchange which will be useful if you are visiting Muzaffarabad from a different country. 

There is a lot to see in Muzaffarabad. To get the full experience of visiting this city, you should choose a hotel that is near all the attractions. Some of the places that you must visit in Muzaffarabad are the Red Fort, Sain Saheli Sarkar Darbar, Neelum Jhelum Power Plant, Dhani Waterfalls, PirChinasi and the Kohala Bridge. Hotels from which you can take a car and visit each of these tourist spots are:

  • Neelum View Hotel
  • West End Guest House
  • Muzaffarabad View Motel
  • Pearl Continental

FAQs About Muzaffarabad Hotels

Which hotel in Muzaffarabad is best for families?

Many hotels in Muzaffarabad are great for families. These hotels offer hygienic rooms that are cleaned regularly, comfortable beds and seating areas and also entertainment facilities like swimming pools, table tennis courts, lounges and outdoor playgrounds for both adults and children. Some of the family-friendly hotels in Muzaffarabad are:
Neelum View Hotel
West End Guest House
Hotel Kashmir Lodge

Are there any budget hotels in Muzaffarabad for when you are travelling with friends?

There are many budget hotels in Muzaffarabad where you can stay with friends. These hotels offer in-house entertainment facilities like BBQ facilities, bars, sun terraces and pools where you and your friends can unwind after a day of sightseeing. The best hotels to stay in with friends include:
La Orilla Hotel
Mir Continental Hotel

Which hotel is best for solo travellers in Muzaffarabad?

Solo travellers often look for affordable hotels that offer 24 hours check-in services and comfortable rooms. Muzaffarabad has many such hotels that provide all basic amenities at very reasonable prices. Hotels that are convenient for solo travellers include:
West End Guest House
Mir Continental Hotel
La Orilla Hotel
Hotel Kashmir Lodge

Are there hotels in Muzaffarabad that are suitable for short business trips?

If you are visiting Muzaffarabad on a business trip, you will need to look for a hotel that will allow you to commute to and from work easily. Several hotels offer car services. There are also many hotels that offer amenities like free wifi availability that will allow you to work at odd hours, separate business rooms, and even conference halls or meeting rooms that you can hire if necessary. If you are flying into Muzaffarabad and staying for a short while, then look for hotels near the airport. Some of the best hotels to stay in during a work trip are
Pearl Continental
West End Guest House
Muzaffarabad View Motel