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Hotels in Skardu

Skardu is one of the most beautiful and pristine locations in Pakistan. Located in the far north Skardu may not be the most accessible city of Pakistan but it is definitely one that’s worth visiting again and again for its spectacular surroundings.

Hotels and Guesthouses in Skardu

Surrounded by soaring mountaintops, rising hills, and views that describe the very essence of scenic beauty are what explain Skardu. When here you should be sure to visit the Satpara Lake, Skardu Fort, and Balti Museum. You can book your hotels in Skardu through Sastaticket.pk. We have a wide variety of hotels and guesthouses that range from the most luxurious to the most affordable. It all depends on what travelers are looking for.

Visiting Skardu on a Budget?

Every year students and friends plan on taking a vacation to Skardu with their limited budgets and pray that their ends meet within it. If you’re facing a similar crisis then worry no more! Sastaticket.pk offers the best rates on hotels and flights.

If you want to save up even more money then book your tickets for the off season, settle for 2 to 3 star hotels or guesthouses, and get in touch with local tour guides fort the best rates on recreational activities. Using local transportation instead of rental cars is also a good way to save solid bucks.

Convenience and Accomodation

Skardu is a proper tourist destination. Here you will be welcomed with proper housing and recreational facilities.

Transportation in Skardu

The road networks are well developed in Skardu but are often subject to closure due to heavy snowfall in the winter season. Tourists can travel through bus or rent a jeep for the rugged terrain in this mountainous region.

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