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Asia is the Earth’s largest and the most populated continent that lies in the eastern and northern hemispheres. Covering an area of over 44,579,000 square kilometers the continent is spread over approximately 30% of the Earth’s total land and 8.7% of Earth’s total surface. The continent has been home to a considerable portion of the human population and was the sole witness of earth’s early civilizations.

The continent is too big to be placed under a label of a singular travel destination. From the mountains of the Black Sea located at its West, to the snow covered fields of Siberia to its east, the continent is home to a lot more people inside it than outside.

Asia is home to the world’s highest point, Mount Everest, located at the border of Nepal and Tibet, at 29,028 ft above sea level. The lowest point of Asia is the Dead Sea which is situated at the connecting points of Palestine, Israel and Jordan, with the surface of 1,312 ft below sea level.

Asia is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to its east, Indian Ocean to its south and by Australia to its southeast. It borders the Red Sea to the southwest, Europe to the west and by the Arctic Ocean to the North.

Travel options in Asia are a plenty; with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore as its exclusive tourist destinations, the continent offers abundant options for travelers. From the dessert safaris, the mega malls and the desert ruins of the Middle East to the ancient cities and monuments in South Asia. The travel destinations and options are endless.

Asia is a continent that has a mix of every class, country and climate within. Jet set to the ultra-modern countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea that offer a prosperous and high quality standard of living of travel or head over to the power hubs of the region such as China and India which are also very famous and pleasant travel destinations filled with rich cultural history and heritage.

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