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Poonch,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

One of the eight districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Poonch is a district located inside Rawalkot and borders Kashmir. Major tribes of the district of Poonch are the Sudhan and Awan tribes. The district houses some of the best educational institutions of the country and the locals of the district speak Urdu, Potwsri and the Pahari languages. The backbone of the district is its agriculture and crops like Maize, Wheat, Mangoes, Millet and Barley. The district also cultivates walnuts, honey and herbs.

Places to Visit in Poonch

Poonch Fort
A fort that dates back to the 16th century A.D, the Poonch Qilla was built by Raja Rustum Khan and is one of the most beautiful forts that one must visit while in the district.

Gurdwara Nangali
One of the oldest Sikh Shrines of the northern region, the Gurdwara is located near the two streams called Nallah Gagri and Pulsta Nadi. If you are a fan of history and like exploring historical sites then this is one place that you must visit.

While in the area, tourists must also visit places such as the Surankote Valley, Ziarat Sain, Krishna Ghati, Surankote Valley and Nandishool waterfall.

Accommodation in Sibi

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The city has a modern road network with cars, taxis and buses easily available for the convenience of tourists. The town is accessible by train and also has a domestic airport by the name of Rawalkot Airport.






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