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Sibi,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

A town that dates back to the 13th Century, Sibi is a city in the Balochistan Province. Located only 100km northwest of Mach, which is another city in Balochistan. The town is in the headquarters of the Sibi district. Talli is the largest town in the city of Sibi and the has a population of 52,100. The province is popular for its mountains and Sibi has Zen, Bambore and the Dungan mountains. Sibi is one of the hottest cities in the country in terms of climate and is often referred to as the hot spot of Pakistan.

Places to Visit in Sibi

Hazarganji Chitan National Park
Approximately 200kms away from Sibi, the park is a very popular tourist destination in the region. The national park has a wide variety of animals such as the Chiltan wild goat, Indian Wolf, Hyena, Leopards and many more. The park is located in the Sulaiman Mountains and has a combination of a desert and forest habitats.

Mountain Ranges
The whole province is famous for the mountain it has but the region in and around Sibi holds particular significance because there are several mountains such as the Zen, Bambore and Dungan.

Accommodation in Sibi

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The city has a modern road network with cars, taxis and buses easily available for the convenience of toursts. The town is accessible by train and also has a domestic airport by the name of Sibi Airport.







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