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Peshawar,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

The capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Paksitan. Peshawar is a vibrant city and is a true depiction of what Pakistan was and how it progressed over time. A lot of people are not aware but Peshawar is one of the oldest cities that have survived in the South Asian region. The heritage and legacy of this beautiful piece of land dates back to as much as 539 BC. From its product filled bazaars to mouthwatering karahis and kebabs, Peshawar, nestled in the large valleys towards the end of the Khybe Pass, is more like a blessing for the people of Pakistan as it is a combination of culture, heritage, art, hospitality and natural beauty.

Places to Visit in Peshawar

Mahabat Khan Mosque

The Mahabat Khan Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques that you will probably set your eyes upon. Built in the year 1630, the view within and from the mosque is picturesque. The interior of the mosque has an open courtyard, an open pool for ablution and is surrounded by rooms. The prayer hall of the mosque is shaped dome like and is covered by three domes that all have a variety of different designs and colors to further add to the beauty of the mosque.

Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Probably one of the oldest and the most famous Bazaar of the country is the Qissa Khawani Bazaar. The bazaar is also commonly known as the ‘Street of Storytellers”.  Today, the bazaar holds a considerably different look than it did back in the day, with a combination of different teashops, clothing stores and different markets. One other reason why the bazaar holds great significance is because this very bazaar is the birthplace of legendary Indian Actor, Dilip Kumar.

Peshawar Museum

Located near the Old city area, the Peshawar Museum is one place that you must visit if you wish to walk down memory lane and indulge in the historical significance of Peshawar and all what it used to be. The Peshawar museum is located inside a beautiful Victorian Mughal like hall and consists of over 14,000 items. The museum claims to have the largest collection of the Gandharan art form in the world. From statues to ancient artifacts such as Mughal Paintings, early copies of the Holy Quran as well as Persian handicrafts, this place is a gold mine for history lovers.

Accommodation in Peshawar

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The city has a modern road network with cars, taxis and buses easily available for the convenience of tourists. The town is accessible by train and also has an International Airport called the Bacha Khan International Airport. 

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