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Gujrat,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

Gujrat, Pakistan

A city in the Punjab province, Gujrat is located between two very famous rivers of Pakistan, the Jhelum and the Chenab river. The city has a very rich cultural heritage and a historical significance that dates as back as 326 B.C. The area has been ruled by several different leaders who conquered the land including the British, the Mughals and also Alexander the Great. The city is famous for its pottery and ceramic items and also its handicrafts, flower pots and shawls. The city is connected with the rest of the country through the railway track that is located by the grand trunk road.

Places to visit in Gujrat

The Gujrat Fort
Located right in the middle of the city, the Gujrat Fort was built upon the instructions of the then Mughal emperor Jalal Ud din Akbar. The fort is a reflection of the art and architecture of the Mughals of the era and is sure to allure the tourists that are fond of Mughal art.

Four Main Gates of Old Gujrat
The city was constructed with four doors of entry into the city, the four main gates are called Dhakki, Shah Daula, Shah Faisal and Sheeshiyan gate. The gates are considerably old and weary now but a true depiction of the city in all its glory.

Akbari Hammam (Bath of Akbar)
The Akbari Hamman was a special purpose built bath and it is known that the emperor Akbar had it built for his wife to treat her special disease. The bath is still in use to this day and many people use it to find a cure for their own special diseases.


Gujrat has a numerous famous eateries to its name and is a must visit place if Gujrati foods are what you seek. Some of the Gujrati foods that you must try are Handva, Thepla and Dhokla.


If you are in Gujrat then you must purchase a piece or two of their pottery and their hand crafted items for yourself and as souvenirs for your friends and loved ones.

Accommodation in Gujrat

Gujrat has various luxury and cost effective accommodation options available where tourists can rest assured that they will have a place to stay when they visit Gujrat. Sasta ticket offers various luxury and affordable accommodation for tourists looking to book a hotel online in Gujrat.


Gujrat has its very own airport but it is a small one that does not cater to international airlines. The Sialkot International Airport is also nearby which can be used to access the city.

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