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Jhang,Pakistan Travel Guide

Jhang, Pakistan

The capital city of the Jhang District, Jhang is located in the province of Punjab near the bank of the Chenab river. It is located at the junction of two rivers Jhelum and Chenab. The town was previously separated into two towns, Jhang and Maghiana and were spread only 3.2 kms apart and were later conjoined under the British rule. The town is fairly small and houses a population of less than 500,000 people. The people of the area are renowned artisans and played a prominent role in architectural marvels such as the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple and the Shahi Masjid.

Places to visit in Jhang

Heer Tomb
One of the most popular and tragic romance stories started and eventually ended in Jhang, the tomb is a place that every tourist and traveler wishes to see in order to catch a glimpse of what the poets talked about and what is classified as a symbol of love in Pakistan. People who are love smitten and tourists fascinated by this love story often pay a visit to this tomb.

Wazeer Mosque
An architectural marvel in and of itself, the Wazeer Mosque is named after a very respectable member of society Mr IIam-ud-Deen Ansari who originally hailed from Chiniot, Jhang. Besides being a knowledgeable man with an intellectual approach, the man was an excellent physician who treated patients such as Madam Nur Jehan and was also bestowed upon the coveted title of Wazir Khan.

Mehal Umar Hayat
Belonging to the famous Sheikh family of Chiniot, the Mehal, also known as Gulzar Manzil, was the dream of the then entrepreneur Sheikh Umar Hayat who named it after his only child Gulzar Muhammad. An architectural marvel, the mehal encapsulated the fine craftsmen ship and the artistic vision and skill of the people of the town, Gulzar Manzil has a unique tale of joy and sorrow which can still be experienced. The Mehal now houses a museum which gives a great deal of insight of not only the Palace but also of the city of Jhang.

Accommodation in Gujrat

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The town of Jhang has a proper road network and is easily accessible by bus, car and train.

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