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Sargodha,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

Sargodha is the 11th largest city of Pakistan. It is the administrative hub of the Sargodha district in Punjab. The city has a long history and is believed to have been properly established in 1903. Soon after, the city gained immense importance due to its strategic location.


Sargodha is connected to two major cities of the country, Islamabad (the capital) and Lahore through the M-2 Motorway, which lies 30km away. It is also connected to the textile base of Faisalabad by a distance of roughly 94km. The prime location of the Sargodha is what encouraged the construction of Pakistan’s largest Airbase, PAF Base Mushaf in it.

The city has shown to progress at a rapid rate and is known for its agricultural produce and industries. Being part of the fertile land of Punjab the area produces great citrus fruits and has the largest orange producing district. The aromas of the fruits grown here are simply mesmerizing during the harvesting season!

The Culture

The languages spoken in this city are mainly Punjabi followed by Urdu. The people of this area are known to be greatly patriotic. During 1965 Indo-Pak war they have given proof of their loyalty, by fearlessly fighting air raids and earning the title of ‘The city of Shaheens (Eagle)’

Despite being a small city it places great importance on education and has a high literacy rate even in the rural areas.

Places To Visit

Sargodha Stadium
The Sargodha Cricket stadium is a national stadium that has served to encourage local cricket in the region and has provided youngsters the opportunity to engage in sporting events. The open-aired stadium is also used to host social events and concerts.

Lake Anwaar
Surrounded by huge sandstone rocks this lake is known for its scenic beauty, its peaceful environment and breathtaking view.


The rapid growth of the city has lead to the development of many small scaled shopping malls among the popular ones include Acheri Bazaar and Anarkali Bazaar. In which merchants can purchase hand-made products and woven fabrics with exclusive designs that celebrate the cultural diversity of the region.


The Sargodha Airport is located 5km away from the Mushaf Air Base. The Faisalabad airport is nearest to the Sargodha airport and lies only 100km away; making the city an easily accessible one.

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