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Hyderabad,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

Located in the Sindh province of Pakistan, the city of Hyderabad is set on the Indus river and famous for being one of the oldest cities of the region. The city was founded by Mr Ghulam Shah Kalhoro in the year 1768 and was the capital of the province up until the era of the Talpur rulers. Hyderabad is famous for a variety of different things - its rich cultural heritage, handicrafts, agriculture and silks. Hyderabad has a hot and dry weather system, the evenings are breezy and pleasant.

Places to Visit in Hyderabad

Sindh Museum
The Sindh Museum is one of the major tourist attractions in the town of the Hyderabad, it contains historical collections and traces of the town and the different eras it has been through. Some things to look forward to when going to the Singh Museum are the Indus Valley Civilization, The portraits of the rulers of Singh and the sculptures that shed light on the people of Sindh and how they used to live.

Rani Bagh
The Rani Bagh has within it a botanical and zoological garden spread over a 53 acres. The Bagh was established in the year 1861 by the Agri Horticultural Society and was given 72 different species of animals and more than 200 species of flowers. The Rani Bagh is divided into four parts, the Abbas Bhai Park, Children park, Jogging Track and Eidgah.

Tombs of Talpur Mirs
The rulers of Sindh, the tombs of the Talpur Mirs are located close to Hirabad, in the city of Hyderabad. The tombs have collectibles of the Talpurs that were the rulers of the region from 1784 to 1843. The tombs are placed in a preserved area.


Hyderabad is starting to urbanize itself especially when it comes to restaurants and eateries. The city now has a lot of multinational food joints and eateries for the locals and tourists to indulge in. Very famous for its fish, there are various places in Hyderabad that serve mouth-watering fish but the most famous of them all is Hilsha Fish Pallo in Jamshoro. In Hyderabad, Rabri is one sweet that you must try from Hirabad. Other famous places for food are Autobahn road, Latifabad and Thandi Sarak. Royal Taj, Bar BQ Tonight, Mirchi 360 and Lamosh are few to name.


Famous for its handmade artifacts and cultural Sindhi clothing, Shopping is one of the great things about Hyderabad. You can shop at Autobhan road, Thandi Sarak and Resham Gali.

Accommodation in Hyderabad

An interesting place with a lot of cultural heritage and sights, Hyderabad is a great tourist destination with plenty of accommodation options available at Sastaticket.pk.


The City’s airport is not functional at the moment and so nearby airports like Benazir International Airport is used by the guests and native people.

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