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Sukkur,Pakistan Travel Guide 2017

The third largest city of the Sindh Province located on the Indus River, Sukkur was formerly known as Aror or Bakhar, but was later named Sukkur which means superiority in Sindhi. The bazaars and the architecture of the place speak for the diversity and the heritage of this magnificent city and how culturally rich the place actually is. The Sindhis, proud of their culture and heritage are very accommodating and take pride in their hospitality towards guests. The hospitality of the city is often reflected in the hotels of the town where the needs of every guest are catered for, forcing you to love the city even more.

Places to Visit in Sukkur

Sadh Belo
An Island on the Indus River, Sadh Belo is located close to Sukkur. The reason why Sadh Belo is a popular tourist attraction is because the Island houses a Hindu Temple which was founded in the year 1823 by Swami Bakhandi Maharaj Udasi. One can reach the temple via a boat, which makes for a splendid experience and is an adventure within itself.

Sukkur Barrage
Located near the Sukkur City, the Sukkur Barrage (Bridge) is the largest irrigation network and has a total of 66 parts with each weighing 50 tons. The Barrage helps control the water flow for cultivation and floods for the majority of the province.

Lab-e- Mehran
A beautiful garden in Sukkur, The ark is very beautiful and is just adjacent to the Indus River. The garden has numerous facilities such as a small hotel, a separate family area and boat riding.


Sukkur is a popular destination for tourists, which means that the town has a lot of eateries to cater to its guests with a variety of food options. You can find mouth-watering Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Biryani, Palo Machi, Taryal Patata as well as local drinks like Khirni and Thadal.


For the tourists looking to shop in Sukkur, there are variety of options and bazaar available to cater to that inner shopaholic of yours. The central bazaar is where you will find a wide variety of traditional items of sukkur such as the Ajrak, Khais and Chaddars. The Sindhi cultural dresses are also something that you should look to buy as they are beautiful.

Hotels & Guest Houses in Sukkur

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Sukkur has its own domestic airport called the Sukkur Airport

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