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United States of America

The strongest of them all and a behemoth of a country the United States is touted as the only superpower in the world and is by far one with the biggest economy. Every person in the world probably knows about the United States of America and where it stands on the map. The famous landmarks and icons of the country are equally famous such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the White House. With global icons as a very common sighting, America is a country filled with diversity of all sorts and a combination of cultural diversity, innovation as well as a rich heritage.

A country with a population of over 300 million people, the country is ahead of the world in every spectrum, be it entertainment, sports, technology, space exploration or economy, the country is well ahead of the world and is on the fast track towards innovation. Every new visitor to the country gets a shock and is taken aback and is surprised to see how the country is far ahead of the world. The birthplace of global icons such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft and many others, the USA truly holds significance and is a land that one must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Places to Visit in the USA

Being a country with 50 states, the list of places to visit are in abundance. One can spend nearly a year in the United States and still won't be done with the number of places that one must visit in order to ensure that they have truly witnessed America at its best. However, there are some places that one has to visit otherwise the vacation to the USA would be incomplete.

White House, Washington

Probably the most famous house in the world, the White House is home to the most powerful man in the world, the president of the country. One of the most high-tech and modernized infrastructures in the country, the White House is a symbol of what the country stands for and what it represents which is why tourists must pay a visit when in USA. Although access inside the vicinity of the house is restricted, there are guided tours that one could take and learn about the building, its history, and its significance. Did you know that there is a replica of the White House in a town in the USA that you can buy? Image how cool it would be to own your very own white house.

New York

The financial epicenter of the world as well as the city of skyscrapers, taking a walk down the streets of New York is an adventure of its own. One can literally spend weeks in the city and still won’t be able to complete the tour of the whole city.

Los Angeles

The capital of Hollywood, this is the place where the entertainment industry lives. From the most famous of studios to the live locations of where some of the best movies were shot, you can take guided tours of the film city, see the famous Hollywood sign up close, walk down the Hollywood walk of fame and get your pictures taken at the stars of your most favorite actors and actresses. This is the city that is always alive and kicking no matter what hour you walk out.

Silicon Valley

For the tech enthusiasts, the valley is the technology Mecca of the world. This place is home to 39 of the biggest technology companies in the world today such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Apple. The place is a haven to literally thousands of small and mid-size startups and is the place where some of the best and the biggest ideas are born.


Since the United States of America is a place that holds a lot of significance and has a rich cultural and political history, the museums of the country are a definite place to visit to complete one’s tour of the USA.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visit the largest art museum in the United States called the “Metropolitan Museum of Art,” the museum is also the most visited art museums in the world. 

National Air and Space Museum

The Museum of the Smithsonian Institution also called the NASM, the museum is located in Washington, D.C and holds the biggest collection of historic aircrafts and space crafts in the world.


Accommodation in the USA

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