Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cancellation, Amendments and Special Requests

  • What is an Amendment?

    Any changes made in to the original booking other than a cancellation is termed as an amendment.

  • What types of amendments can be made to my bookings? What are the charges?

    This again varies for each individual hotel, flight, tour or car rental that was booked. Kindly contact our customer support team for further information.

  • How long will it take to get a refund?

    This again varies for each individual hotel, flight, tour or car rental that was booked, as well as the mode of payment that was used to make the payment. Kindly contact our customer support team for further information.

  • How do I cancel my Booking?

    To cancel any your bookings or part your bookings, contact our 24 / 7 call centre staff who would be more than willing to facilitate you. Kindly note the cancellation charges for your bookings before you cancel.

  • How will I get the money back after I cancel my booking?

    We will refund the money in the same mode with which it was received for making the booking. For example, if you used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal. If you made a transfer using your bank account, we will credit the money back to your account.

  • Where can I find the cancellation policy for my booking?

    The cancellation policy of all bookings is shown under the "Important Information" section. This will also be present in the confirmation email and booking voucher which will also be available on the "My Bookings" section.

  • What is the cancellation policy for bookings on What are the charges?

    Our policy is that we will not charge any additional fees or penalties. Only supplier cancellation policies will apply.

  • Special Request - Wheelchairs

    If you are unable to ascend/descend stairs or are unable to walk long distances, you can request wheelchair assistance. This special request can be made on by contacting our customer representative after making a booking at

  • Other requests

    Other requests such as late check-in, early checkout, window seat, additional baggage, etc. can be made by contacting our customer service centre.

  • Special Requests - Meal

    An airline meal or in-flight meal is a meal served to passengers on-board an aircraft. Airlines usually produce alternative meals for passengers with restrictive diets however; these must be ordered in advance. If you would like to add a special meal request to an already booked flight, please contact your operating airline directly.

  • Troubleshooting

  • I need some help with a booking I made with, how do I get in touch with someone?

    All post-booking customer concerns are handled by our Customer Care Department. You can get in touch with us by in submitting an enquiry form here or by calling us at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782). A Customer Care Representative will read and address your concerns personally within 24-72 business hours depending on the urgency of the matter. If your concerns require more time to investigate, you will be notified via telephone or email.

  • Where do I input my Frequent Flyer / Traveller Number?

    If you have a frequent flyer number, kindly contact our customer care representative and they will add it to your booking.

  • My booking was confirmed but I received a call saying my booking is cancelled due to non-availability.

    Vendors, suppliers and airlines only update their inventory a few times daily. When searching for a product, is quoting you a rate and availability that is based off of the last update received from the vendor, supplier or airline. Once you click “submit” to confirm your purchase, we then need to validate the 'final price' and availability by connecting directly to their inventory. Unfortunately, this means that your price or availability could change to match the update that may have happened earlier in the day. does not practice intentional prices increases otherwise known as 'bait and switch'.

  • I haven't received Travel Confirmation?

    Depending on the product purchased, an electronic confirmation will be issued and emailed to the address provided at the time of booking. Some confirmations are instant purchases, meaning that you will receive an electronic confirmation immediately. Others however, are not and your confirmation could take 1-2 business days to be issued.

    Please ensure that the email address you've entered during the booking purchase is accurate. Please check your junk/bulk mail folder to make sure you haven't missed it. Alternatively you can download your confirmation from the "My booking" section. If you have not received your confirmation copy by email within 3 business days and cannot find it on the "My booking" section, please call us at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782).

  • Booking Errors will send you an email confirmation immediately after your purchase. It is important to look over your email confirmation to verify that all information is accurate, including the spelling of your name, which should match your required travel documents. If you notice an error, please contact us via phone immediately at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782). We will try our best to correct any errors however, it is not guaranteed that they can be fixed. In some cases, fixing the error may incur additional cost and/or fees to the traveller(s).

  • Registration & Account Management

  • Why should I register with What are the advantages?

    We recommend you register with us to make the process faster and convenient, as you won’t have to type your details every time you make a booking. As a registered user you will also have access to the member dashboard, where you can manage all your bookings, as well as find a complete history of all the searches you have made on Moreover, by registering as a member you get notifications for the best deals and promotions on

  • How do I edit my account information?

    To edit your details, first go to the login page (click here), in the members area click on "Edit my details". On the page, make the required changes to your account information. Be sure to click on "Save changes" when you're done to save your updated information.

  • How do I Register with

    For registering, first go to the Registration page (click here), input your name, email address and other required details in the form, click submit and you're done.

  • I've forgotten my Password, help!

    No need to worry, we will reset it for you. Simply click on "Forgotten your password?" enter your email address and the answer to your secret question for verification. Once you complete the above steps, we will send an email to email address containing your new password.

  • Do I need to register with to Make a purchase?

    No, you can purchase all products offered on the website as a guest, however by registering with you get additional member advantages.

  • Why am I getting emails from

    If you have received an email from us regarding a flight search or booking that you've abandoned, this is because as a digital company, we run a cookie based behavioural software that is triggered upon a specific user action taken on our website. We track our customers behaviour through a cookie and associate it with an email address that we could retrieve from you at several instances during your interaction(s) with us.

    You could receive these emails if you've done the specific search and abandoned our site, if you've forwarded a past email to a friend and they've made this search (which would associate back to your email, and would be the reason that you may not be able to attribute the email that you've received back to a search that you've done) or if someone else on the same desktop or mobile device has made this search while logged into your My account.

    We are always upfront about the information that we collect and we do not share or sell email addresses or personal information to any third parties.

    If you have further questions about this, a representative would be happy to explain further. If you would like to review our Privacy Policy, please click here.

  • Payment Options

  • How can I trust to protect my credit card information? is a Verisign Secure site. uses a secure connection for your booking all your personal data and credit card details are encrypted. Our secure server uses "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology, the online industry’s standard.

  • My Credit Card / Debit Card was charged but the page expired, what do I do?

    Kindly contact our customer support team and provide them with the relevant details, they will facilitate with you in confirming you booking.

  • Can I make part payments?

    We currently do not accept part payments and bookings made on are not confirmed until the funds reach us.

  • Which Credit / Debit Cards can I use for making a booking?

    You can use the following Credit / Debit cards to make a booking on

    • - MasterCard
    • - Visa


  • What Payment options does have?

    Bookings made on are not confirmed until payment. To facilitate customers we have developed a number of payment options:

    Mobile Money/Wallet – Easy Paisa – Jazz Cash – Another option is to pay us using Easy paisa. For Easy paisa details kindly contact our customer support team.

    Credit/Debit Card – Just visit our website & pay via our secure procedure in association with Visa & Mastercard.

    Bank/ATM Transfer – You can make payments to us by transferring money directly to our bank account. For Bank details kindly contact our customer support team.

    Payment at our branches – You can make payments at our branches in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Simply walk in to our branch, share your booking reference number, and make payment. To get more details about our locations, kindly contact our customer support team.

  • My credit / debit card was declined

    If you have received a message while making a booking that your credit card has been 'declined', please contact us as soon as possible and quote the reference number you've been given online. Our Call Centre staff can then assist you in applying an alternate payment option.

    It's important to note that until your payment is received, your reservations are not confirmed and prices cannot be guaranteed. There is a possibility that if you apply a credit card as a form of payment and it has declined, between the time that it fails until the time you guarantee your purchase with another form of payment, the reservation you were trying to book could have been sold to another traveller, therefore increasing the price.

  • How will the credit card charge appear in my statement?

    Once a booking has been made, your credit card will be charged the total amount specified throughout the booking process which would include the fare, taxes and all applicable surcharges. Credit card statements may show one or more charges that equal the total charge listed.

    All credit card charges may be processed by the supplier directly (tour operator or airline) or charged by directly or a combination of both. This is the reason why you may see one or more charges that equal the total amount listed on your booking.

  • Credit Card Overcharging

    Please note that will only investigate any overcharges to accounts 3 days after a booking date. We do this as often times credit card companies will pre-authorize a slightly higher amount to ensure funds are available in the card holder's account. Once the transaction is settled, 3 days after booking, the accurately quoted price will automatically appear on your statement.

    After 3 days, should you feel that your credit card has been overcharged please email us a copy of your account statement outlining the charges for further investigation.

    Foreign transaction fees should be discussed directly with your financial institution as these are not controlled or charged by If you have any further questions, concerns or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782).

  • Prices increased during my Booking.

    prices can change at any time till a booking is confirmed by the supplier. Once we send an e document with supplier confirmation, price can not change.

  • How will I get my invoice? will send you an invoice for all bookings. This is attached with your booking confirmation email which is sent to the email address provided at the time of booking. If you have made a booking with us and have not yet received this email/invoice, please contact our customer representative and they'd be happy to resend it to you. We can be reached toll free at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782).

  • How much taxes am I paying, can I get a breakdown?

    The Tax breakdown would be provided in the Invoice which will be sent to you for any bookings made through This is attached with your booking confirmation email which is sent to the email address provided at the time of booking. If you have made a booking with us and have not yet received this email/invoice, please contact our customer representative and they'd be happy to resend it to you. We can be reached at 021 111 1-SASTA (72782).

  • Can I make a reservation for myself using someone else’s credit card?

    If the traveller names do not match the credit card holder, our Back Office Processing Department may contact you by phone or email to collect more information including requiring proof of documents for bookings using a third party credit card, back and front copy of card and a copy of a valid drivers' license

  • Before you Go

  • Check-in Times / Transit Times - Flights

    We recommend that you allow plenty of time to check-in and obtain your boarding pass for your scheduled flight. does not assume responsibility for those passengers who check-in past the airline specified cut off times. Failure to meet check-in times may result in denied boarding, the loss of your assigned seat selection, cancellation of your entire booking and the entire fare paid being forfeited with no option of re-booking. Please reconfirm check-in cut off times with your airline directly prior to your flight.

  • Why do you need to reconfirm your flight?

    You will need to verify with the Airline directly to ensure that your flight is leaving on time. This information is often times available on your airports website. The reason that we ask you to reconfirm your flight time is because within 24 hours the airline does not have time to advise you or directly if there has been a last minute schedule change. It is your responsibility to show up to the airport in time for your scheduled flight. Should you miss to arrive in time for check in, you will be tagged a ‘no show’ and any money that is associated with the ticket will be forfeited.

  • Reconfirming my reservation

    It is recommended that you reconfirm your flight with your airline directly 24 hours prior to departure to ensure that nothing has changed. does not assume responsibility for bookings cancelled due to non-compliance with rules set by each particular airline. We also do not take responsibility for any flight rescheduling en-route.

  • Can I bring my Pet with me?

    Because pet travel is ever-changing it is important that you contact your airline directly for the most up-to-date information with regards to traveling with or transporting pets.

  • What are the Passports/Visas/Health Requirements for my booking?

    Prior to booking your trip, you should ensure that you meet the Passport, Visa, Affidavit, Health and other requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit (even if it is for a plane change). Remember that it is the travellers responsibility to ensure that they have the proper documentation to travel. To ensure you have the proper travel documentation for your destination please click here (link) for the most up-to-date information.

  • How much Baggage can I take on trip?

    Each Airline has a separate set of rules for each destination; therefore for baggage information of all Airlines kindly contact the Airline directly.

  • Can I pre select my Seat?

    There are a number of airlines that do NOT charge for advance seat selection. If seat selection is free of charge, will automatically assign seats for your convenience depending on availability and airline policy. You can also select seats by contacting your airline directly or during the online check-in 24 hours prior to departure.

  • Passengers Amenities

  • Are catering facilities available in all trains?

    Catering facilities are available on the following trains:

    • 1UP/2Dn Khyber Mail, 7UP/8Dn Tezgam
    • 13UP/14Dn Awam Express
    • 17UP/18Dn Millat Express
    • 23UP/24Dn Quetta Express
    • 45UP/46Dn Pakistan Express
    • 41UP/42Dn Karakoram Express
    • 101UP/102Dn Subuk Raftar
    • 103UP/104Dn Subuk Kharam
    • 105UP/106Dn Rawal Express
    • 107UP/108Dn Islamabad Express
    • 109UP/110Dn Margala Express
    • 111UP/112Dn Badar Express
    • 113UP/114Dn Ghauri Express
  • What facilities are available at Railway Stations?

    Facilities like waiting rooms, refreshment rooms, vending stalls, book stalls, drinking water, police help centre and medical first aid are provided at all important stations.

  • How can I avail catering facilities?

    By contacting Conductor Guard or bearers at stations, facilities like fast food, restaurants, and vending stalls are provided.

  • What are the special facilities provided for handicapped/differently -abled persons?

    They are provided wheelchairs and special counters.

  • What’s in the food menu on Mail/Express Trains?

    Choice of two eggs (Omelets/Fried) Two slices bread branded company. Butter (Nurpur Pak Brand) in approved Company (sachet) + Jam. One cup of tea (Tea Bags + Sachet Packs of Sugar and Milk in approved company packing.Rs. 100.00.


    Choice of two eggs (Omelets/Fried) Two Slices of Bread branded company one cup ot Tea (mixed) milk, Anhar, Olpers, Haleeb, milkpack Rs. 80.00.

  • Lunch/Dinner

    Vegetable Mixed vegetable or Mixed Daal (250 g) Two Roghni Nans, Fresh Salad and Fresh Fruit. Or Mixed Vegetable or Mixed Daal with Brown Rice Fresh Salad and Fresh Fruit (quarter plate).


    Mixed vegetable or mixed Daal with brown rice, fresh salad and fresh fruit.

    Note: The above food will be served in approved plastic/Cardboard containers on steel tray.Rs.120.00.


    When demanded by the passenger. Chicken Masala (1/4 of full chicken) Or Chicken Roast on demand. Two Roghni Nan or plate of Brown Rice, Fresh Salad and Fresh.

    Note: The above food will be served in approved plastic/Cardboard containers on steel tray. 170/-.

  • Evening Tea
    • Two cups Tea with Milk and Sugar. Two Biscuits. Rs.50/-
    • One cup coffee with Milk and Sugar. Rs.50/-
    • One cup of tea without Biscuits.Rs.25/-
  • Cold Drinks +

    Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite (International) Bottle, Juice. Rs.25/-

  • Whom shall I approach in case of any emergency at Railway Station?

    All Divisional Commercial Officers, concerned Station Masters, or Police Help Centre.

  • Luggage

  • Is dispatch of luggage by any particular train guaranteed?

    No, the dispatch of luggage is not guaranteed.

  • What articles are not accepted as luggage?
    The following articles will not be booked as luggage:
    1. Offensive articles such as wet skins, hides, etc. other than skins of wild animals, securely packed in airtight boxes at owner's risk.
    2. Explosives, dangerous and inflammable articles.
    3. Bulky articles of any description which on account of their bulk would be chargeable on measurement if accepted as parcels.
    4. Oil, Grease, Ghee, Paint, etc. if carried in package which might be in contact, break or leak, or damage other articles.
  • Which articles under free luggage allowance are not accepted as luggage?

    Articles of trade such as carpets, bales of cloth, boxes/cartons of cigarettes, medicines, or any other articles of commercial value which is intended to be sold during the journey or at destination are not acceptable.

    • In addition to the above, free allowance on the following articles will also not be admissible
    • Refrigerators
    • Deep Freezers
    • Washing Machines
    • Desert Coolers
    • Pedestal fans whether packed or unpacked
    • X-Ray Machines
    • E.C.G. Machines
    • Medical equipment
    • Science equipment
    • Electric Sewing Machines
    • Lifting machines
    • Water Geezers
    • Generator of all types
    • Transformers of all types.
  • What is weightage of free allowance as luggage in different classes?

    The following free allowance for each ticket is given at the starting stations on the total weight of the luggage carried by the passenger in the compartment:

    • Air-Conditioned (Sleeper) Class : 50 Kilograms
    • Air-Conditioned Sitter : 20 Kilograms
    • First Class Sleeper : 20 Kilograms
    • Air-Conditioned Lower : 20 Kilograms
    • Economy Class : 20 Kilograms
    • Second Class : 20 Kilograms
  • What is clerk charge and when is it levied?

    Rs. 5/- will be deducted when ticket is refunded on which no reservation has been made.

  • How much refund is given on returning an unused unreserved ticket?

    Refund policy is mentioned in the link below

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