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Islamabad to Jeddah

Islamabad and Jeddah are two big cities that receive thousands of tourists every year since they have a lot of interesting things to offer.

Jeddah ​​is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. In 2014, Unesco declared the historic centre of Jeddah a World Heritage Site. Its seaport is the most important in the country. It is located in the emirate of Mecca, Hijaz region, west coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

Islamabad which can be translated as “the City of Islam” is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Pakistan. Located in the north of the country, near the border with India, it has a lot of financial and political influence in the country.

Travelling from Islamabad to Jeddah is very easy, keep reading if you are interested in visiting Jeddah

Islamabad to Jeddah Flights  

Jeddah is a luxurious place surrounded by a wonderful sea view that you don’t want to miss. To get to this magical place from Islamabad you don't have many options since the air distance is around 3500 kilometres and 4817 kilometres by land. So the only way to get there without having to lose days of travel is by plane. Fortunately, you can find very cheap flights from Islamabad to Jeddah using The flights depart from the Islamabad airport (ISB) and stop either in Istanbul or Doha to finally arrive at Jeddah International airport (JED) depending on the airline and the schedule and the total flight time can take between 4 hours and 13 hours, so you can choose the flight that you prefer

Islamabad to Jeddah Flight Ticket Price

The prices of this route are very variable since there are airlines that offer direct routes but there are also others that make stops. Without it would be very difficult to search for different ticket prices, as one would have to talk to travel agents or use several airline websites where it is not easy to compare prices. The Islamabad to Jeddah flight ticket rate for economy class can range from Rs.60,925 to Rs. 197,62. For the premium economy class, you can find initial prices of 61,625 Rs. And for business and first-class the prices can start from 197,632 Rs. The flight ticket price depends mostly on the time schedule and the date of the flight, but also it can change depending on the airline and the type of class. To find the cheapest flight go ahead and check

Islamabad to Jeddah Cheap Flights  

It's not so difficult to find the cheapest ticket from Islamabad to Jeddah, just open your browser, go to, select a date, departure and destination and with one click you can get all the information you need.

The cheapest flight from Islamabad to Jeddah will cost you around Rs. 60,925. and it is provided by the airline Turkish Airlines. This is an economy class ticket, and it is not a direct flight, it stops in Istanbul first. The cheapest flight also includes check-in baggage of 30kg and the total duration of the flight is 19 hours.

Islamabad to Jeddah Flights Schedule

The following schedules may change depending on the searched date: The first flight from Islamabad to Jeddah departs at 3:40 AM by Qatar Airlines and the last flight departs at 05:10 PM by PIA. There are not a lot of available Multan to Jeddah flight schedules between these two cities, so it is important that if you want to travel to Jeddah, you search for your tickets on time using There you can select the desired date and if there is no flight available, it will show the flights for the previous and the next days. You don’t have to log in to see these schedules, you can just click on the search button and you will have all the information.

Flights from Islamabad to Jeddah  

Some of the airlines that provide flights from Islamabad to Jeddah are PIA, Turkish Airlines, Airblue and Qatar airways. They provide a wide range of flights and schedules for a lot of countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. will show you many flights served by these airlines.

  1. PIA Flights from Islamabad to Jeddah 
  2. The first PIA flight from Islamabad to Jeddah departs at 17:00 AM and it takes 4 hours 50 minutes to arrive at Jeddah, it is a direct flight.

  3. Airblue Flights from Islamabad to Jeddah  
  4. You can also find flights served by Airblue, they also provide 4 hours direct flight at 00:05 and arriving at 04:20

  5. Turkish Airlines Flights from Islamabad to Jeddah  
  6. Another option is provided by Turkish Airlines, however, this is not a direct flight and you need to make a stop in Istanbul. The plane departs at 06:15 AM and it arrives the next day at 04:55 AM

    If you want to check other schedules or airlines you can always refer to so you can compare the prices and choose the best option.

Travel Restrictions 

It has been a tough year with the COVID pandemic, so there are still many travel restrictions to visit Saudi Arabia, one has to present a PCR test of less than 72 hours or proof of vaccination. In case you are not vaccinated you need to have medical expenses insurance covering COVID related expenses. As well, there are mandatory security measures such as wearing a mask in public places. For more information regarding the restrictions, you can visit the official site:


The air distance between Islamabad and Jeddah is 3581 km, so the only way to travel here from Islamabad is to take a plane

The cheapest month to visit Jeddah is in November, however, this may change with time so it is better if you directly check for more information.

The total time in a direct flight is around 5 hours, otherwise, it can take up to 14 hours depending on the airline and the stop in between.

The cheapest airline for this route is Turkish Airlines, however, the total time taken by this flight is around 14 hours because it stops in Istanbul. This information may change depending on the date so it is better if you check the webpage.

The flight ticket price from Islamabad to Jeddah is Rs. 58,055.

The flight ticket price from Islamabad to Jeddah today is Rs. 50,510. For other schedules and prices check the webpage to find the information that you need.