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The former and current capital of the country Karachi and Islamabad are like to two ends of the same boat bound together by national ties. These two cities are highly contrasting in their own respect but both play pivotal roles in the nation’s stability. While Islamabad functions as the federal capital surrounded by embassies, corporate entities, bureaucrats, and foreign delegations Karachi serve as the economic hub always booming with activity. It is only when these two cities meet can we see real work get done and two beautiful sides of the nation come together.

Why should you be flying to Islamabad?

If not for corporate reasons then leisure is definitely a sustainable factor. Recognized as the second most beautiful capital in the world, Islamabad is a scenic land of peace and calm; something most Karachites are not accustomed to amidst their busy city lifestyles.

Sastaticket.pk very well recognizes the importance and diversity of these two cities, respects the notion of cultural exchange, and the importance of corporate ties. This is why they are committed in offering unbelievably cheap rates from Karachi to Islamabad to make traveling all the more affordable for everyone!

Karachi to Islamabad Flight Information

  1. How long will the flight be?

    A typical flight from Karachi to Islamabad will last approximately 2 hours.

  2. Which carriers operate flights through this route?

    Pakistan International Airlines, Air Blue, and Shaheen Airways operate through this route

  3. When does the first and last flight leave from Karachi?

    The first flight leaves at 3:10 AM and the last flight at 10:30 PM, both of PIA.

  4. What are the airport codes of these two cities?

    The airport code of Karachi is KHI and Islamabad ISB.

  5. On average, how much is a one-way flight ticket across this route?

    The approximate cost is $154 or Rs 16,000/- on average.

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