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Lahore to Abu Dhabi

Lahore is a popular megacity in Pakistan located in the Punjab region. Lahore is among the largest Pakistani cities by area and by population. With a GDP of more than USD 80 billion, Lahore is one of the wealthiest Pakistani cities. Lahore has a rich history and has witnessed the empires of many dynasties. Lahore is associated with empires like Mughal, Tughluq, Durrani, Sikh, and Mamluk. One can stills see the traces of various empires in form of architectural structures in Lahore. Lahore is well-known for its tourist spots like Badshahi Mosque, Army Museum, Lahore Fort, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Museum, and Wagah Border. Lahore has a well-managed public service sector to help the residents and tourists.

People from Lahore often travel to the UAE for tourism, pilgrimage, education, and occupation purposes. Abu Dhabi has been a popular spot in UAE for Pakistanis over the years. Located in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and also its second-largest city in terms of population. Many people from Lahore travel to the capital city of UAE for its tourist spots like Ferrari World, The Emirates Palace, Masdar City, Capital Gate, Qasr al-Hosn Fort, and Mushrif Central Park. Abu Dhabi has a perfect combination of historical, pilgrimage, and modern-day spots. Read on to know about transportation services from Lahore to Abu Dhabi.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flights  

The road distance between Lahore to Abu Dhabi is more than 4,500 kilometres. However, it is not possible to drive on this international road route and go through several countries in between. There is no availability of a public water transport service from Pakistan to the UAE. People looking to travel from Lahore to Abu Dhabi prefer to catch a flight. Lahore is among the most developed cities of Pakistan and has a well-organised air transport system. People not only save time by catching a flight to UAE from Lahore but also will have a comfortable travel experience. International flights to Abu Dhabi from Lahore can be boarded from the Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE).

There are as many as three international airports in Abu Dhabi for which you can get flight tickets. Currently, flight services to the Abu Dhabi Bus Station Airport (ZVJ) and Bateen Airport (AZI) are not available. Usually, people travelling to Abu Dhabi from Pakistan prefer to land at the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). AUH is also the central and most popular international airport in Abu Dhabi. You can look for the availability of flights from LHE to any of the airports in Abu Dhabi via which is a reliable online ticketing platform.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flight Ticket Price

Are you still paying commission to a middleman for booking Lahore to Abu Dhabi air travel tickets? Well, in today’s technological era, you can obtain flight tickets easily via your smartphone or PC. With, you can get LHE to AUH flight tickets without stepping out of your house. Also, affordable ticket rates without any commission applied by can decrease your travel cost from LHE to AUH. The Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight ticket rates can fluctuate on the online interface of due to several factors. You will always view the updated Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight ticket price with for free.

The starting price of Lahore to Abu Dhabi air travel tickets displayed by is around PKR 33,873 (on pre-booking). The starting price is applicable on getting economy flight tickets from LHE to AUH booked at least a month before the journey with The starting price of business class flight tickets for the LHE to AUH flight route is around PKR 1,13,000. lets you compare the LHE to AUH flight ticket prices of various air travel companies and choose accordingly.

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Cheap Flights

Are you fed up with fake websites that lie about Lahore to Abu Dhabi cheap flights? Well, guarantees to provide the best rates for booking LHE to AUH flight tickets. Not only Lahore residents but people coming from other countries trust for its affordable flight ticket rates. In addition to affordable ticket rates, also provides travel deals to its users to further lower their flight ticketing price.

By booking tickets in advance, you can get better Lahore to Abu Dhabi air-travel ticket rates, You will pay around PKR 34,000 for booking an LHE to AUH flight seat one month before the journey. For a ticket on the same flight one day before the journey, you will pay around PKR 75,000. Pre-booking is the best option to find cheap LHE to AUH tickets with

Lahore to Abu Dhabi Flights Schedule

With many airlines servicing the LHE to AUH flight route, offers a flexible schedule for this route. You can find flights departing from LHE throughout the day to AUH with You do not need to indulge in a lengthy sign-in process while viewing the Lahore to Abu Dhabi flights schedule on does not ask site visitors to enter login details for viewing the LHE to AUH timetable. You can check the future availability of LHE to AUH flights via for free.

Want to travel to UAE urgently for a meeting with family/friends? Well, can help you in booking urgent flight tickets from LHE to the capital city. You can search for ‘Lahore to Abu Dhabi flight today’ on the online portal of to view flights that are yet to depart for the remaining day. However, you will end up paying more than normal for urgent LHE to AUH flight tickets. Also, before booking urgent LHE to AUH flight tickets, make sure you have time to complete the airport check-in process.

Flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi

The top air travel companies that operate flights from LHE to AUH are listed below:

  1. PIA flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi  
  2. PIA flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi (nonstop) take around 3.5 hours to complete their journey. The average cost of PIA flight tickets from LHE to AUH is around PKR 55,000.

  3. Airblue flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi  
  4. The fastest Airblue flight from LHE to the capital city will take around 200 minutes to complete its journey. Airblue flight tickets from LHE to AUH can cost you around PKR 34,000.

  5. Etihad flights from Lahore to Abu Dhabi  
  6. A nonstop Etihad flight from Lahore to Abu Dhabi will take around three hours and fifteen minutes to complete its journey. The average fare for Etihad flights from LHE to AUH is around PKR 52,000.

Travel Restrictions 

You need to be fully vaccinated to travel from Lahore to Abu Dhabi. Partially vaccinated passengers can also be allowed to travel to Abu Dhabi in some special cases. Also, you need to present a negative RT-PCR test result after landing at AUH. You can also be subjected to an RT-PCR test after six days of arriving in Abu Dhabi. Passengers are also asked to wear a mask while travelling from LHE to AUH.


The air distance between the cities is around 2092 kilometres.

April is the cheapest month to fly to Abu Dhabi from Lahore.

It can take 3.5 to 30 hours to reach AUH from LHE depending upon the layover points.

Airblue is the cheapest airline for this international air route.

The price of a flight ticket to AUH from LHE today can be around PKR 60,000.