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Travel from Lahore to Quetta

The cultural diversity of Pakistan and the distinct customs of its 4 provinces is nothing new to be disclosed. From the northern areas of the country to the southern cities, we see all the different colors of the nation transcend into one another. Between them we find two populous cities that are the respective capitals of their provinces - The historically significant city of Lahore, and the more subdued city of Quetta.

Since both these cities share such distinct vibes and cultures, the average traveler must visit them both to experience the complete cultural heritage of the nation.

Why should you particularly visit Quetta? Quetta’s Autumn to Winter season is very beautiful. Visit the Hanna Lake, Quetta Fort and Spin Karez for a relaxing holiday.

Lahore to Quetta Flight Information

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  1. How long is a flight from Lahore to Quetta?

    1 hour and 25 minutes.

  2. How often do flights fly from Lahore to Quetta?

    7 flights per week.

  3. Which airlines fly from Lahore to Quetta?

    PIA and Serene Air

  4. Which is the cheapest day to book your fight?

    Extensive research and analysis has revealed that flight rates from Lahore to Quetta are the cheapest on Thursdays.

  5. How much does a one-way flight cost?

    A one-way flight will cost approximately PKR 13,000 -/ but this figure may vary depending on the chosen airline, time of year etc.

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