Pakistan’s first data science competition! calls out all burgeoning data science enthusiasts. We have organized the first Data-Thon of Pakistan in order to find the best and brightest people and allow them to tackle some of the toughest problems out there.

From 21st to 27th March 2022.

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Data Thone

The Problem Statement

Anyone who has planned a trip is often plagued by the same question: Is it better to buy a ticket now, or wait for a better price in the future?

How can consumers gain the best value for their ticket purchase? You are required to leverage your analytical abilities to create a Machine Learning model that predicts optimal air fares in both the immediate and distant future.

Participation Process

All participants are required to use the dataset to answer the problem statement.

Candidates will be assessed on key areas such as Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Cleaning, Transformation, Implementation of Machine Learning Model, Knowledge of Algorithms and demonstrate an understanding of key Artificial Intelligence principles. Finally, performance evaluation will also account for Documentation and Analytical ability to explain & justify the processes undertaken.

The Prize

The top 3 candidates of the competition will be awarded prizes worth PKR 100,000 and the winner shall have the opportunity to work at Sastaticket as part of the Data Science Team.

The competition starts from 21st to 27th March