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COVID-19 Travel Updates

During COVID-19 domestic and international flights have been scheduled in order to help thousands of passengers get home safely. Please also note that a number of countries have issued restrictions on entry for overseas travelers therefore some flight operations will be subject to approval from other foreign governments. Also these flights are subject to change and have limited seats available. For more information on Corona Travel Updates click here.

For PIA flight ticket issuance please refer to the flight information. Many PIA flights are only available for sale from PIA counters.

In-case of queries and concerns, please contact us at 021 111 172 782 or email us at [email protected] . *All flights are subject to change.


  1. When will flight operations open in Pakistan

    Pakistan will gradually open their flight operation for commercial flights from May 15th 2020, while there will not be as many flights operating as pre-Covid 19 period. Visit Corona Travel Update for more details.

  2. Are PIA flights operating?

    PIA is operating very limited special flights in May & June 2020 to help residents reach their home. These are limited and have specific guidelines to be followed. Click for PIA special flights details.

  3. Is it safe to travel to Pakistan during Corona spread?

    All passengers traveling to Pakistan follow a strict protocol where from the moment they land till they are allowed to go. This involves testing upon arrival and a mandatory quarantine period in one of the hotels selected by the Government of Pakistan.

  4. How can I keep myself updated with PIA special flights to the UK, USA and UAE?

    For all travel related updates and any special flight from or to Pakistan keep visiting ourCorona update page and like our Sastaticket Facebook and Twitter Account



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