Travel Insurance

S. No. Section A: Medical and Other Expenses Gold Platinum
1 Medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad (Excess of USD 50 applies) 50,000 100,000
2 Emergency Dental Care (Excess of USD 60 applies) 600 600
3 Travel and Stay Over of One Immediate Family Member 100 / Day with a max. of 1,000 100 / Day with a max. of 1,000
4 Escort of Dependent Children Actual Actual
5 Repatriation of Family Member travelling with the Insured Actual Actual


S. No. Section B: Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Gold Platinum
1 Transport or Repatriation in case of illness or accident Actual Actual
2 Repatriation of Mortal Remains Actual Actual


S. No. Section C: Travel Inconvenience Gold Platinum
1 In - Flight Loss of Checked-in Baggage 500 500
2 Loss of Credit Card 1,000 1,000
3 Loss of Passport 300 300
4 Emergency Return Home following Death of Close Family member Actual Actual
5 Delayed Departure 500 500
6 Trip Cancellation 500 500


S. No. Section D: Ancillary Services Gold Platinum
1 Connection Services Actual Actual
2 Delivery of Medicines Actual Actual
3 Long Distance Medical Information Service Actual Actual
4 Medical Referrals/Appointment of Local Medical Specialist Actual Actual
5 Relay of Urgent Messages Actual Actual
Tenure Maximum Stay Gold Platinum
Individual Family Individual Family
Up to 07 Days 07 Days 1,800 3,800 2,200 4,600
Up to 14 Days 14 Days 2,700 5,800 3,300 6,800
Up to 21 Days 21 Days 3,900 8,500 4,400 10,000
Up to 31 Days 31 Days 4,600 10,000 5,200 13,000
Up to 62 Days 62 Days 6,700 15,000 7,600 19,000
Up to 92 Days 92 Days 8,800 20,000 10,000 25,000
Up to 6 Months 62 Days 13,400 30,000 15,500 38,000
Up to 6 Months 92 Days 16,300 36,000 18,500 45,500
Up to 1 Year 62 Days 20,500 38,000 23,000 47,000
Up to 1 Year 92 Days 22,950 42,000 25,400 53,500

Important: Maximum age: 85 years. Thiis premium is applicable for up to 65 years of age. For children up to 18 years, premium is discounted by 50%. For ages between 66 to 75, premium is increased by 50%. For ages between 76 to 80, premium is increased by 75%. For ages between 81 to 85, premium is increased by 100%. For winter and/or summer hazardous sports, premium will increase by 25%. Family means husband, wife and four children up to the age of 18.


Insured means:

The person whose name is in the insurance policy issued within the Validity period of this agreement and notified to the company as the inquisitor of the enclosed medical and travel assistance package before his/her travel

Immediate family member shall mean:

Spouse, parents and dependent children (up to 18 year)

Geographical coverage:

Outside country of residence (Pakistan)

Period of cover:

As per purchased insurance programme up to a maximum of (62 or 92 consecutive days) abroad

Maximum Insured Age:

85 years

Usual country of residence means:

The country where the policy was issued by the company

Usual country of residence means:

The country where the policy was issued by the company

Usual place of residence mean:

The homes or residence of an insured in the usual country of residence (Pakistan)


Any change in health diagnosed and confirmed by a legally recognized doctor during the life of the policy and which is not comprised in either of the two groups below:

  • Congenital disease: that exists at the moment at the moment of birth as a consequence of hereditary factor or complaints acquired during pregnancy
  • Pre-existing disease/medical condition: that the insured suffered prior to the date of taking out the insurance

“Pre-existing disease/medical condition” means:

  • An ongoing injury’ medical or dental condition of which the insured is aware ,or related complication the insured has, or the symptoms of which the insured is aware;
  • A medical or dental condition that is currently being, or has been investigated or treated by a health professional (including dentist or chiropractor) at any time in the past, prior to policy purchase;
  • Any condition for which the insured takes prescribed medicine;
  • Any condition for which insured has had surgery;
  • Any condition for which the insured sees a medical specialist;

This definition of pre-existing medical condition applies to the insured, his travelling companion(s) dependent(s) or any other person.

Serious illness

A change in health that requires admission to hospital in the opinion of the companys medical team, which involes risk of death


A medical problem caused by a sudden and severe external reson beyond the control of the insured, within the validity period of this policy

Serious Injury

An injury, in the opinion of the company’s medical team, which involves risk of death


Consequent upon an unforeseen event happening during the course of a journey outside the usual country of residence, the company will provide the insured with the immediate medical assistance as specified under the benefits set out in this policy, provided that the event does not occur outside the geographical limits.

Cover trip

A covered trip shall mean a trip undertaken by the insured outside his usual country of residence. The covered trip commences when the insured starts the direct journey from home to the exit point of his usual country of residence and ceases when the insured first returns home. The maximum duration of any one covered trip must not exceed 62 days or 92 days.

Selected plan shall mean the choice of Standard/Silver/Gold/Platinum travel plan or Basic/Plus/Premier Plus Hajj, Umrah and Ziarat package.


Section A: Medical and other expenses

1. Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad

In the event of illness or injury of the insured occurring outside the usual country of residence, the company will meet the usual customary, necessary and reasonable costs of hospitalization, surgery, medical fees and pharmaceutical products, prescribed by the attending doctor. The company’s medical team will maintain the telephone contacts necessary with the doctors attending to the insured to supervise the provision of proper health care. This cover is subject to a limit of (according to selected schedule) per insured per year, and in the aggregate with a deductible of (according to the selected schedule) each and every claim. Any miscellaneous service required by the insured not covered through this policy shall remain at his own charge.

2. Emergency dental care

If necessary, the company will provide the insured party with the dental assistance required abroad. This cover is subject to a limit applicable to selected plan per insured per year, and in the aggregate with a deductible each and every claim applicable to selected plan. This coverage is restricted to the treatment of pain, infection and removal of the tooth affected.

3. Travel and stay over of one immediate family member

Should the insured be hospitalized for more than seven days, the company will meet the following costs in respect of an immediate family member or a person appointed by the insured and having the same country of residence as the member , considering the insured was travelling alone:

  • Economy air transport ticket or 1st class rail ticket to the place hospitalization.
  • Accommodation expenses there, up to a limit of selected plan

4. Escort of dependent children

In the event of dependent children as less than 17 years old being left unattended further to an insured accident or illness, the assistance company will arrange and pay for one way airplane economy transportation or 1st class rail ticket for them to their place of residence.

Qualified attendant will be provide without charge, if required.

5. Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured

Should the insured be hospitalized due to sudden illness or accident for more than ten days or deceased, the company will meet the cost of repatriating one immediate family member accompanying the insured at the moment of the event,to his usual place of residence when the latter is placed in the same country of residence of the insured and provided this immediate of transport or the means of transport used for the initial trip.

Section B: Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

6. Transport or repatriation in case of illness s or accident

In the event of an accident or sudden illness, the company will take charge the cost of transferring or repatriating the insured to a properly equipped health center or his/her usual country of residence.

The company, through its medical team, will decide which health center the insured is transferred to or whether repatriation is necessary depending on the situation or gravity of the state the latter is in.

Afterwards, the company’s medical team will maintain the telephone contacts necessary with the medical center and with the doctors attending to the insured, and on the basis thereof will decide whether to transfer or repatriate the insured, and on the most suitable means of transport to use.

For minor or less serious illnesses or accidents, which in the opinion of the medical team do not required repatriation, transfer will be performed in ambulance or another means of transport, to the place where adequate medical assistance can be provide.

The insured will not be transported from one hospital to the other without getting the attending doctor to approve the medical report, this assistance is not a first-aid, and it is secondary assistance.

7. Repatriation of mortal remains

In the event of the death of the insured, the company will make the arrangements necessary for the repatriation of his/her mortal remains, and well meet the cost of the transfer expenses to the place of interment, cremation or funeral ceremony at his/her usual country of residence.

This cover is subject to a limit provided by the referred plan.

Payment of expenses for interment, cremation or funeral ceremony is excluded from this guarantee.

Section C: Travel inconvenience

8. Compensation for in- flight loss of baggage checked-in

The company will supplement the compensation for which the carrier is liable up to a limit of (according to the selected schedule), as a sum of both compensation payments, for the collection of baggage and possessions checked in by each insured , in the event of loss during the carriage by air performed by the carrier company, for the purpose of which the insured shall furnish a list of the contents including the estimated price and date of purchase of each item, as well as the settlement of the compensative payment by the carrier. Compensation payment for loss will be calculated according to the procedures recommended by international carriage by air organizations.

The minimum period of time that must elapse for the baggage to be considered to have been lost once and for all will be that stipulated by the carrier company, with a minimum of 21 days.

Money, jewelry, debit and credit cards, and any type of document are excluded from this guarantee.

The guarantees relating to baggage and personal possessions that belong to the insured are those listed in this article, and will be provided according to the conditions set out below.

In all cases, the original certificate of the carrier or complaint, reporting the occurrence of the loss/accident must be furnished.

Exclusions applicable to loss of baggage checked–in

  • Breakage of glass or china unless caused by an accident to the conveyance in which the insured is travelling;
  • Loss or damage caused by moth, vermin, electrical or mechanical breakdown, machinery breakdown, gradual deterioration or wear and tear (this does not apply to the loss of or damage to any item resulting from wear and tear to a clasp, setting or other fastening carrier or container);
  • Loss of cash, bank or currency notes, checks, postal orders, credit cards, charge cards, travel cards, banker cards, travellers checks, travel tickets, passports, driving licences, green cards and petrol or other coupons;
  • Claims resulting from confiscation, requisition, detention, destruction or demage by customs authorities or other such officials.
  • Losses which are not reported to the police or appropriate authorities within 24 hours of discovery or as soon as is reasonably practicable, and a police or property irregularity report obtained;
  • Breakage of sports equipment whilst in use or loss of or damage to pedal cycles or hired equipment;
  • Loss of or damage to contact, corneal or micro- corneal lenses.

9. Loss of credit card

If during a trip abroad, the insured were deprived of cash due to loss of credit card, the company will advance funds on behalf of an insured up to limit applicable to selected plan.

The insured will be required to repay any sum advance in within 45 days. The assistance company will require valid counter guarantee or deposit prior to any fund advance related to such fund advance.

10. Loss of passport

In case of loss of the insured‘s passport, while abroad, the company will take charge of the expenses of the replacements necessary for obtaining a new passport or equivalent consular document.

The company shall pay up to the limit applicable to the selected plan.

11. Emergency return home following death of a close family member

When an insured’s trip/journey is interrupted by the death of a close relative (spouse, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, mother and father in law, brothers and sisters in law), the company will meet the cost of travel to the usual country of residence, whenever he/she is unable to travel by his/her own means of transport or the means of transport hired for the trip. However, the insured shall be required to furnish the evidence documents or certificates of the event, interrupting the journey (death certificate).

This cover is subject to a limit provided by the selected plan.

12. Delayed departure

In the event that transport services on which the insured has previously booked to travel are delayed by at least 8 hours due to strike or industrial action, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, derangements, or structural defect of the carrier the insured were scheduled to travel abroad, the company will indemnify the insured as follows:

  • The cost of the additional expenses (transport and hotel accommodation, as well as maintenance incurred as a result of the delay)
  • Such payment will be made on presentation of the relevant original invoices up to the limit applicable to the selected plan, in the event of delay of more than 8 hours.

Conditions and limitations for delayed departure

  • The insured must obtain written confirmation from the carriers or their agents of the actual date and time of departure and the reasons for delay before a claim is considered under this section of the policy.
  • Claims under this section shall be calculated from the actual time of departure of the conveyance on which the insured was booked to travel, as specified in the booking confirmation.

13. Trip cancellation

The company shall indemnify the insured in respect of all irrecoverable deposits, advance payments and other charges paid due to be paid for travel and/or accommodation up to maximum limit applicable to the selected plan and event of the insured’s covered trip being necessarily cancelled or curtailed due to:

  • The death, accidental bodily injury or illness of the insured or the death, accidental bodily injury or illness of the insured’s immediate relative.
  • The death, accidental bodily injury or illness of any person with whom the insured had arranged to travel, reside or conduct business, or of the immediate relative;
  • The insured or any person with whom the insured had arranged to travel reside or conduct business being:
    1. Quarantined or called for witness or jury service;
    2. Made redundant provided that such redundancy qualifies for payment under the applicable usual country of residence legislation;
    3. Called for emergency duty as a member of the armed forces, the defence of civil administration, the police force or the fire, rescue, public utility or medical services;
    4. Required to be present at his home or place of business in the usual country of residence following burglary or major damage.
  • The cancellation of scheduled or chartered transport services (including connecting publicity licensed transportation) caused by accident, strike, industrial action, hi jack. Terrorist act, criminal act, bomb scare, riot, civil commotion, fire, flood, earth quake, lands slide, avalanche. Adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown, provided that the event giving rise to such cancellation occurs, or is only announced, after the covered trip is booked or this insurance is effected, whichever the later;
  • Damage rendering uninhabitable the accommodation in which the insured shall furnish the evidence, documents or certificates of the event, which caused the journey to be cancelled.

Exclusions applicable:

The company shall not be liable for claims resulting from:

  • Child birth, pregnancy or any medical complications resulting there from within 2 months of the estimated date of delivery;
  • Any condition or set of circumstances known to an insured at the time the trip was booked or this insurance was effected whichever is the latter, where such condition or set of circumstances could reasonably have been expected to give rise to the cancellation or curtailment of the insured’s covered trip;
  • Lack or reasonable care taken over means of travel, route or departure time.

Section D: Ancillary services:

14. Connection Services

Whilst travelling abroad, the insured will be entitled to contract the assistance company in order to obtain miscellaneous services in the country where he is located and in particular rental car referral and reservation and legal and administrative information and referral.

Any miscellaneous service required by the insured by the insured not covered through this policy shall remain at their own charge.

15. Delivery of medication

The company will arrange to send medicines to the insured, which are prescribed, as urgent by a doctor and which are not available in the place to which the insured has travelled.

16. Long distance medical information service

The medical information will be provided to the insured by company’s doctor upon request from the insured. The service is not to be considered in any case as a diagnosis but it is a connection service.

17. Medical referral/ appointment of local medical specialist

Through the assistance company call Centre, the insured will be given access and referred to any agreed medical Centre or medical practitioner of the assistance international network.

18. Relay of urgent messages

At the insured’s request, the company will arrange to convey urgent or justified messages relating to urgent matters.

Liability conditions:

  • In the event of any claim the liability of the company shall be conditional on the insured claiming indemnity or benefit having complied with and continuing to comply with the terms of this policy.
  • In the event of a claim under this policy the insured shall;
    1. Take all reasonable precautions to minimize loss.
    2. As soon as possible telephone the company to notify the claim stating the benefits required at the following
    3. Freely provide the company with all relevant information.
    4. Make no admission of liability or offer promise or payment of any kind.
  • The company is not liable in respect of any benefit which would otherwise be payable under this policy should be there be another insurance in force covering the same benefits which predates this policy, except for coverage for baggage.
  • The company will not reimburse or consider reimbursing any expenses which had not previously been approved. Previously approved expenses will have to include the claim number obtained from the company prior to send the official receipts, and letter explaining the reason and circumstances of why the services for which expenses are claimed were not obtained from the company directly.

General exclusions

  1. On a general basis for all the guarantees and coverage , the consequences of the following are excluded from the guarantee object of this agreement:
    1. Those caused directly or indirectly by the bad faith of the insured, by his/her participation in criminal acts, or as a result of his/her fraudulent, seriously negligent or reckless actions. The consequences of the actions of the insured in a state of derangement or under psychiatric treatment are not covered either.
    2. Extraordinary natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclonic storms, falling objects from space and aerolites, and in general any extra ordinary atmospheric , meteorological, seismic or geological phenomenon.
    3. Events arising from terrorism, mutiny or crowd disturbance.
    4. Events or actions of the armed forces or security forces in peace time.
    5. Wars, with or without prior declaration, and any conflicts or international interventions using force or duress.
    6. Those derived from radioactive nuclear energy.
    7. Those caused when the insured takes part in bets, challenges or brawls, save in the case of legitimate defence or necessity.
    8. Illness or injuries existing prior to claim, unless expressly included in the private or special conditions and subject to payment of the relevant surcharge premium.
    9. Those that occur as a result of the participation the insured in competitions, sports and preparatory or training tests.
    10. Engaging in the following sports; motor racing or motorcycle racing in any of its modes, big game hunting outside European territory, under water diving using artificial lung, navigation in international waters in craft not intended for the public transport of passengers, horse riding , climbing, pot holing, boxing, wrestling in any of its modes, martial arts, parachuting, hot air ballooning, free falling, gliding and in general, any sport or recreational activity that is notoriously dangerous.
    11. Participation in competitions or tournaments organized by sporting federations or similar organization.
    12. Skiing and/or similar sports, unless coverage for it has been expressly agreed.
    13. The use, as a passenger or crew, of means of air navigation not authorized for the public transport of travelers, as well as helicopters.
    14. The accidents deemed legally to be work or labour accidents, consequence of a risk inherent to the work performed by the insured.
  2. In addition to the previous exclusions, the following benefits are not covered by this insurance:
    1. The services arranged by the insured or his/her own behalf, without prior communication or without the consent of the company, except in the case of urgent necessity. In that event, the insured must furnish the company with the vouchers and original copies of the invoices.
    2. Your claim arises directly or indirectly from any journey for the purposes of obtaining any form of treatment overseas or any elective treatment that you choose to undertake.
    3. Illnesses or injuries arising from chronic ailments or from those that existed prior to the inception date of the policy.
    4. Death as a result of suicide and the injuries or after-effects brought about by attempted suicide.
    5. Those derived from illnesses or pathological states caused by the voluntary consumption of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, narcotics or medicines acquired without medical prescription, as well as any kind of mental illness or mental imbalance.
    6. Those derived from renunciation of or delay, on the part of the insured or persons responsible for him/her, in the transfer proposed by the company and agreed by its medical services.
    7. Rehabilitation treatments.
    8. Prostheses, orthopaedic material or othesis and osteosynthesis material, as well as spectacles.
    9. Those derived from pregnancy and childbirth, or for a complication therefore or voluntary termination of pregnancy.
    10. Those derived from baggage that is not sufficiently well packaged or identified, as well as fragile baggage or perishable products.
    11. Assistance or compensation for events that occurred during a trip that had commenced, in any of the following circumstances:
      1. Before this insurance comes into force.
      2. With the intention of receiving medical treatment.
      3. After the diagnosis of a terminal illness.
      4. Without prior medical authorization, after the insured had been under treatment or medical supervision during the twelve months prior to the start of the trip.
    12. Expenses that arise once the insured is at his/her usual country of residence, those incurred beyond the scope of application of the guarantees of the insurance.
  3. The company is exempt of liability when, as a result of force majeure, it is unable to put into effect any of the benefits specially envisaged in this policy.

International medical assistance

Service Benefits

Round- the-clock telephone access & medical advice

Trained personnel including a penal of AA doctors on duty for immediate assistance and advice.

Medical referral service

Access to a global network of AA appointed and credentialed doctors, specialists or hospitals.

Arrangements for appointments with doctors

Member may contact the hotline to arrange for appointments with doctors at clinics or hospitals.

Emergency medical evacuation

If member has a serious medical condition and adequate medical facilities are not available locally. AA will organize a medically supervised emergency evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing the required care. The choice of transportation depends on the nature of the medical problem, the degree of urgency, as well as practical conditions such as access to airport, weather conditions and the distance to be covered.

After thorough medical evaluation between AA’s duty physicians/doctors, specialist with member’s treating doctor will decide whether the member’s condition is sufficient to warrant an emergency medical evacuation.

Medically supervised repatriation

In the event that a member is hospitalized in a medical facility that is adequate for treatment, AA will monitor the member’s condition, should the member requires a medically supervised repatriation to return home and be admitted to a hospital at member’s home country, AA will organize for such medically supervised repatriation. Mode of transportation and type of medical escort team shall be determined by AA’s doctor basing on the member’s medical condition.

Hospital admission guarantee

In the event of a medical emergency admission to a hospital and the member have no means for the required hospital admission AA can make arrangement for issuance and payment of hospital letter of guarantee.

Medical Monitoring

AA will monitor the medical conditions of a member hospitalized and update income and family members of the progress of the member.

Compassionate visit

As a result of member’s hospitalization outside country of origin for 7 consecutive days, AA will organize for a return economy class air ticket for the member’s family to visit the member.

Return of dependent children

Should member’s dependent children are left unattended due to member’s hospitalization abroad. AA will organize one way ticket(s) to organize for member’s dependent children (below 18 years) to be sent back to their place of residence. If escort is required, AA will also make such arrangements.

Repatriation of mortal remains

In the event of death, AA will arrange and pay for repatriation of member’s mortal remains to his/her country of residence.

Emergency travel service assistance

AA will assist the member in making reservations for air ticket or hotel accommodation on an emergency basis when travelling oversea. The provision of financial guarantee by AA is subject to AA first securing payment from member through his/her credit card or funds from his/her family.

Dispatch of essential medication not available locally

When necessary, AA will dispatch essential medicine that is not available locally when local rules and regulation allows such dispatch. AA shall organize for the cost of dispatching and member shall bear all cost of medicine.

Travel related services

AA will provide the following travel- related information:

  • Visa and inoculation requirements for foreign countries.
  • Weather and temperatures for foreign countries
  • Exchange rates currencies for foreign countries.
  • Address, telephone number and opening hours of the nearest appropriate consulate and embassy.
  • Lost luggage assistance while the member is traveling outside his/her home country or usual country of residence.
  • Lost passport assistance while the member is traveling outside his/her home country or usual country of residence.
  • Legal referral
  • Interpreter assistance
  • Bail bond assistance

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