PIA Planes at Kabul Airport

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has temporarily suspended Kabul flight operations due to lack of facilities at the Kabul Airport ( Hamid Karzai International Airport).

According to news reports no immigration officials and security checks are available at the Kabul airport. Sanitary situation has also become worse as heaps of garbage have piled on Kabul Airport’s tarmac and sanitation staff are also absent from duty. It is feared that the garbage at the airport’s tarmac could cause a tragic accident.

The security of Kabul Airport is under American military supervision but at this moment their sole focus is on operating military aircraft for evacuation of officials and citizens.

PIA is the sole commercial airline that has been operating flights to and from Kabul during the past week to help in the evacuation of diplomats and foreign nationals.

The European Union (EU) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) have both sought help from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to evacuate their employees from Afghanistan. Following these requests, it is being speculated that PIA is planning to operate three special flights to Kabul to evacuate foreigners and their dependents.