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Karachi to Lahore Bus Schedule & Fares Today

Route First Bus Last Bus
Karachi to Rawalpindi 09:00 AM 11:15 PM Book Now
Rawalpindi to Karachi 12:00 PM 10:15 PM Book Now
Faisalabad to Lahore 05:30 AM 10:00 PM Book Now
Lahore to Sargodha 05:30 AM 10:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to to Faisalabad 05:00 AM 08:30 PM Book Now
Lahore to Rawalpindi 12:00 AM 08:00 PM Book Now
Multan to Rawalpindi 01:25 AM 11:45 PM Book Now
Lahore to Multan 06:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now
Multan to Lahore 07:30 AM 11:30 PM Book Now

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Karachi to Lahore Bus

Travelling from Karachi to Lahore is an exciting journey that allows you to experience Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes and cultural diversity. These two cities, located on opposite ends of the country, are connected by various modes of transportation. However, bus travel is popular due to its affordability, convenience, and the opportunity to witness Pakistan’s stunning terrain.

The road trip from Karachi to Lahore covers a distance of approximately 1,211 kilometres and takes 15 to 16 hours. Whether you’re an experienced traveller or someone seeking to explore Pakistan, this adventure offers unforgettable memories at every turn.

If you want to book your bus tickets for this journey, is a reliable option. Their user-friendly platform and wide selection of options guarantee a hassle-free booking experience, allowing you to focus on the excitement that awaits you on this unforgettable ride.

Buckle up and get ready to explore Pakistan’s enchanting tapestry as we take you on a memorable journey from Karachi to Lahore by bus.

Karachi to Lahore Bus Types

A bus is one of the best options for the Karachi to Lahore route. You can get bus tickets conveniently from and enjoy a reliable and comfortable journey with Daewoo Express, our trusted bus operator for this route. Whether you’re seeking ultimate comfort or an affordable option, there are different types of buses for all.

  • Sleeper Buses: Indulge in comfort and convenience while travelling from Karachi to Lahore. Our luxurious sleeper buses are designed to provide a peaceful and restful journey. Equipped with cosy beds, individual curtains, and charging ports, these buses ensure that you have a comfortable experience throughout your trip.
  • Semi-Sleeper Buses: Looking for a perfect balance between comfort and affordability? Semi-sleeper buses are the ideal choice for you. With spacious seating arrangements and ample legroom, these buses allow you to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery during your journey.
  • A/C Buses: Don’t let the summer heat dampen your travel plans. Air-conditioned buses provide a relaxed and comfortable environment, ensuring a pleasant travel experience, even in scorching temperatures.

Non-A/C Buses: If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, we have non-A/C buses available. These buses are popular among travellers who prioritise affordability without compromising their safety or reaching their destination on time.

Bus Boarding Point in Karachi

Exploring the enchanting journey from Karachi to Lahore by bus is an exciting experience that offers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of Pakistan. To help you plan your trip seamlessly, here is the boarding point in Karachi and its address. Refer to the table below for easy reference:

Boarding PointAddress
Daewoo TerminalScheme #33, Main Super Highway, Near PSO Petrol Pump, Sohrab Goth

These boarding points provide convenient access for travellers to embark on their journey from Karachi to Lahore. It’s advisable to arrive at the respective boarding point well in advance to ensure a smooth departure and a delightful start to your bus trip.

Bus Dropping Point in Lahore

Here’s the dropping point for your Karachi to Lahore journey. Located in the heart of this vibrant city, this designated bus drop point in Lahore ensures easy access to your desired location.

Dropping PointAddress
Daewoo TerminalThokar Niaz Baig, Multan Road, Lahore

This dropping point in Lahore provides a convenient location for passengers to reach their final destination. Plan your journey accordingly, and ensure a comfortable and hassle-free arrival in Lahore.

Karachi to Lahore Bus Schedule and Bus Ticket price

Whether you’re travelling for business, leisure, or simply exploring the vibrant cities of Pakistan, we’ve got you covered with reliable information to help you plan your trip efficiently. Read on to discover the convenient timings and affordable fares as per Daewoo Express for your Karachi to Lahore journey.

Departure TimeArrival TimeTicket Price (PKR)
09:30 AM02:15 AM6740
01:00 PM05:45 AM6740
06:30 AM11:15 AM6740
08:00 PM12:45 PM6740
11:30 PM04:15 PM6740
05:00 PM09:30 AM8000
07:00 PM11:30 AM8000
09:00 PM01:30 PM8000

The user-friendly website allows you to browse through a wide range of bus operators and select the one that best suits your preferences and budget. Whether you’re looking for a luxury bus with comfortable seating and entertainment options or a budget-friendly option that efficiently gets you to your destination, has you covered.

  1. Visit the website and enter your journey details, including the departure city (Karachi), destination city (Lahore), and the desired travel date.
  2. Select the bus operator of your choice from the available options.
  3. Choose your preferred departure time and ticket class (economy, business, etc.).
  4. View the ticket prices and seat availability.
  5. Provide the necessary passenger details, including name and contact information.
  6. Proceed to the payment section and select your preferred payment method.
  7. Complete the payment process securely.
  8. After verifying your payment, you will receive an electronic ticket through email or SMS.
  9. Print the e-ticket or have it available on your mobile device to present at the boarding point. takes care of your travel arrangements, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey and making memories along the way. Book your Karachi to Lahore bus tickets today and enjoy a seamless travel experience with

Covid 19 Travel Advisory

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Karachi to Lahore.

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Check out travel restrictions that apply to your source & destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Wear a mask at all times while you are travelling with Daewoo.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Carry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, & handwash.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid physical contact with anyone while travelling and maintain a safe distance.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Book bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for APSRTC Buses Avoid sharing food with anyone while travelling.