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    Abu Dhabi

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

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Monday, July 03, 2023

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    Abu Dhabi

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Sunday, April 30, 2023

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Saturday, April 22, 2023

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Gulf Air

Gulf Air was founded in 1950 and used to be a multinational airline, owned jointly by Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Oman. Now, it is the state-owned, flag bearer airline of the kingdom of Bahrain. Its headquarters are located at Muharraq and its main hub is the Bahrain International Airport. The airline covers 52 different airport destinations in 28 countries. Its fleet serves passengers all across the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their special fleet Boeing 787-9 can carry up to 282 passengers. It recently opened two fifth freedom routes in a week.

In 2016, Gulf Air won the “Best Airline in Technology- Middle East” and “Hospitality and Tourism Development Of The Year” awards. Gulf Air sponsors the Bahrain Grand Prix and Bahrain International Airshow every time. Their staff are friendly and helpful, their cuisine is healthy, inclusive, and respectable to everyone’s beliefs, and their services are world-class, affordable, and all-in-one.

Gulf Air Ticket Price

Gulf Air boasts the lowest price among all other middle eastern and western airlines. They also offer various discounts and offers for their frequent flyers as well as FalconFlyer members. If you have enough miles up to your sleeve (in your account) you might just be lucky to get a free ticket now and then. The price of the flights obviously differs based on the popularity of the route, destination country’s tax laws, the demand of the tickets, etc. However, one can be certain that they will get the lowest fares in Gulf Air.

Gulf Air Latest Updates

Gulf Air has managed to attain Five Star Major Official Airline Rating at the APEX EXPO which took place between 30th November and 2nd December. The carrier has been successful in maintaining its position for two consecutive years. The rating has been given based on customer feedback who were satisfied with the products and services that Gulf Air has to offer. The airline earned the Four Star Major Official Airline arting in 2019 and 2020 but the rating changed on performance basis in 2021 for 2022. The event was the first in-person industry event where officials were present who shared useful insights and information focusing on improving the customer experience.

Gulf Air is planning to resume its direct flights to Baku, with two flights per week commencing from 6th January, 2022. Previously, the flights between these two destinations have been operational since 2018 and has been rated a popular destination within the Gulf Air network. It is a positive sign as the flights are resuming because passengers can witness historic and cultural landmarks and tourist attractions. A healthy trend in the travel industry is seen as most populations are resuming. Airline currently operates 80% of its pre-pandemic routes as airlie is working closely with the government to ensure smooth operations.

Gulf Air has a lot on its plate for the year 2022 which is listed below:

  • From 6th January, flight operations between Bahrain and Azerbaijan will be resumed. Flights will be operated twice a week so that tourists can explore the rich culture of both places.
  • Gulf Air and Emirates have signed a Memorandum of Association (MOU) agreement. The purpose behind the agreement to maximize the number of destinations. This agreement will allow Emirates to share their code “EK” with Gulf Air.
  • Similarly, Gulf Air will share its code “GF” with Emirates. This will benefit both airlines and passengers as they can enjoy greater access and flexibility.
  • Passengers can book cheapest single-ticket travel and one-stop baggage check-in from Emirates and Gulf Air operated flights. Once the code is activated, passengers can book their itineraries through Sastaticket website.
  • A boutique charter flight will be operated for its customers where they can enjoy unlimited WiFi, fresh flowers and other facilities. These flights will be dedicated to those passengers travelling in groups, for weddings, delegates (government & corporate) and for family holidays.

Gulf Air and Sabre Corporation have strengthened their bond through a multi-year agreement. Gulf Air and Sabre will work together to power the digital transformation of Gulf Air. The Passenger Service Center (PSS) is designed to automate sales and reservation with improved functionalities  to boost revenue by catering to the needs of the customers and help provide a better airport experience.

Gulf Air also brought changes to tailor made solutions to ensure the enhancement of fare management, network optimization, revenue management and incremental revenue management. Sabre’s multi-year tech transformation will help enable the agility, scalability and stability needed to modernize the travel experience, another step toward Sabre’s vision to create a new marketplace for personalized travel.

Gulf Air started Ramadan by distributing iftar boxes to its staff working during their fast. The boxes will be given to employees at Maghrib prayer time. The airline congratulated the staff on the occasion of Ramadan and appreciated the efforts and dedication shown by the staff during the month. This gesture of kindness depicts that the airline respects and acknowledges the efforts of its workforce. This initiative has become a culture and tradition for the airline as Gulf Air has been distributing the iftar boxes for years now. Little initiatives similar to these matter as it boosts the morale of employees.

Gulf Air Ticket Price


Price Start From

Karachi to Dubai


Rs. 39,368

Islamabad to Dammam


Rs. 82,507

Sialkot to Dubai


Rs. 25,406

Islamabad to London


Rs. 45,685

Gulf Air Flight Schedule

Gulf Air is one of the oldest and best airlines in the middle-east. It has the most comfortable, pocket-friendly, and adjusting schedules for some of the most popular routes in the world. Gulf Air flights from Bahrain to Baku (non-stop flight), from Bahrain to Karachi (non-stop flight), from Muscat to Riyadh (1 stop flight), from Lahore to Bahrain (non-stop flight), and from Istanbul to Islamabad (1 stop flight) are some of the most travelled and highly rated flights worldwide.


First Flight

Last Flight


Karachi to Dubai

06:40 AM

06:40 AM

6 Hours 25 Minutes

Islamabad to Dammam

07:05 AM

07:05 AM

13 Hours 15 Minutes

Sialkot to Dubai

06:45 AM

06:45 AM

6 Hours 20 Minutes

Islamabad to London

07:05 AM

07:05 AM

12 Hours 15 Minutes

Gulf Air Flight Status

here has been a lot of uncertainty about the flights since COVID-19 hit us. So, If you want to confirm your Gulf Air flight status, you can simply check the status on Gulf Air’s official website. The steps to follow are-

  • Visit Gulf Air’s official website, i.e.
  • Find and click on the “Travel” option present in the upper right section.
  • As a dashboard appears, under “Manage Booking” you will find “Flight Status”.
  • Or, click on this link to get redirected
  • Enter your flight number and date present in the ticket and you can view your flight status.

Gulf Air Web Check-In

A lot of passengers used to opt for web check-in before. But with COVID-19 protocols, it is compulsory to check-in online to maintain social distancing in the airports. To web check-in for your ticket

  • First, visit the official website of Gulf Air or click on this link
  • You will find a “Travel” option on the upper right section of the webpage displayed.
  • Click on that and further look for the “Manage Booking” option in the dashboard visible.
  • On clicking on the “Manage Booking” option, you will find the “Web Check-in” option.
  • Or, you can simply click here
  • You will have to enter your last name, departure airport, and booking reference id, after which the site will identify you and you will be able to complete your web check-in.

Gulf Air PNR Status/ Ticket Status

With every other sector being digitalized, checking your ticket status can be easily done online as well. This is the reason you must keep your ticket and PNR number handy because you need your PNR or booking id to track your flight. You can easily check your ticket’s status or PNR status before travelling. All you have to do is

  • Visit or click on
  • Find the “Manage Booking” option at the top of the page. If you can’t find it, you can also look for it at the extreme end of the webpage.
  • There you can find “My Bookings” and all the tickets booked by your from will appear on the page. You can simply click on this link if you want to be redirected to this page
  • You will have to enter your last name and booking ID, after which you will be able to view your PNR status or ticket status.

Gulf Air Cancellation Policies

Gulf Air has both refundable and non-refundable tickets. On cancellation of non-refundable tickets, only airport and government taxes are refunded. There are different sections of the fare which are refunded on a case to case basis.

Gulf Air Baggage Allowance

Gulf Air has a very generous baggage allowance policy that is inclusive and based on a variety of factors. It includes your ticket fare family, final destination, and FalconFlyer membership level.

The economy class in Gulf Air has the maximum luggage allowance among most airlines. The other categories get the economy class’s allowance, plus their additional allowances. The children and infants get the baggage allowance of an adult, plus some additional space for their needs. Any college or university student also gets an additional allowance in Gulf Air.


Carry-on Luggage

Check-in Luggage

Economy Class

1 bag of 6 kgs; 17*15*12 inches

2 bags of up to 23 kgs

Falcon Silver

1 bag of 6 kgs; 17*15*12 inches

1 Additional bag up to 15 kgs

Falcon Gold

2 bags of 9 kgs; 22*15*12 inches

1 Additional bag up to 23 kgs

Falcon Black

2 bags of 9 kgs; 22*15*12 inches

1 Additional bag up to 32 kgs

Children and Infants

1 bag of 6 kgs; 17*15*12 inches

Extra pusher/stroller and car seat


1 bag of 6 kgs; 17*15*12 inches

1 Additional bag up to 23 kgs

Gulf Air Customer Care/ Contact Number

Gulf Air is widely popular for its supportive and prompt customer care services. They have general helpdesk support for common queries, a services helpdesk for flight and post-flight services, and a worldwide contact centre for easy communications.

  • You can directly click on this link to contact them online
  • You can physically mail them your queries and complaints. Their Town Office Address is Gulf Air P.O. Box 138, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • You can also call them 24/7 at +973 17373737.
  • You can also contact them through their social media accounts. Facebook- /gulfair, Twitter- /gulfair, Youtube- /gulfair, Instagram- /gulfair.

Gulf Air Ticket Reschedule

Gulf Air is known for its flexibility and customer friendliness. It is among the very few airlines worldwide that offer free no-cost ticket rescheduling and rebooking. Any passenger can apply for a change, exchange, or refund of their tickets booked up to and including 30th September 2021.

  • If you have booked your tickets directly from, you can simply contact their customer care centre for ticket rescheduling.
  • If you have booked your tickets from a third-party site like, you have to contact them for changing your ticket.
  • If you have any further queries you can visit this link for ticket rescheduling related FAQs

Gulf Air Amenities

Gulf Air comes with a huge range of services and amenities for its customers. The company believes in equity and respects all the religious and sentimental believes of its passengers. Their services include-

  • Prepaid Services

    : Seat Selection, Lounge Access, Excess Baggage, Visa and Health.
  • Additional Services

    : Chauffeur and Car Booking, Hotel Reservations.
  • Meals

    : Baby, Bland, Child, Diabetic, Fruit Platter, Gluten Intolerant, Hindu, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Lactose, Low Sodium, Muslim, Raw Vegetables, Hindu Vegetarian, Jain Vegetarian, Oriental Vegetarian, and Vegan.

Gulf Air Offers and Discounts

Gulf Air flights come with frequent discounts and offers. They are affordable and have among the least prices worldwide. Gulf Air has its own frequent flyer programme named FalconFlyer. There are different levels of membership you can join in according to your frequency of travels and the amenities needed.

  • Every time you book tickets, you earn loyalty points.
  • Exchange loyalty points for discounts, free tickets, and upgraded memberships.
  • FalconFlyer gold lets you earn twice the miles on every flight.
  • Nominated family members can earn miles and points on behalf of you while flying too.
  • Amenities like extra tier bonuses, generous bag allowances, lounge access, hotel booking, chauffeur cars, etc, are also offered.

Gulf Air Travel Insurance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, flight travel was severely affected, both on the passengers’ and the airlines’ side. Gulf Air has extended its goodwill by offering free and complimentary travel insurance to every ticket purchaser for COVID-19. This insurance includes the reimbursement of quarantine or healthcare expenses of the passenger if the passenger falls sick or tests positive during the journey or after arrival at the airport.

FAQs About Gulf Air

Do infants get a baggage allowance?

Infants under 2 years are allowed one piece of 15 KGs for checked baggage. The airline also allows an infant car seat and a stroller/pushchair.

What happens if I miss my flight?

In case you miss your flight, please contact customer representative of at (021) 111 172 178 for assistance.

Should I bring a copy of the e-ticket receipt to the airport?

Yes, you must bring a copy of your e-ticket receipt for airport entrance and other procedures.

What can I carry in the hand baggage?

Following are the personal items that you can carry without additional charges:
A laptop/ personal computer
A handbag, pocketbook, or purse which is appropriate to normal traveling dress and is not being used as a container for other items which could be regarded as baggage.
An overcoat, wrap or blanket
An umbrella or walking stick
A small camera or a pair of binoculars
A reasonable amount of reading matter
Infant’s food for consumption during the flight
A fully collapsible wheelchair (please note that this will be loaded in the hold at the departure gate)
A pair of crutches and/or braces or other prosthetic device provided that the customer is dependent on them.

What are the flight restrictions for pregnant women?

You can fly with the airline normally up to the end of your 28th week of pregnancy. After that, you are required to give a medical report or letter (officially signed or stamped by a doctor) in English or Arabic. You can’t fly with Gulf Air after the end of the 36th week of pregnancy.

Does the aircraft have a PC powerpoint?

Passengers travelling in the Falcon Gold can use the in-seat power system at 110V/60Hz voltage.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight before departure day?

No, there is no need for it.

Can an e-ticket only be issued when payment is made online?

No, it’s applicable to all payment methods including JazzCash, Easypaisa, bank transfer, and pay at branch.

How close to the departure time can I make changes to my booking/ticket?

Anytime, before departure.

How to book my Gulf Air flight on

Go to for flight booking. Choose departure, arrival, date, and time for your flight reservation. Once you are done, you will be asked to provide details of travelers with basic details.
Make your payment via bank transfer, credit card, JazzCash, or EasyPaisa. You will get flight details on the given email, print off the ticket and bring it with you to the airport. You can also use the PNR number to check your flight booking details.

I live abroad but need to book a domestic/ international flight for my relative/family on my credit card. Is it possible?

When you book a flight with, you can use numerous payment methods including Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Online Bank transfer, and payment through cash.

What is the refund policy of Gulf Air?

The amount of refund and time duration both are subject to your purchased ticket.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Gulf Air airlines?

All domestic flight passengers must report to the check-in desk at least 60 minutes prior to the departure time. All international flight passengers must report to the check-in desk at least 3 hours prior to the departure time. The online check-in facility starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

How to recover lost baggage on Gulf Air flights?

Your lost baggage in Gulf Air flights can be claimed up to 21 days of the issue of the Passenger Irregularity report. The PIR needs to be submitted at any Gulf Air office at any station.

How do I select my seat preference in Gulf Air airlines?

There are three ways of selecting your seat pre-flight. They include
Going to the “Manage Booking” section in,
Contacting the 24/7 Worldwide Contact Centre,
Or, visit any local Gulf Air office for selection confirmation.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

If you are travelling in a Gulf Air flight, dry cell batteries, knives, scissors, arms and ammunition, replicas of arms and ammunitions, whips, batons, guns, aerosol, liquids, flammable gas or liquids, and electronics that can’t be shut off are some of the things not allowed in baggage.

What are all the meal options in Gulf Air?

Gulf Air respects and supports every passenger’s religious and personal views. Therefore, it offers all forms of meal for its passengers. This includes Fruit Platter, Bland Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Child Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Hindu Meal, Baby Meal, Low Fat Meal, Low Sodium Meal, Muslim Meal, Raw Vegetables, Diabetic Meal, Hindu Vegetarian Meal, Gluten Intolerant Meal, Jain Vegetarian Meal, Oriental Vegetarian Meal, and Vegan Meal.

What is the Gulf Air policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

If any of the Gulf Air flights are cancelled, and the passenger doesn’t wish to rebook in the airline, they are eligible for a full refund.