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Saudi Arabian Airline is one of the oldest airlines in the world. The history and incorporation of Saudi Arabian Airline date back to 1945. It all started when U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt gifted an aircraft to King Abdul Aziz Saud. King Abdul Aziz Saud is the founder of Saudi Arabia and in the year 1945, he received a Douglas DC-3 from the then US president. Under the government of Saudi Arabia, this company was established. It has been providing excellent international flight services since 1945.

Mr. Ibrahim Alkoshy is the current CEO of Saudi Arabian Airline and is dedicated to providing excellent flight services. The current Director-General of Saudi Arabian Airline is Mr. Ibrahim Alomar. Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabian Airline has a massive fleet size of 157 including cargo carriers. Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam are the major hubs for Saudi Arabian Airline. Recently, its name has been changed from Saudi Arabian Airline to Saudia Airlines. In 2012, Saudia became a member of the Sky Team alliance which is the biggest alliance in the airline sector. Currently, Saudia is one of the largest airlines on the globe.

Saudia serves more than 130 destinations around the world and has many satisfied passengers. SkyTrax handed the ‘World’s Most Approved Airline’ award to Saudia in 2017 highlighting its efficiency. You can book Saudia flight tickets on in simple steps. is a reputed e-ticketing platform and is partnered with Saudia. Read on to know more about Saudia flight services on

Saudi Arabian Airlines is planning to add wide-body Airbus and Boeing to its fleet. This will help the national carrier to operate with spacious aircrafts which can accommodate more passengers and enhance the overall flying experience. This step will help the national carrier of Saudi Arabia to expand its network as a part of government strategy to transform into a transport hub. It is assumed to take place in 2022 which will boost network expansion to 135 international destinations. It is reported that new aircrafts will replace old aircrafts and expand the narrow body fleet while some aircrafts will be removed entirely.

Saudi Arabian Airline Latest Updates

The Indian government has finalized an air bubble agreement with the national carrier of Saudi Arabia which will allow passengers to travel between the two nations provided they fulfill all the requirements. The flights are starting from 1st January, 2022. However, air travel bubbles are temporary yet they provide a boost in services provided by airlines because it can cater to passengers from all over the world and can help strengthen relationships between the nations.

The airline has plans to operate flights to Al-’Ula with the lowest possible rates. A total of 32 flights will be operated by the national carrier of Saudi Arabia. 16 flights will be operating between Riyadh and Al’Ula, 12 flights will be operated between Al’Ula and Dammam and 4 flights are scheduled to operate between Jeddah and Al’Ula.

In addition, Saudi Arabian Airlines is planning to expand its wings by introducing direct flights to and from Uganda. Also, a remarkable growth can be seen during the post-pandemic time. The airline operated 507 flights in a day to 76 destinations consisting of domestic (27 routes) and international routes (49 routes). In particular, two destinations namely Riyadh and Jeddah have immensely contributed with 128 flights each. It has also flown to Madinah (14 flights) and Dammam (30 flights).

Saudi Arabian Airlines has been constantly bringing changes in its operations

  • The airline will operate non stop flights between Paris and Al’Ula.
  • A new destination will be added to its course of operations. The national carrier of KSA will be running flights to Thailand which will start from the second quarter of the year 2022.
  • It will be a direct flight from KSA to Thailand. Bookings are yet to open and you can book your ticket via Sastaticket to get the most affordable rates.
  • Signed an air bubble agreement with India with the intention of allowing passengers from both nations to fly between the two countries temporarily.The aim of this agreement is to restart its regular international passenger service.

Jeddah has welcomed pilgrims from Thailand following the resumption of flights between the two nations. These pilgrims arrived from a direct flight between Bangkok to Jeddah. This flight was special because the flights for these courses were halted almost three decades ago. This step will aid in achieving the goal of vision 2030 by enhancing the package of services provided to pilgrims including all the facilities till their return. These efforts resulted in opening doors to pilgrims from Thailand to perform Umrah and providing the chance to perform Umrah. This step is essential in respect to boosting economic activities between two nations and improving relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian Airlines has made a record of carrying 5.1 million people during the first quarter of 2022 which was 75% more than the first quarter of 2021. The national carrier of Saudi Arabia has flown 40,000 flights which was 44% more than the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, it plans to increase the number of flights and destinations to match the demand. 

The hike in the demand is due to the fact that the kingdom has increased the number of leisure and cultural events during Q1 of 2022. Saudi Arabian Airline has announced plans to operate flights in Barcelona, Moscow, Seoul, Bangkok, Entebbe, Chicago, Amsterdam, Mykonos, Marrakech and Malaga.

Saudi Arabian Airline Ticket Price

Saudia is a government-owned airline and offers affordable ticket price to its passengers. On, you will be ensured that no commission charges are added to your Saudia flight ticket prices. You can view the fare of various Saudia flights for the same route on while flight booking. This will help you in comparing Saudia flight prices and booking accordingly. The Saudia flight ticket prices fluctuate from time due to various factors. The factors that can affect the price of Saudia flight tickets are seat availability, time left in departure, and ticket type. The Saudia flight prices also depend on the type of flight i.e., domestic or international. Saudia flight ticket prices on weekends may be more than that on other days. You can easily check the real-time Saudia flight ticket rates on for free.

Air Route

Availability Days

Starting Price

Jeddah to Karachi


Rs. 38,731

Madinah to Abha


Rs. 22,553

Jeddah to Lahore


Rs. 38,731

Saudi Arabian Airline Flight Schedule lets you view the Saudia flight schedule and pre-plan your flight journey. You do not have to even login on to for viewing the Saudia flight schedule. regularly updates airlines schedule on its online portal to provide accurate information to users. Saudia is known for adhering to the flight schedule and provide on-time flight services.

RouteFirst Flight

Last Flight

Nonstop Travel Duration

Jeddah to Lahore

01:50 AM

11:35 PM

9 hours

Jeddah to Karachi

02:00 AM

11:00 PM

8 hours

Madinah to Abha

01:00 AM

09:45 PM

1 hour & 35 minutes

Karachi to Jeddah

10:00 AM

11:40 AM

4 hours

Saudi Arabian Airline Flight Status

Saudia is known for its punctuality and offers on-time domestic and international flights to passengers. However, if any changes occur in Saudia flight timings/status, it allows users to check it. You can check the Saudia flight status by simple steps that are:

  • Visit the official website of the airline i.e.,
  • Click on the ‘TRAVEL WITH SAUDIA’ button on the homepage.
  • Select the ‘Manage’ option and then choose the ‘Flight Status’ option.
  • Enter your Saudia flight number and the departure date on the interface.
  • Click on the ‘Go’ button after entering flight details and check the Saudia flight status.

Saudi Arabian Airline Web Check-in

Saudia allows passengers to do web check-in that can save time invested in the boarding process. Passengers can print their e-boarding pass generated via web check-in. This will save you from standing in a queue while boarding a Saudia flight. The web check-in process for Saudia flights is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Saudia i.e.,
  • Click on the ‘TRAVEL WITH SAUDIA’ option on the homepage.
  • Click on the ‘Manage’ option and then on the ‘Web Check-in’ option.
  • You can check Saudia flight status directly by this link:
  • If you have a valid Saudia flight e-ticket, apply for web check-in.

Saudi Arabian Airline PNR status/Ticket status

You can check the PNR status of your Saudia flight easily on If you are still on the Saudia flight waiting list, you can get to know by checking the PNR status. The ‘Booking Reference’ option on the Saudia official website also lets you check the PNR status. The steps for checking Saudia PNR status on are as follows:

  • Login on and click on the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Enter the asked flight details on
  • Check the PNR status of your Saudia flight tickets.

Saudi Arabian Airline Cancellation Policies

Saudi Arabian Airline allows its users to cancel flight tickets if any change of plans has occurred. It is understood that a Saudia flight trip may be affected for some urgent reasons. After paying a cancellation charge, you can cancel Saudia flight tickets online. The steps to cancel Saudia flight tickets are as follows:

Saudi Arabian Airline Baggage Allowance

Saudi Arabian Airline allows its passengers to bring baggage and hand luggage onboard. However, there are maximum permissible limits for luggage onboard on a Saudia flight. The baggage allowance changes based on Saudia ticket class i.e., economy, business, etc. The allowed baggage with a flight ticket will be displayed on while flight booking. The weight of a single bag on Saudia flights should not exceed 32 kgs for first class and business class. Make sure that the dimensions of your bags do not exceed 158 cm in a Saudia flight.

Flight Type

Hand Luggage

Check-in Baggage

Economy Saver

7 Kg

Not Allowed

Economy Basic

7 Kg

23 Kg (1 bag)

Economy Flex

7 Kg

46 Kg (2 bags)

Business Basic

9 Kg

32 Kg (1 bag)

Business Flex

9 Kg

64 Kg (2 bags)

First Flex

9 Kg

64 Kg (2 bags)

Saudi Arabian Airline Customer Care/Contact Number

Saudia is known for providing excellent customer support services to its passengers. It prioritises customer satisfaction and connects to them by various means. The head office address of Saudia is as follows:

Saudia City, Jeddah,

Mecca 21231.

For Saudi Arabia, the customer care number of Saudia Airlines is 920022222. They also have offices in various Pakistani cities and you view the information for each city on their official website. They also have a strong social media presence to connect to their passengers.

Twitter handle:

Instagram handle:

Facebook page:

Saudi Arabian Airline Ticket Reschedule

Saudia understands that passengers may require to change their flight timings due to any plan changes. Saudia offers simple rescheduling by calling on the phone and asking for so. You may be charged some money for Saudia flight rescheduling. If there is any ticket difference, you will have to pay that to reschedule your Saudia flight tickets. The steps to reschedule your Saudia flight tickets are as follows:

  • Make sure to have your previous reservation number and updated reservation reference number.
  • Call on 9200 22222 and ask to reschedule your flight tickets. You will be asked for your credit card number for the deduction of cancellation charges for the previous reservation.

Saudi Arabian Airline Amenities

Saudi Arabian Airline offers various amenities on its flights to enhance customer experience. The amenities offered by Saudia can change according to the ticket classes and route. It also offers a ‘SkySales’ in-flight shopping option for buying any important amenity during your flight journey. The cost of Saudia flight tickets on is inclusive of the cost of amenities offered onboard. The amenities offered by Saudia flights onboard are as follows:

  • Halal meals
  • Drinks
  • Audio/video entertainment
  • Air conditioning
  • Reading light
  • Ergonomic seats
  • Seat belt

Saudi Arabian Airline Offers and Discounts

Saudia is known for providing quality fight services at an affordable rate. They offer Economy class tickets for passengers that are on a tight budget. On, you can use special deals and discounts to further reduce the Saudia flight ticket price. The offers provided by Saudia for passengers are as follows:

  • You can join the Alfursan Program offered by Saudia and can get your membership cards made. Not only will you receive discounts on ticket prices but you will also get other benefits by holding an Alfursan card. Alfursan provides partner offers that you can use for other services besides flight ticketing.
  • With the Alfursan Program, you can earn a reward for every mile you cover by a Saudia flight. You can know more about the Alfursan Loyalty Program by visiting this link:
  • Make sure to check for special deals on while booking Saudia flight tickets.

Saudi Arabian Travel Insurance

Want to get your Saudia flight journey insured? Well, provides a travel insurance facility to its users. Habib Insurance is the travel insurance partner of and offers insurance on Saudia flight tickets. You can choose Saudia travel insurance while booking flight tickets on One can also choose travel insurance on after booking flight tickets but before departure.

Why should I book Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Saudi Arabian Airlines is one of the largest international airlines in the world with its offices in many countries. It has immense experience as it is servicing since 1945. Passengers in Saudi Arabia and foreign countries rate Saudi Arabian Airlines as an excellent operator. Not only you will get luxurious amenities onboard on Saudia flights but will also meet with hospitable staff members.

FAQs About Saudi Arabian Airlines

When will international flight operations resume in Pakistan?

For the latest information on domestic and international flights operations in Pakistan, refer to the Corona Travel Update page.

Is it safe to travel during COVID-19? What precautions should we take during air travel?

As the world economy opens up you can travel as per WHO guidelines. Also refer to Saudia Airlines policies prior to booking. Do check Saudi Airlines flight status regularly for updates.

Can I edit the passenger’s name once the ticket is issued?

When the ticket is issued, you cannot correct spelling or change name for Saudi Airlines.

Can I carry holy water on my Saudi Airlines Haj/Umrah flight?

If you’re travelling to perform Haj or Umrah, you may bring up to five liters (5 kg) of Islamic Holy Water (or ‘Zamzam water’) in your checked baggage. This is in addition to your overall free baggage allowance included in Saudi Airline ticket prices for Umrah, and it must be packaged appropriately, in a sealed container. This rule only applies if your itinerary includes Jeddah (JED) or Madinah (MED) in any cabin class.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Saudi Arabian airlines?

It is suggested to check in at least two hours before your Saudia international flight. The check-in process at the airport may take some time due to the long queue and document checking. For domestic Saudia flights, make sure to check in at least 1.5 hours before the departure time. The check-in process also includes baggage checking and boarding pass printing that may take time. You can opt for web check-in to save time while boarding your Saudia flight.

How to recover lost baggage on Saudi Arabian Airline flights?

For lost baggage on Saudia flight, you will have to contact the baggage services staff of Saudia. Any baggage not claimed for 30 days will be transferred to the Jeddah baggage office.

How do I select my seat preference in Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Under the ‘Manage’ section on the Saudia website, there is a ‘Seats Reservations Service’ option. You can view the Saudia seat layout and can book any seat of your preference. Currently, Saudia flights leave a seat vacant to booked seat for following social distancing norms.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

You cannot carry any illegal items like firearms, drugs, pornographic content, etc. while travelling by a Saudia flight.

What are all the meal options in Saudi Arabian Airline?

Saudia offers personalised meals on board to its passengers. The meal menu can change according to the flight class.

What is Saudi Arabian Airline policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

If a Saudia flight gets delayed or cancelled then possible arrangements are made for the passengers. You can check your Saudia flight status to make sure your flight is on time.

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