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Named after the national bird of Pakistan, Shaheen Air was a popular domestic airline in the country. Shaheen Air began its services in 1993 and became a household name in Pakistan. With its low-cost flight services, Shaheen Air gained the trust of many customers. Shaheen Air started its operations on the 25th of October, 1994. Since then, it served continuously for the next 24 years. During its tenure, Shaheen Air was among the top domestic air transport companies in the country. It was only secondary to the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) in terms of reach and fleet size. During its tenure, Shaheen Air had a fleet of 21 air carriers.

The glorious tenure of Shaheen Air came to an end in 2018 when it was liquidated. Financial troubles led to the demise of the second-largest air carrier company of Pakistan in its time. There was a rumour that Shaheen Air will return in 2019. However, all the reports turned out to be false as Shaheen Air is not operational at present. During its peak time, Shaheen Air served many destinations around the globe. Some of the most popular destinations of Shaheen Air were Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Doha, Jeddah, Manchester, and Dubai. In total, Shaheen Air provided flight services in ten countries including Pakistan. Continue reading to know more about the services of Shaheen Air.

Shaheen Air Ticket Price

During its years of service, Shaheen Air was preferred by Pakistani residents as well as foreign tourists. Shaheen Air was known in the past to provide affordable flight tickets. Shaheen Air served many domestic and international air routes in the past. The ticket rates for both domestic and international Shaheen Air flights were affordable. Even if it ceased its operations due to financial hassles, it made customers happy during its years of service. Shaheen Air offered only economy class flight tickets at lower rates. Business-class flight tickets were not provided by Shaheen Air in the past.

Shaheen Air route


Karachi to Lahore

Not operational

Karachi to Islamabad

Not operational

Lahore to Islamabad

Not operational

Lahore to Quetta

Not operational

Shaheen Air Flight Schedule

Shaheen Air had a huge fleet size that helped it to provide flight service to numerous locations. Shaheen Air was known to provide a flexible flight schedule with daily departures to numerous destinations. From early morning flights to late-night flights, Shaheen Air provided daily departures. When it ceased operations in 2018, all its aircraft were given to the lessors. At present, only two aircraft remain with Shaheen Air. If you want to check the flight schedule of any other operational airline, you can do so with

Shaheen Air Flight Status

The flight status tells you about the current situation of an international/domestic flight. For example, if a flight cannot depart due to bad weather conditions, the flight status will be ‘cancelled’. Flight status helps the passengers in planning their journey to the boarding airport. You should check the flight status before leaving your home to avoid any confusion. Flights can be cancelled due to bad weather, security issues, mechanical issues, and many other reasons. You can check the flight status via the official website of the airline. Shaheen Air also allowed passengers to check the flight status via its official website ( when it was operational. You can also know the current state of a flight via e-ticketing platforms. The generic steps to check the flight status are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of your respective airline.
  • Search for the ‘Check Flight Status’ button on the homepage.
  • Enter your flight number or ticket number to check the flight status.

Shaheen Air Web Check-In

It is compulsory for you to complete the luggage check-in process at the boarding airport. However, you can skip the queue at the airport for generating your boarding pass. The web check-in process allows passengers to skip the queue for getting a boarding pass. All the information can be verified online via web check-in and you can print your boarding pass at home. The web check-in process also allows users to block their seats without visiting the boarding airport. The web check-in process usually begins seven days before the air journey. In the recent scenario of the COVID pandemic, web check-in is beneficial for the passengers. Since Shaheen Air has stopped its operations, there is currently no web check-in for its flights. The generic web check-in process for different flights is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the airline whose flight tickets you have booked.
  • Look for the ‘Plan’ or ‘Check-In Now’ button.
  • Provide your ticket number or employee/member number to kickstart the web check-in.
  • Provide the asked details and print your boarding pass immediately.

Shaheen Air PNR Status/Ticket Status

You can know the current state of your air tickets by checking the PNR status/ticket status. If your air tickets are still on the waiting list, you can get to know about them by checking the PNR status. It is important to know whether your air tickets are confirmed or not. You cannot check the ticket status on Shaheen Air flights for now. However, you can check the PNR status easily for other flights via The process to check the PNR status via is as follows:

  • Visit the official website i.e.,
  • Click on the ‘My Bookings’ button visible on the landing page of
  • Provide your last name or ticket ID on to view your PNR status or ticket status.

Shaheen Air Cancellation Policies

Airlines refund the ticket price to passengers when a flight gets cancelled. When passengers cancel flight tickets, a refund is provided as per the refund policy of the respective airline. It is suggested that you should read the cancellation and refund policy of the air company before booking tickets. You can cancel flights via the official website of your airline. E-ticketing platforms can also help you in cancelling your flight tickets. Shaheen Air had a strong refund policy to facilitate the passengers. The generic cancellation policy of airlines is showcased below:

Cancellation Time

24 hours before departure

Maximum refund

Within 24 hours of departure

Minimum refund

Shaheen Air Baggage Allowance

One should check the baggage allowance before booking flight tickets. Two types of baggage can be brought on an air carrier. The first is the check-in baggage that will be stored in the luggage cabin of the air carrier. The second type of luggage is the carry-on baggage that can be brought inside the seating cabin. You can place carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments of the flight. To avoid any hassles at the airport, it is suggested to follow the baggage policy of your airline. The baggage policy of Shaheen Air during its tenure is as follows:

Flight Type

Check-In Baggage Limit

Carry-On Baggage Limit


32 Kg

7 Kg


32 Kg

7 Kg

Shaheen Air Customer Care/Contact Number

The headquarters of Shaheen Air was located inside the Jinnah International Airport (KHI) in Karachi. It also had its headquarters in airports of other Pakistani cities. Shaheen Air was known to provide spot-on customer support to the passengers. The helpline number of Shaheen Air was functional at all times for customer queries. The customer support numbers of Shaheen Air were 00971 26118638 and 00971 42957373. Since Shaheen Air has ceased its operations, the customer support numbers may not be working. Shaheen Air also connected with its passengers via various social media platforms during its tenure. You can find the contact information of any airline on its official website.

Shaheen Air Ticket Reschedule

Many airlines allow passengers to modify their flight ticket bookings. If you cannot go for a flight due to some emergency reasons, you can book seats on the next flight. The rescheduling policy entirely depends on the respective airline and can differ. You should check the rescheduling policy of the airline before booking flight tickets. Flight rescheduling is allowed for a fixed time before the flight departure. Usually, airlines do not allow you to modify booking if less than two hours are left in the flight departure. The generic process to reschedule flight tickets is listed below:

  • Visit the official website of your airline.
  • Find the ‘Manage Bookings’ or ‘Modify Bookings’ button on the homepage.
  • Enter the required information and details of new flight tickets.
  • Pay the air ticket price difference (if any) and confirm your booking.

Shaheen Air Amenities

Shaheen Air provided world-class amenities to passengers onboard. The main highlight of Shaheen Air flight was its ergonomic seats. To enhance passenger satisfaction, Shaheen Air also offered magazines and soft drinks to its passengers. The security on Shaheen Air flights was also recommendable. During its prime time, Shaheen Air was a benchmark for domestic airlines in Pakistan. It is advised to check the amenities offered by the airline before booking flight tickets. You can check the onboard amenities offered by an airline via its official website.

Shaheen Air Offers and Discounts

Shaheen Air provided offers and discounts to its users at frequent intervals. It reduced the ticket prices during festive occasions in the past. Shaheen Air also used to run a loyalty program for their frequent passengers. One should look for online offers and discounts before booking flight tickets. Discounts and coupon codes can lower the flight booking amount. Budget travellers can benefit by searching for online discounts. However, don’t fall into the trap of unreliable e-ticketing platforms in search of coupon codes. On, you can find genuine discount offers. circulates exclusive travel deals at frequent intervals that can help you lower the ticket booking amount.

Shaheen Air Travel Insurance

During its operational years, Shaheen Air allowed passengers to opt for travel insurance. Travel insurance can help you cover any unforeseen scenarios. For example, if you get sick during your flight journey, travel insurance can help in covering your medical expenses. Most of the airlines are partnered with some third-party travel insurance firm to facilitate the passengers. Some travel insurances also help to cover the cost of lost baggage on a flight journey. Since Shaheen Air has stopped its operations, there is no travel insurance provided by them either.

FAQs About Shaheen Air

How to recover lost baggage on Shaheen Air flights?

Currently, Shaheen Air flights are not operational. However, during its years of service, Shaheen Air helped passengers to recover their lost baggage.

What are the things not allowed in Baggage?

During its tenure, Shaheen Air didn’t allow passengers to bring flammable items, explosives, firearms, drugs, hazardous chemicals, and compressed gas.

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