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Karachi to Dubai

Many people travel every day from Karachi to Dubai for business or tourism. This important international route connects Pakistan with the Arab Emirates. Karachi is the most populous city in Pakistan, so there is a large influx of people every day. Dubai is a city known for its luxurious commerce, modern architecture, and lively nightlife.

Travelling from Karachi to Dubai is attractive for both business people and tourists who want to have fun. Every day, thousands of visitors flock to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper. The rumour is that this building can be seen from 100 km away, what is certain is that you will be able to see it from your airplane. Read on to find out more about travelling from Karachi to Dubai.

Karachi to Dubai Flights

The first step in organising your trip from Karachi to Dubai is to choose the means of transport. The distance between these two cities is 1180 km, which when travelling overland increases to 4100 km. To complete the journey by road, one must travel around the Persian Gulf through several countries. The journey could take more than two days if travelling by road or boat.

Due to the geographical location, taking a flight is the most convenient way to travel from Karachi to Dubai. A plane can bridge the distance between these two cities more efficiently than any other means of transport. You can book one of the many available flights from Karachi to Dubai on the platform.

Karachi to Dubai Flight Ticket Price

You can book a flight from Karachi to Dubai on the platform. You can also filter the results of your search by price on their platform. The average price for a direct flight from Karachi to Dubai is around Rs. 26000. You can pre-book in advance to plan your trip from Karachi to Dubai.

The price of a ticket for a flight from Karachi to Dubai can vary greatly depending on how far in advance the booking is made. The price and travel time will also increase depending on the number of stopovers on the flight. Booking flights from Karachi to Dubai on is free of any commission charges. Which makes your best choice for booking.

Karachi to Dubai Cheap Flights

Usually, a direct flight will always be the quickest and cheapest option to travel from Karachi to Dubai. On you can find the cheapest flights and filter them by price, stopovers or any other criteria that suits you best. The price and duration of the trip increase dramatically as the date of travel approaches.

Karachi to Dubai flight ticket rates are subject to change depending on availability and demand. You can always check real-time information on The cheapest flight from Karachi to Dubai costs around Rs 20,000 and includes meals in the price. The airlines offering direct flights on this route are Flydubai, Emirates and PIA, all of them are airline companies renowned for their excellent services.

Karachi to Dubai Flights Schedule

Karachi to Dubai flights depart from Jinnah International Airport and land at Dubai International Airport. Every day there is at least one direct flight and depending on the day there may be up to 7. Direct flights from Karachi to Dubai take around two hours to reach their destination. The best way to secure a direct flight is to book in advance on

If you are looking for a flight for today you will probably have to pay more than if you are looking for a flight for a future date. Although flights are available from early morning to late evening it is recommended that to get a good price you plan your trip at least a few days in advance. Search for Karachi to Dubai flight schedules is totally free on, you don't even have to log in to the website.

Flights from Karachi to Dubai

Some of the best airlines offering flights from Karachi to Dubai are PIA, Emirates and Flydubai. They have many satisfied customers due to their excellent services. works with the best airlines to make your flight booking simple and easy.

  1. PIA Flights from Karachi to Dubai
  2. PIA offers the lowest price for Karachi to Dubai flights. Usually, the direct flight takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. PIA has at least one flight from Karachi to Dubai every day.

Travel Restrictions

Due to COVID, for the moment only the following types of passengers are allowed to enter Dubai: Members of diplomatic missions UAE Golden Visa Holders UAE nationals Passengers with exemption and/or entry permits to the UAE. Passengers must have a valid PCR test certificate issued within 48 hours prior to the flight. In addition, passengers must be re-tested upon arrival in Dubai, plus two additional PCR tests on the fourth and eighth day of their quarantine. From the day of arrival, passengers must remain in quarantine at home or in a hotel for 10 days. Any travellers coming in from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka within the timeframe of 2 weeks will not be accepted for transit through or travel to Dubai from any place, except returning UAE nationals.

FAQs of Cheap Flight Karachi to Dubai

Which Airlines fly from Karachi to Dubai?

PIA, Shaheen, Emirates, and FlyDubai.

What are some iconic places to visit when in Dubai?

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach, and the Dubai Dancing Fountain.

What currency is used in Dubai?


Which is the most popular connecting city when flying through this route?


Are there any travel restrictions from Karachi to Dubai?

Travellers have to show a negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate for a test which must be taken no more than 72 hours before Karachi to Dubai flight departure. Please refer to specific airline and government policies in this regard.

How far is Karachi from Dubai?

By air, the distance from Karachi to Dubai is 1180 km. The fastest way to travel between these two cities is by airplane.

Which month is the cheapest to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest month to travel from Karachi to Dubai is November, as long as you book in advance. In case you try to book a ticket on the day of travel the ticket price will always be higher regardless of the month.

What is the total time taken by a flight to Dubai from Karachi?

The average duration of a direct flight from Karachi to Dubai is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Time may vary depending on airlines and weather conditions. In the case of a flight with stopovers, the time will be longer and will depend on other factors.

Which is the cheapest airline to travel to Dubai?

PIA offers the cheapest Karachi to Dubai flights. You can check this information on by filtering the results from lowest to highest price. Price may increase according to benefits such as baggage allowance.

What is the price of a flight ticket to Dubai from Karachi today?

The price of a ticket from Karachi to Dubai can vary between Rs. 60,719 and Rs. 158,474. Today, there are no more direct flights available, which ideally would increase the price and flight time. If booked today, the flight and stopover time can be up to 23 hours instead of the usual 2 hours.

How much baggage can I carry on my Karachi to Dubai flight?

Depending upon the airline the baggage allowance varies. So, you must contact the relevant airline to get more information.

What are the documents required for airport check-in on Karachi to Dubai flight?

Valid airline ticket, travel visa, Passport, covid-19 test (if required), and Proof of photo identification (CNIC, Passport etc..)

Does the Karachi to Dubai flight provide in-flight meals?

Depending upon the airline the Karachi to Dubai flight will provide in-flight meals to its passengers.

Which airline operates the most number of flights from Karachi to Dubai?

Qatar Airways and Etihad airways are the two airlines that fly more than 6 times a day from Karachi to Dubai.

Will I be served alcohol on a Karachi to Dubai flight?

Maybe the Karachi to Dubai flight will serve alcohol.