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  • Flights Meal

Monday, July 03, 2023

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Sunday, June 25, 2023

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Sunday, June 11, 2023

From PKR 192,198

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Air China

Air China is the only flag carrier of China and a member of Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world. It started its services on 1st July 1988 as Air China International Corporation and later changed to Air China Limited as a result of the integration of the other airlines in China – Air China International Corporation, China Aviation Corporation and China Southwest Airlines.

The company logo of Air China showcases a phoenix, a mythical bird that denotes luck and happiness and the way the logo is placed lets you read the English word “VIP”. This is done by providing the customers with the “Four Cs” service: Credibility, Convenience, Comfort, and Choice.

Air China, based on the data from December 31, 2020, owns 707 aircrafts. These are of different varieties like Airbus and Boeing. These run for about 7.74 years. There are 674 passenger routes. Having collaborated with other Star Alliance member airlines, the Air China flights now cater to 195 countries with as many as 1300 destinations within these countries.

Air China Ticket Price

The quality of Air China’s service is consistently praised by passengers, but the booking prices may vary, like with other airlines, based on many factors like the departure and destination city. Also, the travel duration can have an effect on the price of a ticket, more so, if you decide to travel over weekends or festivals and holiday seasons. It is generally better to book the tickets ahead of time to find cheaper prices.

Air China Ticket Price


Price Starts from

Guangzhou to Hangzhou


Rs. 39756

Shanghai to Taipei


Rs. 26727.35

Beijing to Seoul


Rs. 52505.80

Air China Flight Schedule

Air China services multiple routes across China and some international routes, too. You can find everything you need to know about Air China and the flight schedules on so you can book your next flight easily. The website is updated regularly to showcase the latest Air China flight times and it is possible to sort the flights so you can find the one that interests you the most.


First Flight

Last Flight

Beijing to Shanghai



2 hours 30 min

Beijing to Guangzhou



3 hour 20 min

Shanghai to Chengdu



3 hours 30 min

Shanghai to Taipei



2 hours

Air China Flight Status

Air China lets you check the on-time status of every flight using the flight number or by the route. To check the flight status follow this process:

  • Login to, it will take you to the region you are logging in
  • Click to the “Information and Services” section and below Flight information select “flight status”
  • You can also go directly to
  • Add the flight number or the route and click on search to know the status
  • You can check the flight number, destination, dates and status on it.

Air China Web Check-in

Web check-in is the perfect feature if you don’t want to spend time in long queues at the airport or if you don’t want to arrive hours before your flight. You can directly check-in from anywhere. All you need to have is the internet connection and your flight information available.

To web check-in on Air China, you just need your Passport number or your ticket number, the passenger’s first and last name and the flight number. If you want to request a special meal for your flight you need to do it before the check-in.

To web check-in,

  • Visit
  • Enter your ticket details
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • You can web check-in within 24 hours to 2 hours before departure
  • On the same page, you can also cancel or modify your reservation
  • You can print your boarding pass or download your e-ticket onto your cellphone

Air China PNR Status/Ticket Status

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) gives you detailed information on the status of your reservation, whether it is confirmed or if it is still in the process to be confirmed. To check your PNR status, follow these steps:

  • Login to with your personal information
  • Under your profile, go to ‘Manage booking’
  • To access your flight details, click on the relevant flight you want to access
  • Your PNR number and your status will be mentioned on this page

Air China Cancellation Policies

Air China knows that you may have last-minute changes before your flight. For this reason, they allow you to make some changes or to cancel the ticket under some terms. You will just have to pay a cancellation fee to process the request in case you don’t respect the cancellation window. Your refund will be processed after you fill the online refund request. You can initiate cancellation and refund in these simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter your ticket number or refund reference details if you have one. You can also add your surname.
  • Depending on the flight you may be able (or not) to ask for a refund. Please contact the closest local Air China agent in case of doubts
Cancellation window

Cancellation fee

Within 24 hours

No fee if the reservation is made more than seven days in advance of departure

Contact for more information.

Air China Baggage Allowance

Air China offers different types of baggage allowance depending on the type of seat reservation: First Class, Business Class and Economy Class.

Excess baggage fees must be paid for checked baggage that exceeds the above size limits.

Here is the baggage allowance under different flight fares by Air China:

Air China Customer Care/Contact Number

Air China offers you client support 24/7 regarding any information related to your reservations, feedback and more. The contact information depends on your location or the country where you made your reservation. For specific client support check the Air China webpage of your region, then you can find the following information for the support you need:

  • At the top left, you will find the contact number for customer support
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find all the information about the offices located in your country.

For the office contact details in Mainland China, click on –

For the office contact details in Hong Kong and Taiwan, click on –

For the office contact details in Asia-Pacific, click on –

For the office contact details in America, click on –

For the office contact details in Europe, click on –

For the office contact details in Japan and Korea, click on –

For the office contact details in Africa, click on –

  • You can also ask for support using their social media

Air China Ticket Reschedule

If you want to reschedule your ticket due to some last-minute changes you can certainly do so. Online rescheduling is available for e-tickets. You can also visit the Air China counter at the airport or go to the office to request the assistance you need.

To reschedule your Air China ticket follow this process:

  • To change your ticket dates login to
  • Click on Booking Management’
  • Click on Check My Booking
  • Insert your booking information.
  • You can reschedule your ticket after paying the change fee and difference in fare.
  • Changes to flight allowed in the same sector only.
  • In case of issues, you need to call the closest Air China office

Air China Amenities

For Air China, the passenger’s comfort is a priority. From the moment that you book a flight until you arrive at your final destination, you have access to many services to make things simpler and better. Because everybody has different needs, Air China offers different types of amenities given a chosen class. If you decide to book a VIP in-flight service, you will have access to a chauffeured transfer, meal request service and personalized in-flight entertainment.

Some of the other amenities that are available for the economy class include:

  • Meal service
  • Personal video screens
  • Magazines
  • In-flight Duty-Free goods

Air China Offers and Discounts

Air China also offers discounts and promotions on certain flights and periods of time, so you need to check their main page to see if any of your reservations are eligible for a discount. You can access the promotion site by going to and then selecting the “Promotion” button where you can see the different offers or product discounts.

Air China has a frequent flyer program called PhoenixMiles. PhoenixMiles members are awarded elite status based on the number of Qualifying Kilometres or Flight Segments flown in the previous 12 months.

Air China Travel Insurance

We never know what type of events we will face during our trips from medical expenses, trip cancellation or delays to lost or stolen baggage and personal liability. For this, you can add travel insurance to your Air China ticket. Select if you want to add travel insurance to your ticket during or after the booking on

FAQs About Air China

How far in advance should I contact the airline for stretcher service?

You are suggested to contact Air China before 72 hours of your flight departure.

Are guide dogs and hearing dogs allowed into the cabin with the passengers they serve?

Trained guide dogs or hearing dogs traveling with the vision/ speech/hearing -impaired passengers are allowed into the cabin subject to our consent. For a passenger who needs to travel with a service dog, request must be made at our ticketing office in the city of flight departure 48 hours before flight departure.

In what circumstances will not pregnant women be accepted for carriage?

For the safety purpose, Air China does not allow the following types of woman to travel:
Woman whose pregnancy is 35 weeks or more.
Pregnant woman whose due date is within 4 weeks of the date of travel.
Pregnant woman whose due date is approaching but has not been accurately determined or pregnant women who, it has been known, will have multiple births or who are likely to have delivery complications.
Women who have given birth within seven days of the flight.

How long before my flight can I order a special meal?

Please contact Air China at least 24 hours prior to your flight departure for special meals.

How many special meals can one passenger request for one flight?

Each passenger may request only one special meal per flight. In cases of passengers flying with a baby, in addition to the special meal for you, you can also request one baby meal (BBML) for the infant passenger included in your reservation record.

I live abroad but need to book a domestic/ international flight for my relative/family on my credit card. Is it possible?

When you book a flight with, you can use numerous payment methods including online payment, Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Online Bank transfer, and payment through cash.

What is the refund policy of Air China?

The amount of refund and time duration both are subject to your purchased ticket.

Should I bring a copy of the e-ticket receipt to the airport?

Yes, you must bring a copy of your e-ticket receipt for airport entrance and other procedures.

How to book my Air China flight on

Go to for flight booking. Choose departure, arrival, date, and time for your flight reservation. Once you are done, you
will be asked to provide details of travellers with basic details.
Make your payment via bank transfer, credit card, JazzCash, or EasyPaisa. You will get flight details on given email, print off the ticket and bring it with you to the airport. You can also use the PNR number to check your flight booking details.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Air China airlines?

All of Air China’s domestic and international flights have the following reporting times:
Check-in counters for Air China flights will close 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international and regional flights.

How to recover lost baggage on Air China flights?

In the case of lost baggage, you must reach out to the Air China baggage service counter for assistance. You will need to provide your personal details and include them in a form titled “Record for Baggage Transport Irregularities”.

How do I select my seat preference in Air China airlines?

When you book your ticket, before the payment you can choose your seat preference. Also when doing the web check-in on the website, you can choose the seating you want and pay the corresponding fees.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

Some of the things that are not allowed in any baggage include explosive or combustible substances and devices, self-igniting materials, firearms (including major components), controlled implements and others.
For more information, you can check directly in the section “items unacceptable as baggage” under information and services

What are all the meal options in Air China?

Depending on the type of flight and the type of reserved seat, the meal options may change, but the options can range from little snacks to complete meals. Some meal options are seafood and chicken dishes, hot porridge, noodles and rice.

What is Air China’s policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

Depending on the country, the compensations may change. If your flight was delayed or cancelled you will need to download a flight delay or cancellation certificate so you can request compensation. You can find this document on their main website under the self-service button.