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Starting in 1993 as a regional airline, Oman Air is the flagship carrier of Oman owned by the Oman Aviation Group. The airline garnered quick popularity for its comfortable and luxurious experiences and quickly became one of the leading global airlines connecting Oman to the rest of the world.

Oman Air boasts of quality, uber-modern service in its flights along with superior interiors in its aircraft. Its fleet consists of over 30 flights consisting of Airbus A330-300, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 737-800 and other aircraft. The airline has contributed to making Muscat a transport hub for tourism, business and more in the Middle East by servicing many locations across the world.

Oman Air not just caters to the domestic routes but also has flights across the Far East, Europe, Africa, GCC, and the Indian Subcontinent. It is a certified 5-star airline for its quality and onboard experience. Continuously investing in modern technology and comfortable amenities has propelled it towards success.

Oman Air Latest Updates

Oman Air continues to strengthen codeshare partnership agreements to boost its post-pandemic growth course. The codeshare also provides a wide range of destinations to the flyers of Oman Air. Throughout these years, the airline has built a strong network all across the globe covering different continents. The airline is now focusing on connecting to North and South America and Australia through strategic codeshare with its 18 partner airlines.Providing access to a wide variety of destinations to nurture business operations as Oman Air slowly emerges from the pandemic and looks for diverse ways to offer its flyers greater convenience and connectivity. Till date, Qatar Airways remains the biggest codeshare partner. The codeshare would allow both commercial airlines to expand the operations, connectivity and enhance travel options.

Oman Air flights will land and depart from Abdulaziz International airports and have directed to Terminal 1. By this transition Oman Air is looking forward to boosting its flight frequencies in the years ahead. Now passengers can choose their own seat at the front cabin in flight before departure. And select extra legroom seats at the front and exit rows in the economy class. Passengers can go by their choice starting from PKR 1339. The extra baggage calculation has been changed. Now travelers can purchase 5kg, 10kg or 20kg at the lowest price starting from PKR 4430.

With the world getting back to normal, the ban is slowly lifting from different countries. One of the major markets of Oman Air is India . The ban was lifted on 27th March 2022. The flight plan has been issued and the airline will be flying to 8 countries including Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Kozhikode, Bengaluru, Goa and Delhi. Bookings for non stop flights have been made open and the destinations include Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Goa and Kozhikode. Oman Air is a major contributor to summer schedules such as Cochin International Airport with almost 1,190 weekly flights between March till October. However, no direct flights have been announced for Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Passengers flying to these destinations would have to fly to Mumbai before reaching their destination. Similarly Passengers must layover in Delhi before flying to Hyderabad.

Oman Air has announced to join hands with One World Alliance that includes numerous destinations around the globe. Oman Air is planning to adopt financial sustainability by reaching out to markets through a flexible business model which includes functions including covering the greatest number of destinations and important markets. Airline’s strategy is to link Oman to the world through promoting it as a tourist spot which will boost the economy of the country. 

Oman will also take advantage of the World Cup which will be held in Qatar this year by coming together with Omran and developing a city dedicated to welcoming fans from all over the world. It will provide accommodation facilities and act as a bridge for matched venues in Qatar. 

This will give a major boost to the economy of the country and help grow and reach greater heights.

Oman Air Flights Rates

Oman Air Tickets

Oman Air offers a range of ticket options to cater to its passengers’ varying needs and preferences, namely, Economy Class, Business Class & First-Class tickets.

Some of the in-demand domestic routes are Muscat to Khasab, Salalah, and Duqm. Oman Air, in addition to its domestic operations, also provides flight services on international routes from Muscat to Jordan, Dubai, Rome, and Doha.

When comparing the cost and amenities of the three classes offered, there are distinct differences in pricing and the level of services provided; the Economy Class offers comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, meals and beverages, and basic amenities. The Business Class passengers enjoy a premium and luxurious travel experience with spacious seating, enhanced privacy, gourmet dining, and exclusive amenities. The First Class tickets are typically the most expensive, reflecting the highest level of luxury and exclusivity. First Class passengers experience the utmost luxury and personalised service.Whether you wish to make an immediate reservation or prefer pre-booking your Oman Air flights, provides a user-friendly platform.

Oman Air Ticket Price

Oman Air offers budget-friendly flight ticket prices. While domestic flights are generally cheaper than international ones, both tickets can be conveniently pre-booked on

1. Oman Air Ticket Price Muscat to Khasab
Oman Air offers affordable flights for the route, with a low ticket price of PKR 50,523. During peak times, the price can reach somewhere around PKR 80,000.

2. Oman Air Ticket Price Muscat to London
The cheapest Muscat to London flight ticket price is around PKR 1,29,705. However, the price of the business class tickets is higher at PKR 4,57,189. This is today’s price as well. During the peak season, you can get the same prices on early bookings. 

 3. Oman Air Ticket Price Muscat to Abu Dhabi
Oman Air provides cost-effective options for the route, with cheap ticket prices starting from PKR 78,501. The flight price can go around PKR 89,921. However, prices can go up even higher during certain periods.

4. Oman Air Ticket Price Salalah to Muscat
Oman Air provides affordable flight ticket prices on this route, beginning at PKR 60,736, which remains the current price. However, during the peak season, prices may rise up to PKR 69,310.

5. Oman Air Ticket Price Muscat to Karachi  
The airline offers cheap ticket prices starting from approximately PKR 75,300 for this route and even better deals; tickets can be purchased at discounted rates on However, during peak season, prices may escalate to around PKR 317,367.

Top Oman Air Flights From Pakistan

Oman Air offers a limited number of domestic flights within the country. The top choices are:

  1. Oman Air Lahore to Muscat Flight
  2. Oman Air Lahore to Salalah Flight
  3. Oman Air Islamabad to Salalah Flight
  4. Oman Air Islamabad to Muscat Flight
  5. Oman Air Karachi to Khasab Flight
  • Oman Air  Lahore to Muscat Flight
    Oman Air provides flights from Lahore to Muscat, offering passengers a convenient travel option between these two cities. The ticket price for this route starts from PKR 50,061.
  • Oman Air Lahore to Salalah Flight
    Oman Air provides daily flights for the popular route, ensuring convenient travel options for passengers. The ticket price for this route is competitively priced at PKR 72,450, allowing travelers to enjoy affordability and flexibility when flying with Oman Air.
  • Oman Air Islamabad to Salalah Flight
    The airline provides a daily flight for this route, scheduled in the mornings at 03:45 a.m. arriving at the destination at 10:25 a.m. The ticket price for this route is PKR 72,700.
  • Oman Air Islamabad to Muscat Flight
    Oman Air offers flights from Islamabad to Muscat, with timings that may vary. The ticket price for this route is approximately PKR 56,311, providing passengers with an affordable option for their journey with Oman Air.
  • Oman Air Karachi to Khasab Flight
    Oman Air offers a robust connection between  Karachi and Khasab, providing passengers with convenient travel options. The ticket price for this route is competitively priced at PKR 54,736, ensuring affordability for travelers choosing Oman Air for their journey.

Top Oman Air flights To Pakistan

Oman Air operates an extensive network of international routes. The top choices are:

  1. Oman Air Muscat to Lahore Flight
  2. Oman Air Salalah to Lahore Flight
  3. Oman Air Salalah to Islamabad Flight
  4. Oman Air Muscat to Islamabad Flight
  5. Oman Air Khasab to  Karachi Flight
  6. Oman Air Salalah to Karachi Flight
  • Oman Air Muscat to Lahore Flight
    The airline offers a number of flights daily to the city. The passengers have the flexibility to board the earliest flight by 09: 05 a.m. in the morning, reaching their destination by 12:55 p.m in noon. The ticket price is approximately PKR 132,085.
  • Oman Air Salalah to Lahore Flight
    Oman Air operates flights from Salalah to Lahore, offering travelers a convenient travel option between these two cities. The ticket price for this route is set at PKR 125,504, providing passengers with an affordable choice for their journey. 
  • Oman Air Salalah to Islamabad Flight
    Oman Air provides flights from Salalah to Islamabad, offering passengers a convenient travel option between these two destinations. The ticket price for this route is set at PKR 155,434, ensuring affordability for travelers choosing Oman Air for their journey. 
  • Oman Air Muscat to Islamabad Flight
    Travel between Muscat and Islamabad with ease by choosing Oman Air’s flights. The airline offers convenient connections between these two cities, allowing passengers to reach their destinations comfortably. The ticket price for this route starts from PKR 176,571, providing passengers with a range of fare options to suit their budget and travel preferences.
  • Oman Air Khasab to  Karachi Flight
    Oman Air operates flights from Khasab to Karachi, providing a convenient travel option for passengers. The ticket price for this route starts from PKR 245,370, offering passengers a range of fare options to suit their needs. 
  • Oman Salalah to Karachi Flight
    Oman Air offers 3 flights 3 days a week for its passengers; the earliest flight departs at 11:30 a.m. and arrives at Karachi at 02:20 a.m. the next day. The ticket price starts from PKR 1,05,903.

Oman Air Booking

For a seamless ticket booking experience, use which offers diverse payment options to cater to individual preferences for both international and domestic Oman Air flight booking. To enjoy potential discounts, is the go-to platform. 

Oman Air Flights

Oman Air operates a comprehensive range of flights catering to domestic and international travel needs. 

Some of which are:

  1. Airbus A330-300: Oman Air has 3 such airbuses, which can accommodate up to 289 passengers.
  2. Dreamliner B787-9: Oman Air has B787-9 (V2) and B787-9 (V1) flights for international travel with a seating capacity of around 264 people.

Boeing 737-8 MAX: With 13 of these, Oman Air has its domestic travels sorted. The seating capacity is sufficient for 162 passengers.

Oman Air Flight Schedule

Oman Air has regular flights to many countries across the globe. You can find the updated schedule on along with their fares. Browse through the options to find a flight suitable for your journey and book them at ease. The airline caters to over 50 countries across the globe and has won many awards for its service.

RouteFirst FlightLast FlightDuration
Muscat to Khasab15:3515:351 hour 55 min
Muscat to Jordan1:551:5510 hours 15 min (+1 stop)
Muscat to Doha1:5523:201 hour 30 min
Muscat to Dubai14:2516:551 hour 15 min

Oman Air has updated its winter schedule with increasing the frequency of flights to and from Munich, Zurich and Kuala Lumpur. Passengers who wish to fly to other destinations such as Germany, Malaysia and Switzerland must make sure they are well aware and meet the necessary requirements if they wish to enter or transit through the destinations. Passengers flying from Oman must comply with the guidelines issued by the airline. The following flight schedule is effective from 1st December, 2021.

  • WY123 Muscat (15:00) to Munich (18:50) on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
  • WY124 Munich (21.45) to Muscat (6:50+1) on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
  • WY153 Muscat (14:55) to Zurich (19:05) on Wednesday & Friday
  • WY154 Zurich (21:35) to Muscat (6:50+1) on Wednesday & Friday

The following flights will be operating from 4th December, 2021

  • WY821 Muscat (21:15) to Kuala Lumpur (8:10+1) on Tuesday & Thursday
  • WY822 Kuala Lumpur (9:40) to Muscat (12:50) on Wednesday & Friday
  • WY823 Muscat (8:45) to Kuala Lumpur (19:40) on Saturday & Thursday
  • WY824 Kuala Lumpur (21:05) to Muscat (00:15+1) on Saturday & Thursday

From 16th february 2022, Oman Air’s flight from/to Istanbul has been rescheduled.

RouteFlight noDepartsArrivalDays
Muscat- IstanbulWY1639:0013:35Wed
Istanbul- MuscatWY16414:5020:50Fri & Sat

Oman Air Flight Status

To check if your flight with Oman Air is on time or delayed, you can visit the website to ascertain the status. The flight status is available on the menu option on the right-hand corner of the website under the Plan & Book drop-down menu. To check the flight status,

  • Visit
  • Search the flight by route or flight number
  • You need the departure, arrival locations along with the date to search by route
  • For search by flight number, enter the number from your booking along with the date

Oman Air Web Check-in

For web check-in on Oman Air, you’ll just need the booking number and your last name. Avoid the hassle of long waits and queues and check-in at your comfort from anywhere. You can generate your e-boarding pass. Drop off your baggage at the counter and proceed to board if you’re boarding from Muscat, for other countries you might need a stamp on your e-boarding pass.

To web check-in,

  • Visit Oman Air website
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Check-in’ tab
  • Enter your booking number and last name
  • Proceed to check-in
  • There is an option to choose your seat
  • Print or download your e-boarding pass

Oman Air PNR status/Ticket Status makes it easy to identify whether your Oman Air flight ticket is confirmed or on a waiting list. You can go to your profile to easily check the status or visit the Oman Air website. For checking on, follow this simple process:

  • On the website login with your credentials
  • Go to your profile and click on ‘Manage Booking’
  • Find the relevant flight booking
  • The PNR status will be shown in the details

Oman Air Cancellation Policies

Oman Air offers a flexible booking policy based on the tickets you purchase. Please read the terms and conditions of the flight tickets before booking to avoid confusion. Some tickets are offered with a free cancellation policy up to a certain date before departure whereas others can be cancelled based on a fee or no cancellation is entertained at all.

To cancel your ticket,

  • Login to your profile on
  • Click on the Manage Booking section
  • Modify your flight tickets as required
  • You will be notified if any cancellation fees are applicable
  • Or you can contact customer support for assistance

Oman Air Baggage Allowance

Oman Air allows baggage based on the cabin class booked for each ticket. Although there are three main cabin class tiers—economy, business and first—there are subdivisions in each of these tiers, too. For full information on the baggage allowance limits visit Passengers with infants are allowed an extra 10 kg baggage weight on all tiers except economy super saver class.

Fare TypeHand BaggageChecked Baggage
Economy7 kg (1 piece)30 kg
Business7 kg (2 piece each)50 kg
First7 kg50 kg

Oman Air Customer Care/Contact Number

Oman Air has customer support numbers for each of the countries it serves making it easy for its passengers to get in contact for any queries and issues. You can visit the website for more details on the contact number or use the link below to find numbers.

Head Office Address:

P.O. Box 58 | P.C.111 | Muscat International Airport

Contact number (24/7 availability):

  • +968-24531111
  • For country specific contact numbers visit:

Email: [email protected]


Oman Air Ticket Reschedule

Oman Air allows rescheduling of tickets for a fee based on the fare type and booking policy for the particular ticket. Please read the terms and conditions before booking to avoid any hassle. When you book with you can make changes to your booking using the website.

Reschedule your tickets by

  • Logging in to your account
  • Visit your profile and click on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab
  • You can reschedule your ticket based on the booking policy
  • Pay any excess fare difference between the tickets
  • Reach out to the customer support for any assistance
  • You’ll be sent your revised e-ticket once the booking is confirmed

Oman Air Amenities

With various programs and facilities, such as dedicated assistance, and frequent flyer programs, Oman Air goes the extra mile to take care of its customers.

Some of its notable amenities are:

Free Baggage AllowanceYesYes
Economy Value: No free allowanceNoNil
Full Meal ServiceYesYes
Personal Video ScreensYesYes
LegroomNo (Adequate legroom)Yes (Adequate legroom)
Lounge AccessYes (Selected airports)Yes (Selected airports)

Do check the details while booking flights on, for a tremendous on-flight experience.

Oman Air Offers and Discounts

Oman Air is not just known for its luxury amenities but also for how it caters to passengers of all budgets. From super-saver economy seats to first-class prime tickets, it has something for every kind of traveller. It also has great discounts on its flights for a smooth journey. You can find the best price for Oman Air flight tickets on Don’t miss out on the coupon code or promotional discounts at checkout to reduce your fares.

  • Sindbad: Like the airline, the frequent flyer miles program of Oman Air is exquisite and has luxurious benefits on redemption. You can earn the flyer miles by completing a flight journey and by transacting with Oman Air partners. Make your way up the tiers for greater benefits.

Oman Air Travel Insurance offers travel insurance on your flight journey with Oman Air. Simply opt for the travel insurance during checkout or contact customer support for details. The insurance offers coverage on baggage, flight and more to secure your trip. Fly without worries with the travel insurance to back you during contingencies.

FAQs About Oman Air

Can I book a reservation for anyone else?

Yes. You can book online for others only if you can provide accurate information while booking.

Should I bring a copy of the e-ticket receipt to the airport?

Yes, you must bring a copy of your e-ticket receipt for airport entrance and other procedures.

Are electronic tickets available for all destinations?

Currently, e-tickets are available for all Oman Air flights.

How to book my Oman Air flight on

Go to for flight booking. Choose departure, arrival, date, and time for your flight reservation. Once you are done, you will be asked to provide details of travelers with basic details.
Make your payment via bank transfer, credit card, JazzCash, or EasyPaisa. You will get flight details on the given email, print off the ticket and bring it with you to the airport. You can also use the PNR number to check your flight booking details.

I live abroad but need to book a domestic/ international flight for my relative/family on my credit card. Is it possible?

When you book a flight with, you can use numerous payment methods including online payment, Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, Online Bank transfer, and payment through cash.

What is the refund policy of Oman Air?

The amount of refund and time duration both are subject to your purchased ticket.

How far in advance can I book online?

You can make a reservation for a maximum of 330 days in advance from flight departure date.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Oman Air airlines?

Oman Air requires its passengers to report at least 3 hours prior to departure to complete baggage and check-in formalities. You can look up for individual reporting time at various airports on this link:

How to recover lost baggage on Oman Air flights?

Directly report to the baggage counter and fill in the following details in case of lost baggage:
Name as per the ticket
PIR number
Date of travel and flight number
Airport location where PIR was filed
Any information regarding the baggage items
Oman Air will contact you once the baggage has been located or will compensate if the baggage hasn’t been found even after 21 days.

How do I select my seat preference in Oman Air airlines?

During web check-in, log in to your Oman Air account and proceed to book seats based on your preference. You will be required to pay an additional fee for some seats to confirm your reservation.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

Carrying hazardous or prohibited items are strictly banned by Oman Air. Inflammable substances, poison, explosives, and other harmful items are not allowed in hand luggage or checked-in luggage. Check the website for more details on country-specific regulations. Oman Air will not be responsible for the removal of such items during the security check.

What are all the meal options in Oman Air?

Oman Air’s luxury experience extends to its in-flight meals too. You can check for a broad menu option using this link
The airline offers custom meals for various ethnic backgrounds like Moslem meal options, Hindu meal options, and more. It also includes juniors and dietary meal options.

What is Oman Air’s policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

Oman Air always strives to depart on time and any delays or cancellations will be informed ahead of time. In case of long haul delays or cancellations, you are entitled to alternate flights or compensation based on the situation. Contact Oman Air support for any queries on the compensation.