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SriLankan Airlines provides a wide range of options, including economy-class tickets for domestic and international travellers seeking affordable air travel with quality service. 

Regarding domestic routes, SriLankan Airlines connects major cities within Sri Lanka, offering convenient travel options for passengers. Popular domestic routes include Colombo to Jaffna, Colombo to Kandy, Colombo to Galle, and {Trincomalee. 

SriLankan Airlines covers a broad spectrum of global destinations for international travel. Passengers can book tickets for routes such as Colombo to London, Colombo to Dubai, Colombo to Singapore, and Colombo to Sydney. You can check the website to book flights via SriLankan Airlines. You will find all available routes and can pre-book any you prefer. 

Srilankan Airlines Latest Updates

Spokesperson of SirLankan Airlines came forward and announced that the national carrier of Sri Lanka has full plans of increasing traffic which was halted due to pandemic. The airline even operated both cargo and commercial flights to and from India during the lockdown period but now is dedicated to offer a vast range of connections to Sri Lanka. Now is the time to create awareness about the flight because the inflow of tourists from India has significantly climbed up and Sri Lanka opened its doors to Indian travellers who were fully vaccinated. Hence, the airline would benefit if the Indian market is catered.

Cargo is a key activity for every airline and adding more flights for cargo is a major factor in the increase of traffic. When the aviation industry was hitting its lowest point, SirLankan Airlines tapped into new markets such as Nairobi, Moscow, Frankfurt, Sydney, Kathmandu and Paris with more destinations in the pipeline for the coming years. In addition, an increase in the flying frequency to and from India would bring greater convenience and choice to Indian passengers. Currently, SirLankan Airlines is serving 9 cities with 54 weekly flights.

SriLankan Airlines and Manta Air have joined hands to provide a hassle free experience to its flyers with connections from Gan International Airport to Kadhdhoo City in Gaafu Alifu Atoll of Southern Maldives. SirLankan Airlines is the first airline to provide g;ights to Gan and operated four weekly flights before Covid-19. However, they had to stop flying due to covid-19 restrictions. But, now they have resumed a weekly service to Gan and plans to increase the frequency to flying twice a week from 29th March 2022. The summer period is the peak period as passengers fly very frequently to enjoy the scenic beauty of Maldives. The partnership between the two airlines will give flyers the opportunity to enjoy flexible travel options to Male and Gan. The partnership between the two airlines will further strengthen SriLankan Airlines’ position to meet the diverse needs of the luxury travel segment, especially those seeking to connect to Kadhdhoo City via Gan.

Srilankan Airlines Flights Rates

Srilankan Airlines Ticket Price

SriLankan Airlines offers competitive and affordable ticket prices for both domestic and international flights. You can find great deals by booking in advance or taking advantage of off-peak seasons.

  • SriLankan Airlines Ticket Price Abu Dhabi To Colombo
    The ticket price for SriLankan Airlines flights from Abu Dhabi to Colombo starts at PKR 108,480. This price remains consistent for most of the year, and during peak seasons, prices may increase to around PKR 203,407.
  • SriLankan Airlines Ticket Price Colombo to Dubai
    For travellers flying from Colombo to Dubai, the cheapest ticket price on SriLankan Airlines is approximately PKR 66,949. As it is currently the off-season, today’s ticket price remains the same. However, during peak season in July, prices can rise to PKR 123,231.
  • SriLankan Airlines Ticket Price Colombo To Jeddah
    The ticket prices for SriLankan Airlines flights from Colombo to Jeddah start at PKR 251,5622. This price remains unchanged for today as well. During peak seasons, ticket prices can reach up to PKR 369,631.
  • SriLankan Airlines Ticket Price Colombo To Melbourne
    Travellers can book SriLankan Airlines flights from Colombo to Melbourne starting at PKR 216,094. The flight price can spike up to PKR 862,268 during peak times or at the time of urgent bookings.
  • SriLankan Airlines Colombo To Karachi
    The ticket price for SriLankan Airlines flights from Colombo to Karachi starts at PKR 397-788, which remains consistent for most of the year. During peak seasons, prices may increase to around PKR 430,942.

SriLankan Airlines From Pakistan

SriLankan Airlines operates a wide range of flights within and outside Sri Lanka, offering convenient travel options for tourists and business travellers.

  1. SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Colombo Flight
  2. SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Guangzhou Flight
  3. SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Bangkok Flight
  4. SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Tokyo Flight
  5. SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Melbourne Flight
  6. SriLankan Airlines Lahore to Dubai Flight
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Colombo Flight
    SriLankan Airlines offers one flight on a daily basis from Lahore to Colombo The flight departs at 7:05 AM and reaches the destination at 11:30 AM. Ticket prices start from PKR 166,798.
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Guangzhou Flight
    There are approximately 3 flights per day on this route. The first flight leaves at 7:05 AM and is priced at PKR 139,113.
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Bangkok Flight
    SriLankan Airlines operates 2 flights that operate on a daily basis on this route. You can book the flight for 7:05 AM and you would need to pay around PKR 141,667.
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore to Tokyo Flight
    There is only one flight on this route that operates on a daily basis at 7:05 AM. the ticket for the flight is priced at PKR 669,212.
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore To Melbourne Flight
    SriLankan Airlines offers 3 flights per day from Colombo to Lahore. The first flight departs at 7:05 AM. The ticket price for this route is PKR 242,445.  
  • SriLankan Airlines Lahore to Dubai Flight
    There are approximately 3 flights per week from Lahore to Dubai. The flight departs in the morning at 07:05 a.m. The ticket price is PKR 97802.

SriLankan Airlines To Pakistan

SriLankan Airlines offers international flights from Sri Lanka to various destinations, including cities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. The most common flight to Pakistan are listed below

  1. SriLankan Airlines Colombo To Lahore Flight
  2. SriLankan Airlines Bangkok To Lahore Flight
  3. SriLankan Airlines Bangkok To Karachi Flight
  4. SriLankan Airlines Dhaka To Karachi Flight
  5. SriLankan Airlines Colombo To Karachi Flight
  • SriLankan Airlines Colombo To Lahore Flight
    There are two flights per week on the route. These early morning flights depart at 2:30 AM and arrive in Lahore at 5:55 AM. Ticket prices are approximately PKR 128,197.
  • SriLankan Airlines Bangkok To Lahore Flight
    SriLankan Airlines operates one flight daily on this route at 1:55 PM. The ticket for this flight is priced at PKR 391,104.
  • SriLankan Airlines Bangkok To Karachi Flight
    There are 3 flights that operate on this route and the first one is at 8:80 AM. The price for the ticket on this flight is PKR 150,486.
  • SriLankan Airlines Dhaka To Karachi Flight
    SriLankan Airlines operates daily flights on this route. These flights depart from Dhaka at 12:55 PM and arrive in Karachi at 2:20 AM. The ticket prices range from PKR 68,203 to PKR 539741.
  • SriLankan Airlines Colombo To Karachi Flight
    There are 5 flights per day from Colombo to Karachi. The earliest flight is at 7:50 AM. the flight ticket price starts from PKR 140,977.

SriLankan Airlines Booking 

For a seamless booking experience with SriLankan Airlines, it is recommended to use to provide a comprehensive overview of available flights on domestic and international routes. Multiple payment options are accepted when booking tickets. You can select your preferred flight, check the SriLankan Airlines flight schedule, and proceed with the booking.

SriLankan Airlines Flights

SriLankan Airlines operates a diverse fleet of aircraft to cater to passengers’ needs. The fleet includes:

  • Airbus A320-A321: With four aircraft in the fleet, each capable of accommodating up to 180 passengers in the economy cabin.
  • Airbus A321-300: SriLankan Airlines has five Airbus A321-300 aircraft, offering a seating capacity of 220 passengers.
  • Airbus A321neo: The fleet consists of two Airbus A321neo aircraft, providing a comfortable economy cabin for up to 234 passengers.

Srilankan Airlines Flight Schedule

Srilankan Airlines serves 113 destinations in 51 different countries. You can find all Srilankan Airlines routes on The website will show you all the updated information. You can filter the available flights according to the duration of the trip, the time of departure or arrival and the price. This way customers can find the flight that suits them best on their respective route.

RouteFirst FlightLast FlightDuration
Karachi to Colombo5:155:203 hours 40 min
Colombo to Doha7:2018:255 hours 5 min
Dubai to Colombo11:3521:504 hours 25 min
Colombo to Bahrain17:2518:305 hours 30 min

SriLankan Airlines have announced their winter season flight schedule to and from Lahore to Colombo . The flight schedule is applicable from 1st Dec 2021 to 31st December 2021 and 1st Feb 2022 onwards. Flight schedules for UL 186/185 are listed below

From 1st December 2021- 31st till December 2021
LHE-CMBUL 18612:3017:00
CMB- LHEUL 18508:0511:30

From 1st February 2022 Onwards

LHE-CMBUL 18605:1509:45
LHE-CMBUL 18604:3009:00
CMB- LHEUL 18500:5004:15
CMB- LHEUL 18500:0503:30

Srilankan Airlines Flight Status

Srilankan Airlines offers punctual flights and respects its schedules. You can get all the information on flight status by following the steps below.

  • Visit the website of Srilankan Airlines
  • In the header click on the “Plan & Book” tab.
  • In the drop down menu click on “Flight Status”.
  • You will be directed to the corresponding page where you can search by flight number or by the route.
  • Once you choose you must enter the date and choose whether you want the departure or arrival information.
  • Now you can click on “Search”, all results will be displayed below.

Srilankan Airlines Web Check-in

With the Check-in web service, you will save time at the airport from home. You can choose the seat you want, print your boarding pass from home. Online check-in is available from 48 to 2 hours before departure. In case you do not manage to check-in online, please note that the check-in counters close 1 hour before the departure of your flight.

To check-in online with Srilankan Airlines you only need your surname and your booking reference or ticket number. To check-in on the Srilankan Airlines website follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Srilankan Airlines website
  • Select Travel information
  • From the drop down menu select Online/mobile web check-in
  • You will be directed to the appropriate page where you will be asked to enter your details.

Srilankan Airlines PNR status/Ticket Status

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record and allows you to check the status of your ticket. If you want to check the status of your PNR, you can follow these simple steps on

  • You need to log in to
  • In your profile, select the option “Manage booking”.
  • Select the relevant trip to see the flight details.
  • Here you will find the status of your PNR

Srilankan Airlines Cancellation Policies

Travelling with Srilankan Airlines offers you more flexibility on your ticket than any other airline. You can cancel your flight free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. Srilankan Airlines knows that unforeseen circumstances arise in life that is why the cancellation process is very simple:

  • Visit the Srilankan Airlines website.
  • Go to the “Plan & Book” tab.
  • In the drop down menu select 24-hour cancellation
  • Enter your details, last name, booking reference and the reason for your cancellation.
  • Submit.

In case your situation does not apply for the 24-hour cancellation, you will have to submit a refund request form and refund penalties will be applied. To do so, please follow this link

Srilankan Airlines Baggage Allowance

The allowance policy of Srilankan Airlines varies depending on the cabin class. There are three types, Business, Economy and Infant-All classes. If you exceed the baggage allowance, you will have to pay extra. Srilankan Airlines offers discounts for pre-purchasing extra baggage. In case you have not provided for the extra baggage, the cost will be calculated at the airport according to the weight or size you have exceeded. You will save a lot of time and money by pre-purchasing extra baggage; you can do so up to 3 hours before your flight takes off.

Here are the baggage allowance conditions for Srilankan Airlines:

Cabin classWeightNumber of pieces
Business Class7 kg2 bags, 40 kg total
Economy Class7 kg2 bags, 30 kg total
Infant All classes1 bag, 10 kg

Srilankan Airlines Customer Care/Contact Number

You can contact the Srilankan Airlines contact centre 24 hours a day. The customer service centre will answer any queries you may have regarding your booking. You can contact them on the following details:

Phone: +94117771979

Fax: +94197333999

Email: [email protected]

Also on the Srilankan Airlines website, you have access to an online chat where you can also resolve your queries about Srilankan Airlines flights. Do not forget to check the frequently asked questions, you will probably find the answers to your questions.

Srilankan Airlines main office is located at:

Srilankan Airlines Ltd.,

Airline Centre, Bandaranaike International Airport,

Katunayake, Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94197335555

Fax: +94197335122

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (08:15 to 16:45)

Srilankan Airlines Ticket Reschedule

In case your plans have changed, Srilankan Airlines offers you the opportunity to change the date of your flight. Changes are subject to price conditions, handling fees, fare differences and local taxes. You can visit the Srilankan Airlines website to change your flight. Just follow this process to make it hassle-free:

  • Go to “Manage My Booking” and enter your surname and booking number.
  • Click on “Change Flights” and select the date that suits you best.
  • Complete the change
  • Once the change has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from Srilankan Airlines with your new itinerary.
  • In case you have any problem please contact [email protected]

Srilankan Airlines Amenities

Book flights with SriLankan Airlines, which offers modern amenities for all passengers on both domestic and international airlines. When booking, check the details on to see if you are getting the following amenities.

Free Baggage Allowance30 kgs (Economy Xtra and Flexi)30 kgs (Economy Xtra and Flexi)
Full Meal ServiceYes (for flights 1.5 hours )Yes (for flights 1.5 hours )
Personal Video ScreensYesYes
Recliner SeatsNo (adequate legroom available)No (adequate legroom available)
Lounge AccessYes (at Colombo)Yes (at Colombo)

Srilankan Airlines Offers and Discounts

Srilankan Airlines offers the best prices and some of the best deals in the world. One of the most remarkable discounts of Srilankan Airlines is the special offer for students, which allows 10 kg extra baggage allowance, and a 5% discount on the first flight booked. In addition to Srilankan Airlines discounts, you can benefit from offers. By booking your Srilankan Airlines ticket with, you will have access to the best price as well as all the flight details on the website.

In addition, since 2008 Srilankan Airlines has offered a frequent flyer programme known as FlySmiles. As a member of the Oneworld airline alliance, the FlySmiles programme is part of the elite circle of the world’s leading airlines. There are four levels of membership in the Srilankan Airlines FlySmiles programme Platinum, Gold, Classic and Blue. There is also Silver status, which is exclusive to joint credit card holders with Srilankan Airlines. Moreover, young people are not left behind; the Young SmiLes program is exclusively for travellers aged 2 to 18.

FAQs About Srilankan Airlines

What is the online booking facility at SriLankan Airlines and how do I use it?

You can easily purchase SriLankan airlines e tickets via its online booking facility. Simply choose your destination, select your travel dates, select a suitable flight, confirm your traveler details and pay online. also provides a hassle free and fast online booking facility for Srilankan airlines as well.

How do I get my ticket when I book my flight online?

After booking online, you will receive your e-ticket via email.

Can I make a booking online with my card if I am not travelling myself?

Yes, you can. if your credit is 3D secure and verified by Visa and Mastercard then you can simply enter card details and make the payment. If the card is not 3D secure then you will have to visit the nearest Srilankan Airline office and make the payment there. An easier way is to book your Srilankan Airlines ticket via and make your payment via multiple payment methods.

How can I make changes to my booking online?

Login to Srilankan Airlines website and go to “Manage My Booking”. Then enter your booking reference number and check if your booking is eligible for changes. If it qualifies for changes then a link to “Modify flight” will be displayed on the page. In case you are having issues, contact SriLankan airline Karachi office.

How can I know my ticket is eligible for a refund?

Customers can check the refund eligibility of their ticket by looking through the “purchase conditions” which are visible when then they go to ‘Manage My Booking’ page on the Srilankan website and enter their PNR and surname. Tickets issued for promotions are usually not eligible for refunds.

Which airline flies direct to Sri Lanka?

Srilankan Airlines flies directly to Sri Lanka. The SriLankan airlines flight schedule can be checked on

Are Srilankan Airlines good?

Yes, it is. Srilankan Airlines has received numerous awards in the aviation industry because of its outstanding services. It received First Star in the ‘Airline-International’ Category at the Golden City Gate Awards by ITB Berlin in 2020.

How many bags are allowed in Srilankan Airlines?

Up to 2 bags can be checked in Srilankan Airlines.

How much does a trip to Sri Lanka cost?

SriLankan airlines fares are very affordable. The cost of the flight depends on your destination. A good way to check Srilankan Airlines ticket price is visiting

Is food expensive in Sri Lanka?

Not at all! Food is very cheap in Sri Lanka. The average cost of food in SriLanka is LKR1,407 per day which translates to just 1,214 Pakistani rupees.

What is the reporting time for domestic and international travel for Srilankan Airlines?

On Srilankan Airlines flights, you must check-in at least 1 hour before the flight departs after this time all counters will be closed. Remember that online check-in is available from 48 hours before departure until 2 hours before the flight departure.

How to recover lost baggage on Srilankan Airlines flights?

The Srilankan Airlines service is very reliable so lost luggage is not a common occurrence, but if it does happen, you should go to the baggage information desk. When you report your lost baggage, you will be given a file reference consisting of 10 alphanumeric characters. With this reference, you can track the progress of your claim.

How do I select my seat preference in Srilankan Airlines?

When you check-in online, you will be able to choose your preferred seat. If you have any problems, we recommend that you go to the check-in desk. If you have a specific seat in mind you can reserve it for a small fee.

What are the things not allowed in baggage?

It is forbidden to carry baggage with installed lithium batteries, disabling devices, electroshock weapons, and security type cases. For other restrictions, you can consult with Srilankan Airlines.

What are all the meal options in Srilankan Airlines?

Srilankan Airlines offers a wide range of meals that you can even pre-order if you have any special requirements. You will even find the option to order special diabetic meals if required. In addition, if you are celebrating something you can pre-order a cake or celebratory meal.

What is Srilankan Airlines policy if the flight status is delayed or cancelled?

It is very important that you keep your contact information up to date so that the airline can notify you of any changes to your flight. In the event of a long delay or cancellation, you will be rebooked on another flight. If you do not agree with this booking, you can change it. Srilankan Airlines cares about their customers so if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact them.