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Domestic Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Birmingham Islamabad Sun Sep, 2022 Rs. 128750
Toronto Karachi Sun Sep, 2022 Rs. 443318

International Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Karachi Baghdad Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 115017
Bangkok Phuket Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 6755
Islamabad Dubai Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 83791
Karachi Mashhad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 98615
Karachi Paris Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 386201
Karachi Mashhad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 119118
Islamabad Nicosia Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 142508
Lahore Singapore Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 151693
Dubai Bangkok Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 151804
Lahore Kuala Lumpur Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 233291
Karachi Istanbul Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 73450
Karachi Istanbul Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 107274
Lahore Sharjah Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 63166
Islamabad Doha Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 138150
Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 64452
Muscat Sialkot Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 76418
Karachi Manchester Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 468075

*Disclaimer: All prices are subject to price change as per airline policies. These changes apply to all prices mentioned on the page.

Flight Schedule for Air Blue

Air Blue, a private airline of Pakistan, started its operations in 2003 but quickly became famous for its economic fares and comfortable amenities. Due to its services and courteous staff, many passengers trust the airline for their safe and pleasant journey. It set the stage in making the private airline the second largest in Pakistan after PIA. It has flights across multiple domestic and international cities. It is easy for passengers to find frequent flights to the destination of their choice.

Cheapest Flights of Air Blue

Known for being economical yet comfortable, you will be able to find the best rates for your travel plans. Check our Air Blue’s flight schedule on to get more discounts and offers for the best price. Booking ahead will help you get great deals on your flight as they tend to go higher the closer to the date of departure. lists out the best rates and schedules that can work for you on its website.

Some of the cheapest flights of Air Blue are:

  • Karachi to Islamabad —Starting at PKR 15,143*
  • Karachi to Lahore—Starting at PKR 15,143*

Air Blue’s Domestic Flight Schedule

Air Blue started its operations with flights from and from Karachi to Islamabad and Karachi to Lahore. Over the years, the airline added more cities making it safe and easy to book flights to different cities of Pakistan. On you can get the complete domestic flight schedule of Air Blue listed with prices, days of operation and more. Flights to Islamabad and Lahore from Karachi are still some of the famous flight routes for Air Blue.

Some of the flights that are operational all through the week include:

  • Karachi to Lahore
  • Islamabad to Karachi
  • Lahore to Karachi

You can also find the number of stops for each flight. There are many direct flights to different destinations without layovers. It helps passengers arrive at their destination faster. Some of the domestic flights of Air Blue that have zero stops include:

  • Karachi to Peshawar
  • Karachi to Islamabad

Plan your trips at ease by checking these schedules directly on and booking flights that work according to your travel plans. Also, you can get good deals on the prices with coupon codes and discounts exclusively available on the website.

International Flights of Air Blue

Air Blue’s first international flight route was from Karachi to Dubai and since then has been adding more international cities to its routes. Most of its international flights are towards Saudi Arabia and the countries around it. You can find cheap flights to multiple international destinations with Air Blue. Thus, many passengers of all budgets feel comfortable booking an Air Blue flight.

International flights without stopover are:

  • Lahore to Abu Dhabi
  • Lahore to Dubai
  • Islamabad to Sharjah

The cheapest international flights of AIR BLUE are:

  • Lahore to Sharjah—PKR 59,462*
  • Islamabad to Abu Dhabi—PKR 67,642*
  • Lahore to Dubai—PKR 60,424*

Weekend Flights of Air Blue

Weekend flights to any city—whether domestic or international—often have high demand. Thus, the flight prices are on the expensive side during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, with Air Blue, you can still find economical options and on-time departures. This feature makes it a popular choice for many travellers in Pakistan or travelling to the country.

Popular weekend domestic flights include:

  • Karachi to Lahore
  • Islamabad to Karachi
  • Karachi to Peshawar

Popular international weekend flights routes of AIR BLUE are:

  • Lahore to Abu Dhabi
  • Islamabad to Dubai
  • Islamabad to Sharjah

Comfort and passenger safety are a priority with Air Blue. You can always look for a smooth journey with a pleasant experience with polite staff, comfortable amenities and more.