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Domestic Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Muscat Lahore Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 76418
Muscat Islamabad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 127723
Bahrain Peshawar Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 69055

International Flights Schedule



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Karachi Lisbon Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 476540
Multan Jeddah Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 115416
Dammam Multan Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 49262
Karachi Colombo Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 85398
Istanbul Antalya Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 57579
Jeddah Faisalabad Sun Sep, 2022 Rs. 68946
Muscat Sialkot Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 25274
Peshawar New York Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 526846
Karachi Hail Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 202872
Jeddah Sialkot Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 284132
Islamabad Copenhagen Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 302080
Dubai Riyadh Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 86632
Riyadh Faisalabad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 46934
Kuala Lumpur Dubai Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 162803
Istanbul Dubai Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 49023

Top Gulf Air (GF) Flight Schedule

DepartureArrivalDays of OperationStarting Ticket PriceNo of Stops
KarachiBahrainTue, Wed, Fri, SunRs. 60,0000
LahoreBahrainMon, SunRs. 96,4470
IslamabadBahrainTue, ThuRs. 97,1100
BahrainKarachiTue, Wed, Fri, SunRs. 55,5930
BahrainLahoreMon, SunRs. 49,4310
BahrainIslamabadMon, WedRs. 83,1980

Flight Schedule for Gulf Air

When started in 1950, Gulf Air used to be a multinational airline with a combined ownership of several other countries. Now it is entirely owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain with its headquarters at Muharraq. They now operate in 28 counties with 52 destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With world-class services and affordable ticket prices, Gulf Air is one of the most sought airlines for Middle-East travel. Check out more about their schedule, flight rates and the various amenities at

Cheapest Flights of Gulf Air

When you book your Gulf Air tickets with, you will see that the ticket rates are mainly influenced by the destination city rather than the route itself. The frequency of the flights per route is another factor that decides the ticket rates. Advance booking of the tickets often sees cheaper tickets as the price tends to increase when coming towards the departure date.

Some of the cheapest Gulf Air flights are:

  • Bahrain to Lahore – Rs. 49,431
  • Bahrain to Karachi – Rs. 55,593
  • Karachi to Bahrain – Rs. 60,000

Air Journey Made Easy with Gulf Air

Gulf Air flights connect to various cities across the world and not just to Bahrain. You will find flights from Pakistan to Jeddah, Dubai, and Sialkot, etc. Find the details of these flights at There, you will see all the details of every available flight on your route, including any stopovers. Moreover, not every flight goes via Bahrain from one country to another. Some of the most popular Gulf Air flights are,

  • Karachi to Bahrain
  • Lahore to Bahrain
  • Islamabad to Bahrain

Gulf Air International Flight Schedule

The Gulf Air flight schedule is interesting as they do not have any all week flights, nor do they have any flights on Saturdays. Only Karachi has the most number of flights per week with 4 flights departing and arriving there. Both Lahore and Islamabad have only 2 flights each that go to Bahrain and come back. All of these flights have a direct route with no stopovers. You will see all these at You can also find additional details on their amenities and other additional facilities for every flight.

Popular international flights prices are:

  • Karachi to Bahrain
  • Karachi to Dubai
  • Multan to Jeddah
  • Bahrain to Lahore

Most frequent international flights include:

  • Karachi to Bahrain
  • Bahrain to Karachi

Weekend Flights of Gulf Air

The time of booking and demand for weekend flights are significant parameters for ticket rates. When the demand is high, the price also will be higher. In addition, weekend flights are the most convenient for all so one must have more choices for flights to find a seat. Gulf Air provides weekend flights from Lahore and Karachi.

Popular weekend flights include:

  • Karachi to Bahrain
  • Bahrain to Karachi
  • Lahore to Bahrain
  • Bahrain to Lahore

Gulf Air ensures a comfortable and affordable flight experience with more baggage allowance and free meals on board. will be your best bet to find the most suitable tickets which you can book at least 2-3 months in advance. Also, make use of the coupon codes which you can apply at the checkout, to get better deals.