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Domestic Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Birmingham Islamabad Sun Sep, 2022 Rs. 128750
Toronto Karachi Sun Sep, 2022 Rs. 443318

International Flights Schedule



Days of Operation

Starting Ticket Price

Karachi Baghdad Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 115017
Bangkok Phuket Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 6755
Islamabad Dubai Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 83791
Karachi Mashhad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 98615
Karachi Paris Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 386201
Karachi Mashhad Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 119118
Islamabad Nicosia Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 142508
Lahore Singapore Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 151693
Dubai Bangkok Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 151804
Lahore Kuala Lumpur Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 233291
Karachi Istanbul Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 73450
Karachi Istanbul Fri Sep, 2022 Rs. 107274
Lahore Sharjah Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 63166
Islamabad Doha Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 138150
Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 64452
Muscat Sialkot Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 76418
Karachi Manchester Sat Sep, 2022 Rs. 468075

Top Saudi Airlines (SV) Flight Schedule

DepartureArrivalDays of OperationStarting Ticket PriceNo of Stops
KarachiJeddahAll WeekRs. 61,0810
LahoreJeddahAll WeekRs. 72,0020
IslamabadJeddahAll WeekRs. 73,2610
JeddahKarachiAll WeekRs. 49,2210
JeddahLahoreAll WeekRs. 67,6350
JeddahIslamabadAll WeekRs. 58,1880
Top SV RoutesInternational AirlinesTop Domestic Airlines
SV Karachi to JeddahEmiratesAirblue
SV Lahore to JeddahEtihad AirwaysSerene Air
SV Islamabad to JeddahTurkish AirlinesAirSial

Flight Schedule for Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines, previously known as Saudi Arabia Airlines is one of the oldest known airline companies in the world. The airlines started in 1947 after the then US President Franklin Roosevelt gifted an airplane to the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Saud. The first plane was a Douglas DC-3 and the airline company was being run by the government of Saudi Arabia. Today the airline has a huge fleet of 157 aircraft and flies to more than 130 destinations worldwide. The airline has its base in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2012, the airline was affiliated with SkyTeam Alliance, a leading alliance in the airline industry. Saudia Airlines provides regular services in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

Saudia Airlines was also awarded the “World’s most approved Airline” by SkyTrax in 2017. You can have a luxurious and comfortable experience with Saudia Airlines. has flight schedules of Saudia Airlines and you can book your tickets and avail great deals. is simple to use and you can book your tickets with ease.

Cheapest Flights of Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines offers travellers an unforgettable experience. You can have a safe and comfortable trip. Along with comfort, Saudia Airlines takes care of your pocket and also provides budget-friendly tickets. The ticket fare mostly varies with distance and demand. Travelling on weekends can get crowded and expensive whereas weekday flights are cheaper and less crowded. International flights are more expensive than domestic flights due to the distance. So while booking tickets on, keep in mind your itinerary and book accordingly.

Some of the cheapest flights are:

  • Jeddah to Karachi- PKR 40,045
  • Medina to Abha- PKR 22,784

Air Journey Made Easy with Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines being an International airline doesn’t have domestic operations in Pakistan but offers flights to different cities across the world from the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Log on to to book tickets to your favourite international destinations. You can choose the country you want to fly to and find Saudia Airlines flying to the cities along with their schedules and fares. Since Saudia Airlines is based in Jeddah, flights to and from Jeddah are available every day. Some of the most popular routes of Saudia Airlines are:

  • Jeddah to Karachi
  • Jeddah to Lahore
  • Islamabad to Jeddah

Saudia Airlines International Flight Schedule

Saudia Airlines regularly flies to different countries including Europe, the Indian sub-continent and Middle-east. The fares include meals and comfortable amenities. Many flights are direct and don’t have a stopover. For more details you can check for details like fares, stopovers and departure timings of Saudia Airlines flights.

Popular International flights are:

  • Islamabad to Riyadh- PKR 72,789
  • Lahore to Medina- PKR 78,318
  • Jeddah to Dubai- PKR 48,938
  • London to Karachi- PKR 2,17,123

International flights operational all week:

  • Islamabad to Jeddah
  • Jeddah to Karachi
  • Jeddah to Lahore
  • Medina to Abha
  • Karachi to Jeddah

Weekend Flights of Saudia Airlines

Weekends are the busiest since many travellers fly in and out of different countries. Saudia Airlines also has flights operating on weekends to many destinations. You can check for more information on the flight schedules and plan your trip accordingly.

Popular weekend flights include:

  • Jeddah to Karachi
  • Lahore to Jeddah

Saudia Airlines ensures that the passengers have a comfortable and safe flight. Travelling with Saudia Airlines is an experience to remember. Book your tickets on and enjoy travelling.