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Hotels in Karachi

The capital of the Sindh Province in Pakistan, Karachi is a beautiful cosmopolitan city on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The city is also a hub for two seaports, one of the busiest airports in Pakistan as well as an economic and social centre in the country. Karachi not just has a great mix of linguistic, religious and ethical diversity but also fun nightlife and natural sights to see.

When you visit the city, you’ll find many hotels in Karachi that cater to different budgets from luxury stays with private pools to comfortable inexpensive hotels. As a busy city, Karachi hosts plenty of people on a daily basis and has multiple hotels in strategic locations spread throughout the city which are close to the airport, and famous landmarks.

Where should I stay in Karachi?

If you’re a first-time traveller to Karachi, you can find plenty of hotels according to your budget. From luxury amenities in 5-star hotels to the comfort of a humble guest house for budget travellers, Karachi has many stays you can pick from. If you’re travelling on business, there are many hotels with good WiFi access along with conference rooms. You can also pick hotels that are closer to the airport when you have to catch a flight and want to reduce the travel time.

5-Star Hotels in Karachi

For a luxurious stay with the finest comforts in Karachi, opt for a 5-star hotel that gives you the best amenities. Karachi, a thriving urban economy, has the best brands in the hospitality industry providing their accommodations in the city. You can enjoy amenities like private dining, WiFi, indoor pools, jacuzzi and fine dining experiences in these hotels. 5-star hotel prices start from PKR 8,675 per night and can vary based on the booking dates and room provided.

Some of the popular 5-star hotels are:

  • Pearl Continental
  • Ramada Plaza by Wyndham
  • Movenpick
  • Avari Towers
  • Hotel Mehran
  • Zifan Hotel and Suites

Budget Hotels in Karachi:

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Karachi, then you can find many options to travel on a budget. From comfortable rooms with AC to rooms with breakfast, find the best hotels on Some budget hotels even offer satellite TV, shared lounges, garden view rooms and more to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Budget hotels start from around PKR 2,700 and differ based on the hotel, amenities and date of booking.

Some of the budget hotels in Karachi include:

  • Four Seasons Guest House
  • Grance Inn Guest House
  • Embassy Lodge
  • Patel Residency Guest House
  • Seaview Lodges

Some hotels in Karachi are a favourite of many frequent travellers not just for their amenities and service but also for their rates per night. While most of these hotels are close to the city centre and the airport, some also offer private, remote stays for a secluded and serene experience. You can choose hotels overlooking the city life or quiet escapes that help you relax and enjoy the stay. By booking with you can get great deals on your hotel booking. Find the best rooms for your stay along with the best price with discounts and coupons on the website.

Popular HotelsStarting price per night
Ramada Plaza by WyndhamPKR 13,195*
Avari TowersPKR 12,517*
Movenpick HotelPKR 12,630*
Karachi MariottPKR 16,020*
Hotel ExcelsiorPKR 8,111*

Hotels near Karachi Airport

For a faster commute to the airport, choose the best hotels near the airport vicinity. You’ll find many options from luxury to budget options near the Jinnah International Airport. These are great whether you’re here for a quick stopover or tending to business in the city. The hotels are equipped with clean beds, comfortable amenities and even sumptuous food options. In some hotels, you can get facilities like a spa, gym, indoor game room and more to help you spend time.

Some of the best hotels near the airport are:

  • Ramada by Wyndham
  • Four Seasons Guest House
  • Hotel Galaxy

Some hotels that offer airport transfers are:

  • Avari Towers
  • Blue Sky Guest House
  • Beach Luxury Hotel
  • Regent Plaza
  • Patel Residency Guest House

You can easily book these hotels on by adding the city location, the dates for check-in and check-out and the number of travellers. browses through its curated list to find the best hotels suited to your requirements. You can also filter the search by the star rating, property type, price and more. has also made the search easy to find hotels providing airport transfers by simply selecting it in amenities.

Hotels near City Centre

If you’re new to Karachi and want to explore the city in all its glory, you should pick a hotel that is close to the city centre and its touristy spots. Some hotels are close to the famous sights, shopping malls and other spots in the city which make it easy for you to traverse through the localities. Some of the hotels in the city centre are:

  • Pearl Continental
  • Movenpick
  • Karachi Mariott
  • Crown Inn Hotel
  • Beach Luxury Hotel

You can check the hotels close to landmarks on for easy and convenient travel around Karachi. It saves you a lot of time and money taking long haul transfers from your hotel room to the sightseeing spots. Avail the best prices of to make your booking.

FAQs About Karachi Hotels

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Karachi?

PECHS, DHA, and Gulshan-e-Jamal.

What hotels in Karachi have beautiful views?

Avari Towers, Beach Luxury Hotel, and Ramada Hotel are popular for having incredible views.

Which hotels in Karachi are best for families?

Families visiting Karachi prefer to stay at Regine Inn, and Hotel Capri Inn

Which hotels in Karachi are perfect for couples?

These hotels in Karachi are highly rated by couples: Avari Tower Karachi, Ramada Hotel, and Hotel Faran.

Which hotels are located near Jinnah International Airport?

Ramada Hotel, Hotel Mehran, and Movenpick Hotel.

Which are some of the hotels that are more comfortable for families?

When you’re travelling with your family, the best amenities that suit your travel include proximity to tourist spots, security, comfortable stays, in-house entertainment, a kids area and more. Whether you want to relax completely or want to roam around the city, picking hotels with historical significance can also enhance your experience of Karachi. Some hotels to book for families include:
Elegance Guest Houses
Hotel Faran
Country Inn Hotel

What are the best picks if travelling with friends or in small groups?

When you’re travelling with friends, pick a hotel that gives the best suites for a group. Whether it means booking an entire suite for more than 5 or simply picking the best budget hotels. Hotels with indoor games, swimming pools, breakfast and more can help you spend quality time with your group. Some of the best picks for friends are: 
Hotel Excelsior
Oak Tree Guest House
Orchards Cottage

Which are the most ideal hotels for solo travellers?

If you’re travelling solo around Karachi, then looking for a budget hotel with good amenities will help you keep your expenses in check. But if you want to splurge and experience the luxury side, then you can always opt for 4 and 5-star hotels around the city that will help you experience the best of Karachi’s hospitality. Solo travellers should try booking these hotels:
Swisstel Cottage Hotel
The Reserve Hotel
Seaview Lodges

What must I choose if travelling on a business trip?

On a business trip? Pick the best hotels that promise good WiFi, free parking, offer airport transfers or are in close proximity to the airport. Some hotels even provide conference rooms, banquet services and more to cater to your business needs. Take advantage of the best amenities in these hotels:
Embassy Inn
Ramada Creek
Ramada Plaza
Regent Plaza
Each hotel listed on has comfortable rooms and the best amenities. You can browse the website to see the best deals, amenities and filter them according to your needs to narrow down your search. Don’t miss out on finding coupons and discounts that can help you get your room at a bargain price.