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Hotels in Pakistan

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Why should you book hotels through

The system of booking online is convenient for many people. But you might be wondering if it is reliable. Well, is a secured site and protects all client information that is required at the time of booking. Look at the points below to know why you should choose

  • There are numerous hotels to choose from. lists all hotels available in the destination chosen and provides all relevant details.
  • The prices of hotels are reasonable. Discounts are available on almost all hotels. Seasonal vouchers are also provided.
  • Bookings can be easily cancelled on the site. Cancellation policies might depend on the hotels or specific rooms.
  • All details provided on the are verified and authentic.

Confused about choosing hotels? Let us help you

While choosing a hotel, you will first need to decide what kind of hotel you want. There are luxurious 5-star hotels available in popular cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and more. If you are travelling on a tight budget, you can choose cheaper hotels, guest houses, and homestays. Homestays are available in offbeat locations like Neelum Valley, Deosai Plains, Ayun, and Bamburet Valley.

After you have decided on the type of hotel, you need to select the necessary amenities. If you are vacationing near a beach, choose a hotel that has a sea view. Intercontinental Muscat, near Gwadar and Pasni beaches, provides beach access and outdoor pools. Hotels like Marriott in Islamabad provide spas, jacuzzi, and hammams. Now, if you are looking for budget hotels like Baltistan Continental in Skardu, Hotel Crown Inn in Multan, and Shelton Rezidor Hotel in Lahore, look for basic amenities. These include car rental, airport transfers, free WiFi, 24 hours front desk, and restaurants. Budget hotels usually include breakfast with the room booking. All amenities will be listed on the website. provides ratings of all hotels. You can also check if daily housekeeping and room service are provided. This will help you understand how clean and well-maintained the hotel is.

Hotels are investing more in cleanliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are sanitizing frequently and require all guests to provide negative RT-PCR test reports or vaccination certificates. This might depend on a particular hotel's and city's COVID-19 guidelines.

Planning a Vacation? helps you to book hotels near you

Tourist destinations in Pakistan, no matter where in the country they are, have great hotels and resorts for tourists. These hotels can be easily booked via The site has hotels for every tourist spot and details the amenities available. While planning your vacation, you can easily browse through the options on

Following are some of the best tourist spots in Pakistan and the nearby hotels that you can book through the website.

1. Multan

Multan is a city where history and trade meet. Multan was also home to the Sufi mystics during the 11th and 12th centuries. The city has mosques, shrines, and tombs, and is a place that devotees visit throughout the year. If you are interested in the history of dynastic regimes and Sufism, then Multan is the best place to visit. Some of the hotels in Multan which provide the best amenities are:

  • Hotel Avalon Suites
  • Ramada by Wyndham Multan
  • The King Hotel
  • S Chalet Multan
  • Hotel Pak Continental Multan provides the ratings of each hotel and gives details about the rate of different rooms and suites available. It is easy to check for hotel prices and find a reasonable one. You can check all amenities available at the hotels from the site. This will allow you to choose a hotel that is not only verified but is also reliable.

2. Deosai National Park

The Deosai National Park along the Karakoram-West Tibetan plateau is rich in various types of flora and fauna. You can go on safaris and catch glimpses of the Himalayan brown bear, snow leopards, lammergeiers, and golden marmots. The 3,000 sq. kilometres of the park are covered in different types of wildflowers and plants that attract millions of butterflies. The nearest city is Skardu and you can take a car from your hotel to the national park. Hotels in Skardu that you can book from are:

  • Dewanekhas Skardu
  • Serena Shigar Fort Hotel
  • Baltistan Continental Hotel
  • Hotel One Skardu
  • Mountain Lodge

Booking a hotel online from is quite easy for tourists and frequent travellers. The site will show you all hotels available during the period of your stay. You can opt for instant booking if you are not planning ahead. Since features many hotels, finding a good room will not be a problem.

3. Makran Coast

The Makran Coast along the Gulf of Oman has some of the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan. You can visit the beaches of Kund Malir, Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar, and Sonmiani. If you are planning for a trip along the coast, you can stay in Karachi. You can book some of the best luxurious as well as budget hotels in Karachi from The hotels you can choose from the site is:

  • Hotel Excelsior
  • Golf Club Karsaz
  • Beach Luxury Hotel
  • Embassy Lodge
  • Arabian Sea Country Club allows you to pre-book your hotel room, at least a few weeks before. The site updates the prices of all hotels and provides reasonable rates. You can also avail of vouchers and seasonal discounts while booking hotels in Karachi from

4. Islamabad

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is a city that merges cultural heritage with commercialisation and trade. The markets of Rawalpindi, the Faisal Mosque, and the Margala Hills National Park are some of the major tourist spots in Islamabad. Since it is the capital, Islamabad has numerous hotels and resorts. The best hotels in Islamabad that you can book from are:

  • Grand Islamabad Hotel
  • Woodpecker Suites
  • Prestige Guest House
  • Hotel Margala Islamabad
  • Marriott Islamabad offers both 5-star hotels as well as affordable hotels for travellers on a budget. Details of each hotel, including their contact information, are provided on the site. You can use the information to easily arrange for transportation to and from the hotels.

5. Qissa Khwani

Qissa Khwani in Peshawar is known as the storyteller's bazaar. The bazaar has an eclectic mix of stalls, including local fruits and vegetables, jewellery, leather goods, and clothing. When you book a hotel from, make sure to choose the heart of the city from the map available. If you do that, then you will be able to book any one of the following hotels:

  • Shelton Rezidor House
  • Fort Continental
  • Greens Hotel
  • SS Club Peshawar
  • VIP House Peshawar

Like the map, you can also select filters on the and this is one of the biggest advantages of choosing hotels from the site. You can select a location near the Qissa Khwani and adjust the filters to find hotels that suit your needs and budget. You can also use these filters on to select any other property in Peshawar, like guest houses and apartments.

FAQs About Hotels

In the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, where can we find safe and well-sanitized hotels?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all hotels are advised to regularly sanitize their premises and clean the rooms and public lounges thoroughly. To ensure that the hotels are doing so, you can choose hotels with 3 stars or more. will show the ratings and provide information on the COVID-19 guidelines that the hotels are following.

What are all the different payment methods available for hotel booking?

The various payment methods available for online hotel booking via are Visa and MasterCard debit cards and credit cards. Internet banking may also be available for certain hotels. You can choose any of the payment options available at the time of booking.

What are the advantages of booking hotels online?

There are several advantages to booking hotels online. You do not need to get hold of any travel agents or stand in a queue to book. Online hotel booking is much quicker and more convenient. Discounts are also available when you book online.

Is online booking safe and reliable?

Online booking is safe if you choose a reputable website. is one of the most reliable sites available for online booking. You can trust the ratings and information provided on hotels on the website.

Can I reserve or book a hotel online and pay at the hotel?

The payment plan depends upon the hotel. At times, will offer vouchers that will allow you online reservations where you can pay later. Keep an eye on the website to avail of such offers.