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Multan is an ancient city in Pakistan that has a lot of history. The city is said to have been inhabited for over 2000 years and true to this, has archaeological sites dating back to the Harappan civilization. Multan also gets its name, the City of Saints, as it attracted many Sufi mystics in the 10th and 11th Centuries. You will find many Sufi shrines as you tour this destination. The seventh-largest city of Pakistan was a well-known economic and trade centre for many years. 

Located in the south of the Province of Punjab, this city has a lot of tourist attractions worth visiting. Highly influenced by the Islamic, Persian, and Mughal architecture styles, many landmarks and religious sites should be a part of your itinerary. When you’re in Multan, you can easily find hotels for different budgets, stays and experiences. Use to book your hotel rooms with ease. You simply should type in your date of travel, property type and destination to get a list of hotels to choose from. 

Find the best deals and browse all hotels at one place through You can use filters to narrow down your search further. Also, get great deals and discounts on your stays to have a pleasant trip to Multan.

Where Should I Stay in Multan?

Multan has multiple hotel choices that you can pick from. Depending on your trip type, pick from a myriad of hotels, inclusive of budget and 5-star hotels. You can easily find quality hotels that promise comfort and good amenities to make your stay a pleasant experience. If you’re on a tour, staying close to the city centre or tourist attractions and transport hubs will save a lot of time and money. However, staying close to airports will help you catch your flight on time.

5-Star Hotels in Multan

For a grand experience surrounded by luxury and top-of-the-class facilities and services, pick the 5-star hotels of Multan. Many world-famous hotel brands offer 5-star accommodation for their guests along with all necessities like WiFi, pools, sauna, swimming pools, conference rooms and more. On, the hotels’ facilities are listed on the hotel page for more details. You can also check what each room type has to offer in the selected hotel. 5-star hotels typically start at PKR 6,580. This pricing varies based on the date of booking, weekends, the facilities and hotel. 

5-star hotels in Multan include:

  • S Chalet Multan

Budget Hotels in Multan:

You will find many hotels for an economical price in Multan, too. You can use the price filter on to choose your range and find options accordingly. Most budget hotels in Multan offer common facilities like a comfortable bed, clean and hygienic rooms, bathroom with hot water, AC and more. Look for details on the hotel page by selecting a particular hotel on the booking page. Also, you can get great deals on hotel prices when you book early or on a weekday. Planning your trip, in advance, will help choose the right hotel for the perfect price.

Multan is peppered with quality hotels all around the city. Whether you’re looking for good stays near a famous landmark or choose a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are popular amongst travellers for their quality of service, excellent room conditions and top-notch facilities. If you’re looking for hotels that have it all, from luxury experiences to great meals, pick a popular hotel in Multan. Customers have great reviews on these hotels and you’ll get a good price for an excellent service. 

Popular HotelsStarting price per night
S Chalet MultanPKR 6,580*
Hotel One Multan Tariq RoadPKR 7,740*
Avari Express MultanPKR 11,452*
Avari Express Boutique MultanPKR 12,612*

Hotels Near Multan Airport

The Multan International Airport is quite close to the city centre. Therefore, most hotels in the city will be well-suited for your trip to the airport. The airport is within 3 miles of the city centre giving you access to the best accommodations closer to the tourist attractions without having to travel very far. Also, this gives you easy access to the malls, shopping centres and more popular places within the city. Some hotels also offer airport transfers on demand. Just check with the front desk to book your car. Filter by using airport transfers on the website to find hotels that offer this facility. 

Some of the best hotels near the airport are:

  • S Chalet Multan
  • Hotel One Multan Tariq Road
  • Avari Express Multan
  • Avari Express Boutique Multan

Hotels Near City Centre

Being the seventh-largest city in Pakistan, Multan has various sights and tourist hubs spread across the city. Thus, picking accommodation closer to locations to your itinerary will be helpful. By choosing hotels near the city centre, you get easy access to bus stops, train stations and other transport modes with ease. Especially, when you’re travelling as a family or a group, these facilities will save you the hassle of travelling far. Some of the sightseeing spots include:

  • Tomb Shah Rukne Alam
  • Shrine of Shah Yusuf Gardezi
  • Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam (Bahauddin Zakaria)
  • Tomb Shah Shams Sabzwari Tabrez
  • Fort Kohna

Also, by booking hotels near popular tourist choices, you can meet fellow travellers and get suggestions on their travel itineraries. It is much more fun to visit shopping malls, flea markets, and famous sites when they’re closer to your hotel. You can rest or go back to your hotel for a quick lunch in such cases.

FAQs About Multan Hotels

What kind of hotels suit families that are travelling?

When you’re travelling with your family, you should always put comfort and safety first. Choose hotels that fit all your requirements from quality rooms for all the members, kids’ playgrounds and pools, and activities around the hotel. Some hotels also offer villas or suites that can accommodate large families in a single unit. This is the safest option and fun to have the entire family under one roof. Multan has many hotel options to suit the different needs of family travellers. Some of the options include:
Hotel One Multan Tariq Road

What are the ideal hotel options for groups and friends?

Depending on the total budget of your group or friends, you can find many hotels around Multan. Pick hotels around the city centre or near tourist hubs for an easy travel experience. These places are close to transport hubs making it easy to journey around Multan seeing the best forts, tombs and famous sites. Some hotels also have indoor games, activities and entertainment facilities to keep your group engaged. Some of the best picks for groups are:
Avari Express Multan
Avari Express Boutique Multan

Which is the best hotel for solo travellers?

For solo travellers, popular hotels chosen by other tourists will help them meet other travellers. It is also safer to be around the tourist crowds of Multan and find easy transportation. For solo travellers, choosing hotels that offer quality rooms with a bed and breakfast model can help ease the burden of venturing out to find the first meal of the day. Also, safety is a criterion while picking out the best hotel. Some hotel options include:
S Chalet Multan
Hotel One Multan Tariq Road

What kind of hotel amenities suit business travel?

While you travel for business, there are chances you’ll require good connectivity to the internet to finish your meetings, responding to emails or do general work. Thus, find hotels with good Wi-Fi, conference rooms and a comfortable hotel with a restaurant on the premises. This way you can also entertain business associates at the hotel you’re staying. Some hotel choices in Multan include:
S Chalet Multan
Avari Express Multan
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