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Hotels in Murree

Murree is among the most popular mountain resorts in Pakistan. Situated in the outskirts of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan region, Murree is around 30 kilometres far from the capital of Pakistan. Located at an altitude of more than 2,200 metres, Murree attracts many tourists from all parts of the world. The history of Murree dates back to 1851 when its construction was started under the British empire. The pleasant summer of Murree attracts many tourists from different Pakistani cities.

Murree has some exciting tourist attractions like Kashmir Point, Chattar Park, Dir Munjai Pakistan, Holy Trinity Church, and others. Since many tourists come to Murree, it has abundant accommodation facilities. You can find a luxurious or an economical hotel in Murree based on your preferences. Hotels in Murree are located in different regions and have affordable rates. Hotels in Murree are located strategically near prominent landmarks like the city centre, airport, and others. You can book your hotel in Murree easily via Read on to know more about hotels in Murree on

Where should I stay in Murree?

There are many hotels to choose from on in Murree. If you are travelling to Murree for the first time, you can choose a hotel near the city centre for more convenience. You can also choose a 5-star or 4-star hotel in Murree for better hospitality and luxurious amenities. If you are on a tight budget, you can also look for economical hotels in Murree. will help you in booking your hotel in Murree easily with just a few taps.

5-star hotels in Murree

5-star hotels offer the best accommodation facilities but will also charge you more. A 5-star hotel focuses on providing luxurious amenities to visitors like a jacuzzi, indoor sports, conference rooms, private dining, and, other amenities. You can apply a search filter on to view the 5-star hotels first. 5-start hotels have many satisfied visitors and, you will receive good hospitality in return for your money.

The price of 5-star hotels in Murree will be more than usual. However, will help you in booking the best 5-star hotels at a reasonable price. Since does not levy any commission charges, you can book an affordable 5-star hotel easily.

Budget hotels in Murree

There are no issues if you don’t want to stay in a 5-star or 4-star hotel. Murree also has some budget hotels that have economical rates. If you are on a tight budget, select a cheap hotel that offers the basic amenities. You can apply a price search filter i.e., low to high and vice-versa on while viewing hotels in Murree. The price of budget hotels in Murree starts from PKR 7,160.

Some of the popular budget hotels in Murree are as follows:

  • Hotel One Bhurban
  • Shangrila Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel One Murree

Not all popular hotels in Murree are situated near the city centre or transit points. Some of the famous hotels in Murree are located in remote locations. Popular hotels at remote locations offer a serene experience and a break from the fast-paced metropolitan life. Since Murree is a mountain resort, many popular hotels offer a scenic view from the hotel rooms. Some of the famous hotels in Murree are also known due to their attractive architecture. You can view the hotel images on before booking a room in Murree. The star ratings of hotels on will also highlight its popularity.

Popular hotelsStarting price per night
Hotel One BhurbanRs. 7,160
Shangrila Hotel & resortRs. 8,320
Hotel One MurreeRs. 8,320
Maisonette Firhill VillasRs. 17,600

Hotels near Murree Airport

If you do not want to travel to the airport for catching your flight, you can book a hotel near the Murree airport. However, there is no airport located in Murree as it is a hill station. Tourists coming to Murree usually book flights to the Muzaffarabad Airport. Muzaffarabad Airport is only 49 kilometres far from Murree and, transportation services are available throughout the day. You can choose a hotel in Murree that is close to the Muzaffarabad Airport to decrease your travel time.

Some of the hotels near Muzaffarabad Airport are as follows:

  • Hotel One – Bhurban
  • Hotel One – Murree

If you cannot find a hotel near the airport in Murree, you can also choose hotels that offer airport transfers. Some hotels provide airport transfers to passengers as per their flight schedule. You do not have to worry about local transportation as it will be arranged by the hotel. lets you filter hotels in Murree based on any particular amenity. You can select the ‘airport transfer’ search filter to view only those hotels on that provide transportation services to/from the airport. Also, comparing the price of various hotels in Murree on will help you in booking affordable rooms.

Hotels near the city centre

Are you new to Murree and looking to explore various landmarks in the region? Well, it is better if you opt for hotels near the city centre. While staying near the Murree city centre, you will get frequent transportation services to different locations. The city centre of Murree will provide you with abundant social amenities to make your stay comfortable. The local transportation system of Murree is well-appointed so that tourists do not face any problems. Some of the hotels near the Murree city centre are as follows:

  • Maisonette Firhill Villas
  • Shangrila Hotel & Resort

You can also set your price range on while booking hotels in Murree. will show you hotels within your pre-decided price range. offers the best rates for hotels in Murree without any middleman charges. You can book an affordable hotel near the Murree city centre with

FAQs About Murree Hotels

Which are some of the hotels that are more comfortable for families?

Families travelling to Murree look for safe hotels with various amenities. Well, only partners with reliable hotels that care about the safety of their guests. Families coming to Murree also look for hotels with some specific amenities like indoor entertainment, laundry, comfy beds, and others. On, you can view the amenities offered by any hotel in Murree before booking one. Some of the best hotels in Murree for families are as follows: 

• Hotel One – Bhurban 
• Hotel One – Murree 

Which are the best picks if travelling with friends or in small groups?

You can book various types of accommodation facilities on Some of the top types of accommodation facilities offered by are hotel, apartment, motel, guest house, resort, villa, and many others. If you are travelling with your friends to Murree, look for hotels that offer indoor entertainment facilities. Indoor entertainment facilities like a swimming pool, table tennis setup, etc. can help spend some time with your friends. Some of the best picks for travelling with friends or in small groups are as follows: 

• Shangrila Hotel & Resort 
• Maisonette Firhill Villas 

Which are the most ideal hotels for solo travellers?

If you are travelling solo to Murree, look for budget hotels to keep your expenses in check. Budget hotels in Murree offer the basic amenities at an economical price. You can look for amenities like laundry, internet access, television, and others while travelling solo to Murree. Some of the best hotels for solo travellers in Murree are as follows: 

• Hotel One – Bhurban 
• Shangrila Hotel & Resort

What must I choose if travelling on a business trip?

If you are travelling on a business trip to Murree, look for specific amenities like free parking, video conferencing, and internet access. You can also search for a hotel that offers business centres via If you need to call guests for a business meeting in Murree, you can look for 5-star or 4-star hotels with nice interiors. Some of the top hotels in Murree for business purposes are as follows: 

• Shangrila Hotel & Resort 
• Maisonette Firhill Villas 

Besides offering economical hotels in Murree, also provides special deals and discounts to lower the total booking cost. You can pre-book a hotel in Murree and can plan your journey accordingly. Book your hotel in Murree via now!