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Hotels in Naran

Naran is a beautiful town in the Kaghan Valley. This small place is getting popular with plenty of tourist footfall in recent times. The town offers plenty of activities to enjoy, some away from the hustle and bustle of life. Naran is about 235 km or 6 hrs away from Islamabad. 

The popular tourist spots here are Lake Saif-Ul Mulook and River Kunhar. Tourists could go rafting, camping, hiking or trekking in the areas nearby. Lying at 2500 m above sea level, this beautiful valley has glaciers and snow-capped mountains. The snow on the mountain usually doesn’t melt even during the summer. 

There are enough options for a comfortable stay in Naran. You can find the hotels in Naran from the portal. There are not many hotels in Naran, but the available hotels have plenty of room options to choose from. You will see both budget-friendly and luxurious options.

Where Should I Stay in Naran?

Naran town is blessed with a variety of hotels falling under the 3-star and 4-star categories. All the hotels offer comfortable beds and free breakfast. They differ in the comfort they offer in their various types of rooms and also in the number of people they can accommodate in these rooms. You could choose from a Deluxe room to cottages from these available hotels in Naran. You even have a hotel on the banks of the river to enjoy the sound of it flowing when it is calm and quiet at night.

5-Star Hotels in Naran

Being a small or medium-sized town, Naran does not have a 5-star hotel. Instead, it has the next best in a 4-star hotel Arcadian Peridot. They offer top-class amenities, a variety of room types, and various accommodation options to suit a solo traveller, group of friends, a family, or a couple. The rooms have free WiFi, a television, a bath, and a balcony. The room rent per night starts from PKR 11,700 and could go up to PKR 28,950, depending upon the room. 

The hotel is located on Jheel Road, the road towards lake Saif-ul-Mulook. You could go fishing or enjoy a bonfire at this hotel. The in-house restaurant Silver Ibex offers both local and international dishes including BBQ.

Budget Hotels in Naran

If you are looking for a budget hotel in Naran and would still like to enjoy some comfort while enjoying the Kaghan Valley, the 3-star hotel Maisonette Hotels and Resorts Naran is the best option. You can find a decent room for a stay from PKR 8200 onwards for the Deluxe room. There also is an Executive room for PKR 10,200. You can also choose a cottage with two master beds and a lounge for a family of a maximum of 6 members. The cottage costs PKR 27,800 per night. The hotel has a beautiful garden, a terrace, and a restaurant that serves a complimentary buffet breakfast in the morning.

The most popular hotel in Naran happens to be the Hotel One Naran. The hotel is located at a prime spot. So it is easier for the guests to reach any of the famous tourist spots in and around Naran. The location of the hotel is by the bypass road. You can stay here to reach River Kunhar, lake Saiful Malook, Ansu Lake, Babusar Top, Batakundi valley, or the Lalazar valley. 

There are only two types of rooms with a large bed to accommodate 2 adults and one child per room. The room rent starts at PKR 14,200 for the deluxe room and PKR 26,200 for the Suite room. The hotel has an in-house restaurant to have breakfast. The other amenities include air-conditioning, free WiFi, 24-hr front desk, etc. 

Here is a small table to compile the various hotels in Naran and their available room types with their starting price. You can easily find them through  

HotelRoom TypeStarting Price
Hotel One Deluxe RoomPKR 14,200
Suite RoomPKR 26,200
Maisonette Hotels & Resorts Deluxe RoomPKR 8200
Executive RoomPKR 10,200
CottagePKR 27,800
Arcadian PeridotStandard Twin/Double roomPKR 11,700
Luxury twin/double roomPKR 15,725
Deluxe Family SuitePKR 25,500
Luxury Family SuitePKR 28,950

Hotels Near Naran Airport

The nearest airport to Naran is the Islamabad International Airport. Naran is approximately 6 hrs 14 min away. So reaching there directly from the airport is not an easy task. To help ease the travel, you could choose the hotels in Islamabad where the hotels are 35-40 km away. You can book any of them with and rest comfortably before you start the next phase of your vacation or journey. Hotels here vary in their amenities and luxury. There are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels available close to the airport. The hotels are available with a starting price of PKR 8117 to PKR 27,605 for the high-class hotels.

FAQs About Naran Hotels

Which of the hotels in Naran are more suitable for families?

Depending upon the availability of the particular room, all the three hotels in Naran are suitable for a family. The Suite room in Hotel One, Cottage in the Maisonette Hotels & Resorts, and the suite rooms in the Arcadian Peridot would be ideal choices. Although most of the rooms in these hotels can accommodate 2 adults and a child per room, a larger family would need these above-mentioned room types. The hotel provides breakfast and a 24-hr front desk for check-in or checkout at any time.

What would be the best option for friends or a small group?

For a group of people, the best options are the cottage at the Maisonette Hotels & Resorts or the suites at the Arcadian Peridot hotel. These rooms can accommodate up to 6 people, in the rooms available. Such room types allow them all to stay together and yet have privacy as there will be two rooms available. Although some of the additional rooms may have a smaller bed than the other types, they will be comfortable enough for all. The Arcadian Peridot has a restaurant available to take care of the meals.

Which is the most suitable hotel in Naran for a solo traveller?

Solo travellers can choose any type of hotel or a room they need. There are plenty of options for a solo traveller. In fact, all three hotels are suitable for these travellers. The most budget-friendly option would be the Maisonette Hotels & Resorts as they provide the lowest room rate per person. The rooms are comfortable, with WiFi and breakfast taken care of. If you would like to enjoy a little more luxury, choose Hotel One or Arcadian. As the Maisonette Hotels & Resorts is close to the popular tourist spots, that would be the most suitable one.

What is the ideal option for business travellers to get suitable accommodation?

Business travellers would require high-speed internet connectivity and some space to be their office space. A suite with a lounge will be an ideal option for them to have enough space for such business activities. The hotel in Naran with these facilities would be Arcadian Peridot. Both deluxe and luxury suites here have a lounge so that guests can have privacy and still conduct business.