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Hotels In Nathiagali

Nathiagali is a hill station in the Abbottabad District, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At an elevation of 2,410 metres, it is one of the few mountain resort towns in Pakistan. Tourists visit Nathiagali to experience pleasant weather, beautiful scenery and long trekking routes. The hill station stays busy throughout the summer with nature lovers visiting from all over the country. There are hiking trails between forests of pine, cedar and oak trees and the Ayubia National Park is a short distance away.

The scenic hill station of Nathiagali, being a prime tourist spot, has many hotels and resorts. When you visit, you can choose between luxury hotels or budget ones. Hotels in Nathiagali are located near all the major attractions and provide the best amenities like parking, baggage storage, WiFi, cars for hire and even convenience stores. These hotels guarantee a pleasant and comfortable stay at Nathiagali.

Where should I stay in Nathiagali?

Nathiagali has several hotels available and they fit all kinds of budgets. You can stay at a luxury, 5-star hotel or opt for a more affordable one with basic amenities. If you are travelling with family and kids, you can choose a resort with sprawling grounds and a pool to enjoy your stay to the fullest! The amenities available will depend on the tariff, so it is important to check if the hotel has all the essential services. For example, you might need parking if you are travelling via car, or an airport shuttle if you have a return flight to catch.

5 Star Hotels in Nathiagali

Stay at a 5-star hotel or resort in Nathiagali if you wish to experience the utmost comfort and luxury. As Nathiagali is one of the most important tourist locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there are quite a few hotels that offer 5-star amenities. These hotels have spacious suites, equipped with snack bars, sun terraces and jacuzzis. Several 5-star hotels in Nathiagali also provide evening entertainment and games for children. One of the best amenities of the 5-star hotels in Nathiagali is that they have their own restaurants where you can order a variety of local and international dishes. Since these restaurants have their own chefs, you can also mention all dietary restrictions to get a truly delicious meal. You can look through these available amenities and book a suitable room from

There are several hotels in Nathiagali that offer both 5-star suites and less costly rooms. You can choose a 5-star suite at any of these popular hotels. The price of booking a suite at a 5-star hotel depends on when you are booking and what kind of suite you are choosing. Usually, the approximate cost is 22,330 PKR per night, but it might increase during peak season in Nathiagali.

Budget/Cheap hotels in the Nathiagali

Almost all hotels in Nathiagali are budget hotels and offer basic amenities for an affordable price. While these budget hotels have rooms available for about 12,000 PKR per night, they offer all necessary services like WiFi, room service and housekeeping. You might also find shared lounges and free breakfast at some of these cheap hotels in Nathiagali. The cost of a room may change and increase due to increased demand, but you can pre-book from to get the best deals.

While there are hotels that just offer a few amenities for a very low price, some hotels have specific budget rooms available. Hotel Elites in Nathiagali offers standard double rooms with a double bed or 2 single beds for just 11,700 PKR. Deluxe rooms are also available at an affordable rate of 14,000 PKR. While there are more expensive rooms available, these cheap rooms provide the best amenities to ensure a comfortable experience.

Nathiagali is a beautiful location that attracts tourists during the summer months. This is why there are many resorts all around this town. These resorts and hotels are popular among frequent visitors, so if you are visiting Nathiagali for the first time, you can book any of these hotels from There are various kinds of hotels available and you can choose one that is near the main attractions, or one that provides the best services for a reasonable price. will show you all available hotels and you can choose one that fits your budget and needs. Most hotels available on provide free breakfast and the bookings are usually refundable.

Popular HotelsType of RoomStarting Price Per Night
Hotel ElitesStandard double room11,700 PKR*
 Deluxe room14,000 PKR*
 Executive room16,300 PKR*

*Prices are subject to change, depending upon the date of booking and discounts available.

Hotels near Nathiagali Airport

If you are taking a flight to or from Nathiagali, then you should book a hotel that is near the airport. There are hotels in Nathiagali that are near the Abbottabad Airport and these usually provide airport shuttle or pick-up and drop-off services for tourists. These hotels are comfortable and clean, so they are perfect for a short trip, especially if you have a flight to catch. Several hotels also offer some luxury amenities like a pool, restaurants or a game room. You can check if a hotel is near the airport on and book a room.

Hotel Elites in Nathiagali is near the Abbottabad Airport and it is one of the best hotels available. You can book a room at Hotel Elites from and get some lucrative discounts. All available amenities will be given on the and you can also find details about all types of rooms. This will help you decide which room at Hotel Elites is the best for you. Hotel Elites offers airport shuttle transportation as well as bus shuttle service which makes it easy for you to reach the hotel from the airport and vice versa.

As a first-time visitor, you must explore Nathiagali as much as possible. While there are numerous hiking trails that you can walk on, there are several specific attractions that you cannot miss out on. These include the Ayubia National Park, Mukshpuri Park, Miranjani and the Dunga Gali Pine Line Track which is essentially a hiking trail but also a beautiful spot for a day’s trip. When you are booking from, you can adjust the filters available on the website to choose a hotel that is near these spots. All of these locations are accessible from Hotel Elites, so you can easily book it from

FAQs About Nathiagali Hotels

Does Nathiagali have family-friendly hotels?

There are many hotels in Nathiagali that are perfect for families. There are in-house entertainment facilities in these hotels that will keep you and your family busy during the evenings, after a day of sightseeing. Hotel Elites that can be booked from offers entertainment facilities like billiards, board games and even a lounge area. If your family has kids, they can enjoy games and puzzles in the indoor kid’s club or go outside for a round of table tennis. There is also a restaurant that caters to specific dietary requirements so everyone in your family will be satisfied.

Which is the best hotel to book for a trip to Nathiagali with friends?

Hotel Elites is one of the best hotels to book if you are travelling to Nathiagali with friends. There is a bar, a lounge and BBQ facilities for an amazing night with your friends. The staff also arranges car services if you wish to visit nearby spots. There are other hotels in Nathiagali that are reasonably priced and offer fun facilities like a swimming pool. These hotels are available for booking on

Are hotels in Nathiagali convenient for solo travellers?

The mountain resort town of Nathiagali is a safe and great vacation spot for solo travellers. Hotels in Nathiagali like the Hotel Elites offer clean and hygienic rooms which will fit every solo traveller’s budget. If you book from, you can also opt for complimentary breakfast.

What hotel in Nathiagali is good for a short business trip?

If you are on a business trip and are planning for a short stay at Nathiagali, Hotel Elites is a good choice. It is near the airport and offers car and bus services for you to reach your place of business. There are other similar hotels in Nathiagali that suit those who are on a business trip. These hotels offer stable WiFi connection and 24 hours check-in and front desk services. You can contact the staff at any time even if you need to leave quickly on a work emergency.