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Hotels in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi city, the fourth largest in Pakistan, is located in the northernmost section of the Punjab Province. It is also called Pindi and makes up the twin cities with the capital, Islamabad, as they are close to each other. Rawalpindi used to be the interim capital in the 1950s before the construction of the planned city Islamabad. Due to this, there still are several administrative offices and industrial importance to this city. There is a constant crowd of businessmen who visit here frequently. There also are several tourist attractions here such as the Army Museum, Ayub National Park, Jinnah Park, etc. 

Due to its business importance, there are regular visitors here from other parts of the country as well as internationally. For their accommodation, the city is prepared with various hotels that are varying in their facilities and prices. As the hotels in Rawalpindi differ in their class and grades, one can find a budget hotel or a luxurious one easily here. will show all the available hotels in and around the city.

Where Should I Stay in Rawalpindi?

Rawalpindi has several options for a good night’s stay or a prolonged stay. You can take your pick from a luxurious 5-star hotel to a more affordable budget-friendly hotel. The hotels suit anyone from a solo traveller to a family. The luxury hotels may be more suitable for the families to enjoy the days here with top amenities such as car parking, pool for the kids to enjoy. The budget-friendly hotels are still comfortable with the basic amenities. Some hotels have free car parking while others may charge a nominal amount for the same. Some hotels offer chauffeur service to and from the airport. explains the amenities of each hotel option.

5-Star Hotels in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is an important city with several industries and offices. There are several types of hotels that are suitable for everyone to choose from. A 5-star hotel for stay is a luxury where one can experience the best amenities and facilities while they enjoy their holidays or relax on a business trip. Rawalpindi has a few 5-star hotels to choose from that offer the guests luxuries from free car parking, laundry services, onsite restaurants, and most importantly, proximity to the major attractions. Most of the hotels offer complimentary breakfast, so you do not have to worry about the same. The airport shuttle services will help you be on time to the airport or for checking in. Most of the 5-star hotels would also have conference rooms to conduct business meetings.  

Rawalpindi has affordable 5-star hotels that are lighter in their pockets. The tariff of the 5-star hotels in Rawalpindi varies and usually costs PKR 21,610 for four days of stay for an adult. The room rates may change with the season or weekends when the price is generally high. The room rent changes with the type of room as well. Before making the booking, it is essential to check the facilities at the hotel and see if it is compatible with your needs.

Budget Hotels in Rawalpindi

Budget hotels are the most sought after hotel types in any city. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel in Rawalpindi, you won’t be disappointed. Not only would you get a budget hotel, but also a 4-star one with plenty of amenities to enjoy. One should not judge the hotels by their price as even the affordable hotels can offer facilities such as laundry service, a welcome drink, free parking, internet access in all rooms. 

While some hotels have different types of rooms with them, some have just one type of room with similar facilities in each room. The standard room price of the budget hotel in Rawalpindi starts at PKR 5420 per night for 1 adult. The facilities inside the rooms come with the rent, and additional charges may apply to other facilities, depending on their usage, such as a conference room, car rentals, airport shuttle, etc.

The most popular hotel in Rawalpindi is the Shelton Hotel. The hotel is at a strategic location that is easily accessible from all parts of the city. It is a neat hotel for a comfortable stay. This 4-star hotel has a lower tariff making it affordable for everyone. There is a restaurant inside the hotel and a banquet hall for any parties. There is only one type of Standard room, but it comes with facilities such as a coffee table, side tables with lamps, a dresser, and chairs. The high-speed internet access makes it suitable for business travellers. As for tourists, Jinnah Park and Gulzar e-Quaid Colony are within 7 km of the hotel. Most importantly, the hotel booking is refundable, and the booking price starts at PKR 5420. 

Hotels Near Rawalpindi Airport

Regardless of the reason why people travel, one thing that they all need is a comfortable stay close to the airport. For business travellers and those on any corporate trips, it is essential to find a hotel, which is close to the airport to save their time. Such hotels must also have comfortable amenities for the guests. Facilities such as having internet access, a working desk, a conference room, etc., may be valuable for business trips. On the other hand, having a spa, pool, laundry service, car rental, etc., may be enticing factors to the tourists or families. 

Hotels in Rawalpindi can fulfil these requirements. You can find a hotel that is close to the airport at They offer paid services for both airport shuttle services and a car rental facility. Both of these are vital for people arriving here by flight. The guests just need to book these facilities ahead of time to enjoy these services. 

Tourists can also enjoy more when the hotel is also within a reasonable distance from the top attractions in the city. The most popular attractions in Rawalpindi that are suitable for adults and kids include Jinnah Park, Joyland Rawalpindi, Ayub National Park, etc. All of these are within 20-30 minutes from the Shelton Hotel. It is also 33 km away from the new airport so that one can reach here within no time. It is located just near the old airport and at an easily accessible location.

FAQs Abot Rawalpindi Hotels

Which is the best choice for a family hotel in Rawalpindi?

The Shelton Hotel will be a good choice for a family of three. With their larger bed, each room can accommodate up to 3 people comfortably. The ensuite bathroom is also convenient with a coffee table, chairs, and a dresser to suit the needs of everyone. The complimentary breakfast is also convenient for the family visit here. The hotel also provides a laundry service which is convenient when travelling with kids. You can find these hotels at by using the filtering option. You can filter the search results by selecting the required amenities or the room type.

What are the best options when travelling with friends?

Friends and family groups will require comfortable rooms for relaxation and the availability of a bar at the hotel or a facility nearby. Hotels such as Shelton Hotel are at a location where it is easy to reach a lounge or a dine-in. The breakfast is included with the room rent. At, you can search for the hotels with a bar by checking the filter option on the left side. These hotels can accommodate 2-3 adults per room so it is convenient for all.

Which are the most suitable hotels for solo travellers?

Solo travellers need a cheaper hotel and the one with breakfast included. Both these requirements are fulfilled by several hotels in Rawalpindi. Hotels like Shelton Hotel have a lower tariff that starts from PKR 5420 which is at an affordable range. Their standard room consists of a larger bed for comfortable sleep as well. offers the best deals on hotel booking.

What option must I choose if travelling on a business trip?

The best hotel in Rawalpindi for the business trip will be Shelton Hotel that has a 4-star rating with luxurious amenities such as high-speed internet, comfortable bed, breakfast, availability of a conference room, and paid car rental and airport services. Moreover, the hotel is not too far from the airport. At, you can check the amenities of each hotel or filter the search according to your needs.